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Traders try to predict the future.

There are two types of prediction: magic and complex calculation.

Magic is 100% fake.

The complex calculation is a way of combining past and real data to forecast new prices for trading assets: crypto, currency, options, assets, etc.

Our experts have rich experience in calculating and measuring how trading will go without any magic.

Pejman Zwin

Pejman Zwin posts his predictions on our blog.

Catecoin (CATE), World’s First Utility Meme Coin

Pejman Zwin 229
Introduction It’s been eight years since the creation of the first meme coin. Dogecoin was released on December 6, 2013, and it’s been up more than 1500% since then. It is the first meme ...
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COTI Price Prediction And Forecast 2022–2026

Pejman Zwin 428
A single platform for all kinds of payments? You can create your own Stablecoin?!  Actually, yes. This is what COTI claims to be. COTI is crypto but different; a payment system and ...
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What is PiCoin and how to mine it using a mobile app?

Pejman Zwin 370
Security is one of the biggest challenges for all blockchains. It’s challenging creating a well-secured system while still being a fully open and distributed network everyone can ...
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Saqib Iqbal

Saqib Iqbal shares a lot of value about Forex trading, binary options investing and crypto.


Saqib Iqbal 791
BREAKING DOWN  Many questions come into our minds when we think about binary options. What are they, how does it works, can I earn $1 million, and many more. Before I go into details, I want ...
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Saqib Iqbal 337
These days, everyone seems to get the hang of earning apps. Pakistan is no different; people are looking for ways to earn more. Pakistan is the fourth most popular country for ...
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Saqib Iqbal 354
One of the reasons people want to trade the forex market is leverage. Leverage allows you to take larger trading positions. According to a Yahoo poll, 43% of retail investors are ...
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Saburova Irina

Saburova Irina researches the financial market and posts detailed reviews of exchanges and brokers on the website.

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Trading Is In Our Blood

If your goal is to earn with trading, then choose one of these categories:

You could cover all of them, but we don’t recommend it.

Because a jack of all trades is master of none.

Focus is the key.

Become the best in your chosen category.

How can you find yours if you do not know what they are?

Spend some time learning, from a few hours to a few days, then choose the one most related to your passion.

Enjoy reading about them.

All great traders need tools.

Tools and charts that provide real-time information

Tools and charts provide real-time information – that is why we create our tools and charts.

There are many other great tools that you might use and we have no aim to duplicate all of them.

Our tools are unique!

Kill two birds with one stone by getting real-time data and forecasts for the next five years.

Very simple to use.

Choose your currency or crypto, enter the amount, and get immediate results.

Scroll down and check out all forecasts for any period.


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