About bonuses and risk-free trading offered by brokers of binary options

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The option market today has become a real battlefield for investors between brokers. The logic here is extremely simple: the larger the client base, the more money goes to the terminal of the operator and, of course, the higher the company’s profit. For this struggle, brokers apply a fairly wide range of tools – from attractive financial conditions of work on the platform and aggressive advertising, to bonuses and specialized shares. In this marketing toolkit, sometimes it comes to absurdity and completely unacceptable approaches. Today, we will analyze the main set of techniques for attracting customers – such as bonuses and risk-free trading, offered on the bulk of trade resources. Our task is to determine the usefulness of these proposals, the problems faced by traders and, in general, the technical process of using special offers of brokerage companies.

Binary options risk free trading

So, if you open a website of any broker already on the welcome page we will see a description of absolutely amazing bonus offers or ways of trading without risks of losing funds. Of course, the thrust of our citizens to “Freebie” has no boundaries, and this is used by market operators as a way to lure as many traders as possible on their own resources. At the same time, in the notion of investors, we do not lay “investment in options” – becoming a broker partner, you invest in the company. Here it is necessary to clarify a little – the fact is that when you credit funds to your trading account, you completely transfer it to the broker, and in exchange you get the opportunity to trade and a faceless figure on the terminal. Money transfer does not guarantee a profit for the trader, but it already allows the company to rely on your funds as your own. In some cases, especially unscrupulous companies use your funds as a tool to lend or generate income from short-term bank deposits. While you are trading and merging your capital, operators already use it as an instrument of their own enrichment. But back to the bonuses and proposals of companies.


To the main set of special marketing tools that brokers use in their work today are such techniques:

• Accrual of funds for the first trade deposit. Brokers as a “welcome” bonus offer new partners at their own expense to increase the investor’s capital. At first glance, it is a very interesting proposal, and the company’s position it as an effective tool for increasing capital and a means of increasing trust between a trader and a broker. However, everything is not as rosy as it seems at the beginning. Companies rarely explain to customers the rules for using these resources – traders will learn the “secrets” of their bonuses already in the process of trading, and they are very unpleasant. Firstly, the broker can establish bonus money processing – no, you do not have to pay money or add additional capital! Just to earn earned profit from trading on bonuses, you will need to get a large trade turnover – basically this figure is 30-50 times higher than the amount of funds accrued by the company. In this case, the broker reserves the right to determine the period of such working off with the possibility, at his own discretion, to regulate the time of receipt of the turnover. Nothing reminds you of this! Of course, the broker has long calculated all the opportunities of investors in the binary market, and clearly knows that it is impossible to work out bonus funds! And for especially talented traders and successful players of the market, they left themselves a field for maneuver, so that the partner could not make a profit and do financial harm to the company. Therefore, even if you approach the indicators of the necessary trade turnover, the operator will simply say that your time is up and bonuses along with the profit earned on them will become the broker’s means. So bonuses in this regard are absolute evil! In addition to this, let us say that the use of bonuses dooms the trader to constant dependence on the broker – he can dictate any financial conditions to the trader while he trades on bonus funds. Let’s move on to the next type of marketing tool.
• Bonuses for each subsequent replenishment of the deposit. This is such a derivative of the previous method of cheating traders. This applies exactly the same principle of processing customer funds, which, as we have said, is a way of deceiving partners. This marketing tool is a stimulating trader approach. The company simply forces the client to credit to its own resources as much as possible of its own resources.

Analyzing these marketing tools of course it is worth talking about and their purely technical indicators. Here, history generally assumes a universal scale – not infrequently brokers can offer as bonuses up to 300% to your trading capital. Can you imagine how long such money can be processed? Among other things, just think about this moment – the broker does not actually transfer you any money, but simply draws you a beautiful figure on the terminal, but at the same time he starts earning you, creating all conditions for the loss of capital! Do not believe in the good intentions of brokers, they are created to earn, and not to give the opportunity to earn you!

Free binary options trading without risks
Foretelling your question – how to deal with this, we will immediately answer. The reception of the trader’s struggle with this evil is very simple – give up bonuses in general. Here of course there is a problem – the bulk of companies accrue funds in the athematic regime! Believe me, this is a company with which it is better to immediately give up cooperation. The possibility of the client refusing the bonus program is a demonstration of the professionalism and reliability of the operator, and such companies can be safely entrusted with money. For example, brokers from our TOP 3 open this opportunity on their own resources. Companies earn on the other and therefore additional tools are not so interesting to them!

Risk-free trading

The principle of operation of this method of attracting customers is different from the classic bonuses. Here, brokers use such basic techniques:

• The so-called “gift options” – this is a certain number of contracts, which the client can place immediately after registration. Undoubtedly, quite a decent approach for stimulating the activity of a partner and attracting new investors. However, this resource can not be considered as a way to start on the market. The thing is this – the broker usually offers the minimum number of contracts with the minimum amount of the bet. These funds are not enough to start a successful career, they are rather a means of acquaintance with the technical capabilities of the terminal of the company or the potential and principle of the operation of a binary option. Even with a gift of 20 contracts, a novice investor simply will not be able to obtain the necessary amount of profit to continue trading, however, having estimated the possibility of obtaining a good profit from a simple trading regime, he will credit his own trading capital, which is the main task of the broker. We do not refer this tool to the means of deceiving customers, since this is a matter of choosing the operator’s partner itself, rather than the insistent demand of the brokerage company
• Contract insurance against risks. This special offer, perhaps, is one of the most acceptable and attractive tools for traders. Indeed, some brokers offer to insure rates on the binary market at their own expense. Usually here an investor can get a cashback up to 10% of the volume of losses, which can really prolong the work of the trader and expand his opportunities in making a profit. However, before you insure your contracts, read the terms of the refund. Algorithms of classical financial bonuses can be applied here, and the trader in this variant again gets on the hook of the market operator.
This set of instruments for risk-free options trading must be supplemented with one exclusive method, which is offered on a permanent basis only by brokers from our TOP 3. This is a real opportunity to start trading without risks and at the expense of the company’s funds. This technique is based on a simple competition between traders on the operator’s demo account. At the same time, we note a rather surprising fact – the client of the company for winning the contest receives gift options worth 150 USD, which of course can be used for trading, but at the same time, these funds are immediately available for monetization! Therefore, such a bonus offer is not only a means of stimulating novice traders, but also allows to consider it as an earnings tool. Note that such a contest is held on the operator’s resource weekly!

Let’s sum up the results

As you can see, the bonuses of brokers, which they themselves idealize as a tool for increasing capital and a wide range of opportunities, are not really those. Rather, it is a means of attracting, and most importantly – keeping traders on a particular commercial resource. Against this background, we recommend a simple thing – do not foolishly believe operators, study the terms of bonus programs and analyze, do you need it at all?



“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”