Analogs of the Iq Option broker for traders from countries in which it is unavailable

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Among the currently available ways to make a profit using the Internet, online trading is considered one of the most promising and reliable. But you should not engage in self-deception and build “castles in the air” about the direction of commercial activity in question. In order to earn in the global financial market, you need to work a lot. And if you still continue to believe in fairy tales about the possibility of earning hundreds of thousands of dollars without doing anything for this, then you most likely will not be interested in online trading or any other method of earning income through the Internet. Why? Everything is very simple: there are no honest ways to make money without doing anything. Even children know this simple axiom. But many adults forget about it and fall into the hands of fraudsters, who know well how to use the naive dream of “seekers of fabulous treasures” to achieve their own goals. As a result, there are situations when the well-known regulator of the European financial market, ESMA, is forced to ban all operations with binary options (at the request of traders), and the latter then do not know how to get everything back.

Iq Option broker short review

It may be that the volume of the above introduction may seem to some readers inappropriate for this review, but practice shows that such warnings bring real benefit to those who want to find a reliable source of income in the network. As for the situation under consideration, after studying the information provided, both experienced traders and beginners will receive a list of Iq Option benefits, as well as a list of brokerage companies-analogues of this platform with which to cooperate.

Known among the participants of the global financial market broker Iq Option, began its activities in 2013. The company is registered in Cyprus and is licensed by the local regulator CySec (a reputable organization focused on the norms of European law).

The general characteristics of the Iq Option include:

• Availability of own trading platform (most brokers use traditional MT4 or MT5).

• Large selection of instruments for trading (binary options, CFD contracts, Forex, cryptocurrency, etc.).

• After a successful operation, 91-93% of the earned amount is transferred to the trader’s account.

• Small deposit – the user must deposit on the account from $ 10.

• The minimum bet size is $ 1.

• Functioning mobile platform.

• The currencies of the trading account are: Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and US dollars, Russian ruble, euro, yuan and British pound.

• The necessary training materials and a demo version of the trading account are provided.

• A trader can work using two types of accounts – Real or VIP. The latter presupposes the presence of its own manager, access to important analytical information, etc., but for its opening it is necessary to replenish the deposit in the amount of $ 3,000.

• The trading platform works in seven languages.

• The funds of the company’s clients are insured and are in separate accounts, which guarantees the traders timely return of their investments, in case they decide to leave the project.

• Expiration time for options is from 1 minute to 1 month.

• The user can use bank transfers, deposit / credit cards, e-wallets, etc. to deposit / withdraw funds.

• On specialized web resources, you can find a large number of reasoned, positive reviews about the brokerage company Iq Option.

Unfortunately, all the listed advantages of the presented brokerage company are inaccessible for some traders. The main reason is the lack of legislation regulating the procedure and mechanisms for conducting transactions that can be concluded on the broker’s trading floor. Iq Option activity is prohibited in: Russia, USA, Japan, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Israel, Australia, Turkey, Canada and some European countries. Of course, if desired, almost any restrictions / restrictions related to the Internet can be circumvented, but most law-abiding citizens prefer to transfer their activities to other trading platforms.

Analogs of Iq Option trading platform

Based on information from open sources, reviews of traders and reviews of specialists who deal with online trading issues, the following table was compiled:


Iq option trading platform analogs


According to the key criteria, the presented brokerage companies belong to the category of reliable and promising participants in the global financial market. But experienced traders recommend their colleagues to always check how the service they are interested in, using the demo version and virtual currency for this purpose, and after a detailed study of the trading platform, replenish the trading account with the minimum amount and conduct several real operations at the smallest rate.

Despite the ambiguous attitude towards binary options, which are one of the main tools of the broker companies in question, they make it possible to get a good profit. The main thing is to never make emotional decisions, make the most of all available analytical information and not perceive the trading platform as a casino or gaming machine.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”