Tales of millions earned on binary options trading

Ted Capwell

The Internet today is literally flooded with diverse stories of the success of traders in the binary market. Here you can often find absolutely fabulous stories in which a simple person who has just started his work in the market has earned several million dollars and has become completely successful and rich. At the same time, such characters tell us how simple it is – to get the multimillion-dollar income on the last $ 10 invested. Whether it is necessary to trust such fairy tales and whether to actually make money on a binary market at all – we devoted this issue to these issues.

How to become mollionaire on binary options trading

So, starting the analysis of these articles should first turn to folk and, we can say, financial wisdom – money like silence! On the basis of this, it can be said that only an absolute braggart and a trader with a dimensionless ego can tell to the whole world that a million-dollar capital has been collected on his trading account. In addition, traders are often very superstitious and therefore prefer to keep quiet about their real successes. We would not be surprised if we saw articles claiming the uselessness and illegality of binary options, the loss of capital and deception, rather than the financial success of traders. Therefore, you absolutely do not need to trust such stories.

However, this does not mean that binary options do not give such financial results and can not be a source of wealth. In this panel, you need to consider the success of traders from the standpoint of trading techniques and real statistics.

Binary options can give good capital gains and can be a means of enrichment. But for this it is necessary to fulfill several conditions:

– To learn professional work with binary contracts

– To be an expert in technical and fundamental analysis of the market

– Work with a reliable and professional trading partner

– Have a highly productive trading strategy

– To work on a large trading capital

Having created optimal trading conditions and having a set of professional knowledge and experience behind your back, you can achieve larger results than profit in a million dollars. But we perfectly understand that the main mass of players are non-professional traders with minimal capital or experienced investors who operate on the market in amounts of several thousand or tens of thousands of dollars. In such conditions, you can earn a stable income, but for a month or a year you can not earn a fortune.

But despite this, the network has real success stories! They are very easy to distinguish from fairy tales! In such materials, traders show real trading strategies and quote trading statistics with sane indicators.

If you turn to the technical parameters of trading options and statistics, which in the most ideal conditions can be obtained, then there is such a picture:

– Indicators of trade risks and mathematical expectation of profit on this type of contracts allow you to earn a maximum of 30-40% during the day. At the same time, the longer the evaluation period, the lower the indicator. So you can earn within a year not more than 500% and then taking into account your professional skills

– Further, if you find a really working and effective strategy for yourself and blindly follow its rules, you can add to the previous indicator a maximum of 200%

– Now let’s move on to psychology and risk management. If you are a trader with ropes instead of nerves and strictly follow the rules of management, and most importantly you do not succumb to excitement and frivolity, your result can increase by a further 300%

Thus, the mathematical addition gives us no more than 1000% per year – this is the real result and quite standard earnings of a single-minded investor. Proceeding from this, in order to earn a million at least a year, an initial capital of 100,000 dollars is needed. Are there many people available for such trading?

So trust the stories, but evaluate everything realistically. For example, traders of proven binary brokers talk about stable earnings of 300-1000 dollars a day. Here you can believe it. The platform of these brokers offers a professional set of analysis tools and conditions that contribute to the stability of the trader. Thus, working on a capital of 1000 USD you can actually earn such funds.

Let’s sum up. Million-dollar earnings on binary options are undoubtedly fairy tales and advertising articles, but among them you can find real success stories that can stimulate you as a professional and provide a certain set of professional recommendations!


“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”