Binary options and cryptocurrency — as a forbidden fruit

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Over the past few years, binary options have managed to get high exposure and steal out of the pockets of greedy investors and other fans of freebies a good “piece” of money. Naturally, no one liked it. As a result, binary options have managed to become an evil machine, that is stealing money from a lot of “innocent people”.

About positive trends, that no one noticed

Since the advent of options trading, it has finally begun to clean up the market from unscrupulous trading platforms. There appeared a lot of regulators that make option trading really safe for a trader. Since 2018, the British FCA regulator has started to regulate binary options trading. This means that binary options have been attributed to the financial sphere, and not to the world of gambling. During this time, many regulators have appeared, which significantly simplify the life of the trader. Here are some of them.

List of regulators and countries:

CySec – Regulator In the countries of the European Union

• BaFin – Germany

• FCA – Britain

• CRFIN – Russia

• KROUFR – Russia

• CROFR – Russian regulator

• CNMV – Spain

• AFM – Netherlands

• CONSOB – Italy

• MiFID – European Union

Also, a lot of fines were introduced, and customer verification has already become a routine affair of all honest trading platforms that want to secure their customers. The sphere of binary options passes the same path of transformation, as in its time passed forex. This is an inevitable process, in order to take your niche and establish itself in it.

Binary options and cryptocurrency - as a forbidden fruit

Why ESMA bans binary options and introduces restrictions on CFDs

Binary options are already very well ruined lives of “hungry” money makers. Many investors managed to lose money through their fault, either through the fault of unscrupulous brokers and the lack of regulation. The positioning of binary options trading, as a public and easy way of earning, has played its part. This statement is still refuted by many negative reviews about binary options.
Unfortunately, option trading has become associated by many people with a scam activity. Although, this is far from the truth.

(ECMA, European regulator) decided to temporarily introduce measures and prohibit the trade in binary options on the expanses of the European Union. Some restrictions have also touched on contracts for price difference (CFD).

These are the measures that will be applied to contracts for price difference (CFD). Read the full announcement at the ESMA

1. Use restrictions on opening a position by the retail client from 30: 1 to 2: 1, which will be processed depending on the volatility of the main:

· 30: ​​1 for major currency pairs;

· 20: 1 for non-major currency pairs, gold and major indices;

· 10: 1 for goods other than gold and foreign exchange indices;

· 5: 1 for individual stocks and other control values;

· 2: 1 for crypto conversions;

2. The rule of closing the margin for each account. This will allow to standardize the margin percentage (at 50% of the minimum required margin), at which providers must close one or more open CFDs of retail customers;

3. Protection against negative balance for each account. This will provide a total guaranteed limit on the loss of retail customers;

4. Restriction on incentives offered for CFD trading; and

5. Standardized risk warning, including the percentage of losses in the accounts of retail investors of the CFD provider.

These restrictions will be introduced for a period of 3 months, after which it will be decided to terminate or extend them.

Prohibition of advertising of crypto-currencies and binary options

Trading cryptocurrencies is even more risky than trading binary options. Since assets behavior is very unpredictable. The way of making profit from the crypto-assets is based on speculations in the market of crypto-currencies. If we trace the “period of life” of the Crypto-currency from the moment of appearance to the moment of the HYIP and the speed of the “collapse”, then we can draw obvious conclusions. Volatility of the currency, as trading assets, exceeds the volatility of all trading assets previously available to traders of binary options.
Banning ads on Facebook and Google Adwords is a compelling measure to protect human minds from devastation. Earn, please, join the game. Well, there will not be advertisements at every corner. And this is also positive. Since it surplus only once spoiled the loyal attitude of users interested in this topic.

Prohibition is the catalyst of the progress

Summing up, I want to note that what is happening now with ours, someone’s loved ones, and someone’s not — options and crypto currency is a natural process that is inevitable for these industries. Evolution always happens by destroying the old, in order to create a new one at this place. Soon, binary options will finally cease to be called gambling. And those who are interested in this topic, can dive into it without fear of being scammed. Well, except by yourself. We hope that the crypto currency market will also acquire a certain trader & investor friendly regulation, which will make it possible to sleep peacefully both to miners and traders.

We also expect the emergence of new, more secure products from top-end trading platforms that will be able to present new experience to potential investors and traders.
We wish everyone to lose money only to gain experience and knowledge. After all, experience and knowledge can make you money in the long run.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”