Binary options as a permanent income. Myth or reality?

Ted Capwell

Today binary options occupy the highest positions in the rating of online earnings tools that are available to ordinary people. However, despite a lot of successful examples of traders in this market and a relatively simple and understandable trading mode of the tool in the network, there are many skeptics who consider this resource another means of deception. Given this, we decided to analyze the topic of earnings on binary options and understand the myths of this regime of income generation.

Binary options as a permanent income. Myth or reality?
So, in order to fully understand the doubts of potential investors in binary options, it is necessary to analyze a set of basic myths and real facts that are present today in this issue. Basically, when studying materials on the topic of trading options, you can meet the following statements that lead to users denying this field of activity:

• What is a binary option

Despite the relatively long period of options in the market, many still can not understand the classification of the trading instrument. This, in turn, causes a negative attitude towards the service among traders. Yes, indeed, at the dawn of the appearance of options as a trading instrument, it was positioned as a derivative of classic vanilla options. However, the growth of the professional level of private traders and a deeper study of the algorithm of the work of the instrument on the part of professional analysts of the financial market led to the fact that this trade contract began to be attributed completely to other areas and ways of generating income. In particular, today many users attribute binary options to the form of a betting bet! And in this there is some truth. Let’s see what a binary option is.

First of all, the binary option is a completely new tool for working in the online mode, which has the features of many technical services for work on both the financial and the bookmaker market. First of all, it looks like a classic fixed-term contract – a valuation option. Here, as in a standard trading tool, you need to use the liquidity indicators of certain financial instruments to make a profit. However, when trading standard exchange contracts, the profit of envy from a wider range of indicators is the time of purchase and sale of the option, the level of change in the value of the asset at the time of the trading position, the cost of selling the contract. In a binary option, everything is much simpler – only a bet on the growth or fall of the asset and a certain period of work of the position in the market. At the same time for this type of contracts there is a set of fixed indicators: unprofitability and profitability – this is not in classical exchange instruments!
The second point is the presence in the binary option of signs of gaming rates. Everyone knows that we do not buy contracts or assets when trading options, but we only make rates for the growth or fall of quotations. As a result, with a positive expiration of the trading position, we get either profit or loss. At the same time, we note that brokers do not take your bets to the market, and you essentially do not participate in trading, but play against other clients of the operator. Thus, really binary options refer to gaming facilities.

Having signs of exchange contracts and gaming services for profit, online option rates are difficult to position as a trading tool – this raises doubts among users.

However, this does not mean that you can not make money on this. About this a little later.

• Binary options are a means of deception

This opinion, as unfortunate, has the right to life. The fact is that at the time of entering the market of the binary option, a lot of companies appeared who were trying to simply deceive their partners. They used the new tool of earnings as a means of deception, which caused a very great reputation damage to the resource. In this respect, unscrupulous brokers used a lot of techniques:

– The banal theft of clients’ funds, since this market did not have regulation and supervision from state and other bodies, companies could independently manage the funds of clients who were at their full disposal
– Technical manipulations with trading charts. Since customers conduct their operations on the market with the help of broker platforms, they can create any conditions for trading, including profitable ones. So often there were moments of impulse movements of the market, which were formed by operators artificially – this led to trading losses of traders.
– Impossible conditions for verification. This technique is used to create conditions in which a trader simply can not withdraw funds, and is forced to continue trading until the loss of his capital.

This is just a small list of techniques that are available to brokers to deceive their customers. However, today such companies are rarely found on the market. The reasons for this are banal.
First, traders today have more information about the work, both the binary contract itself and the market operators. The growth of the professionalism of investors and the widespread use of option trading have made it possible to get rid of fraudulent platforms.

Secondly, binary trading today is recognized as the main regulator of the market, and companies operating in the market received licenses. In these conditions, it is almost impossible to deceive a trader, as regulators clearly follow all trading processes on the brokerage platform and have many ways to punish the company for fraudulent activities.
Third, it is competition. The popularity and large financial resources that are present in this field of activity have allowed safe and professional operators to become large brokers of binary options and drive out small scammers. Today it is simply not profitable to cheat partners – it’s easier to make money on their own mistakes.

• Psychology of the user

The last reason for the skeptical attitude to binary trading, as a method of obtaining a stable income, is the direct attitude of users. The problem is that potential traders treat trading as a regular computer game, and do not seriously consider this activity as a source of basic income. It is a frivolous attitude to trading is the reason for the failures of many investors.
In addition, during the time of the general availability of the Internet, a variety of ways of deception appeared on the network, so most of the citizens are very cautious about innovative income resources. As an example, we can recall the history of crypto-currencies – this investment tool at the dawn was considered another bubble, and today it is regarded as one of the most attractive assets.

Thus, binary options during their career as a means of earning overgrew a lot of myths and opinions that prevent traders from making the first step to success. But is it possible to consider binary options as a means for stable earnings?

How to make money on binary options?

So, for stable earnings in the binary market, first of all you need to discard all doubts – this technical way of generating income can really bring you to the financial Olympus – and do not listen to anyone, it’s better to understand everything yourself. If you clearly decide to link yourself to option trading, we offer you a simple instruction that will open the way for you to successful traders of the binary market.

1. Choose a reliable trading partner

To maximize the use of all the possibilities of binary trading, a broker with a high level of security, a good reputation and the most professional trading platform is needed. When choosing a potential trading partner, you need to pay attention to the following points:

• The broker has a license of the regulator. In this regard, do not pursue companies with international licenses or regulated bodies of other states. Select operators with work permits from national market authorities
• Financial terms of cooperation with the operator. In this respect, not only the level of minimum investment in trading is important. Of course, you, as a novice investor, it is profitable to start with a minimum amount. But here you need to know that option trading is not a safe business in terms of possible losses. Therefore, when studying the terms of trade, pay attention to the relationship between the level of capital and the value of options. This in the future will allow you to properly manage risks and equity in the process of trading – optimally the ratio of 1 to 10
• Level of equipment of the trading platform. To bet on financial quotes and get a stable profit, you need a certain tool for forecasting the movements of trading quotes. Therefore, the terminal of your trading partner must have a large and diverse equipment with technical means of market analysis. It is also worth mentioning the choice of financial assets for trading, the possibility of using statistical tools to assess market indicators, as well as the overall index of comfort on the platform.
• Verification and banking. We have already said that verification was used by operators as a means of deceiving traders. Today, confirmation of identity is a requirement of regulators, so everyone will have to pass it. In this issue, you need to study the immediate requirements of the broker to the client – professional operators usually establish a simple verification mode. In addition, study the methods of financial settlements with the operator – the period for which the funds of the trading account are displayed and credited, available payment services.

Having chosen a trading partner, we proceed to the next stage

2. Training

Yes, to earn, you need to learn how to do it right! Do not worry, the whole process will take you a little time. Today, the bulk of professional brokers offer excellent conditions for obtaining both basic theoretical knowledge of option trading and practical services for gaining trading experience. Usually everything is based on interactive manuals, instructions on different topics, video lessons, webinars of professional traders and demo platforms.
Even the basic knowledge of trade and the principles of market analysis will allow you to significantly increase the chances of success in trade. You will be able to clearly understand and determine favorable conditions for placing bets, get a technical arsenal of tools for forecasting the market, learn how to correctly calculate risks, and of course you will be able to study the work of trading platforms without investing funds and try your hand at earning in the binary market.

3. Choose a strategy

The main problem of stable earnings in the binary market is the receipt of trade statistics, in which profitable contracts will be at least 65%. So you can steadily increase your equity and get a positive financial result. To solve this problem, there are various technical strategies that use a variety of market patterns, technical tools and forecasting techniques for arranging profitable contracts. In this regard, you can use the systems presented on broker platforms or on the network.

An important point – every strategy before the practical application should be tested and scrupulously studied. Thus, you can not only get acquainted with the system and understand the principles of its work, but also get an opportunity to assess its efficiency and efficiency when trading in different market conditions. Having tested and studied the system, you can proceed to direct trading and obtain a stable profit.

Summarizing the article, it is worth saying, binary options as a permanent earnings – this is not a myth, it’s a reality! With the right approach to trade, a clear understanding of all the processes of work at the terminal and the market, the use of effective and professional strategy and disciplined management can achieve very high results. At the same time, the stability of making profits can make binary trading your primary means of generating revenue.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”