Is there a future of binary options. What to expect ?

Ted Capwell

The popularity of binary options

Binary options have become very popular over the past couple of years. This we can easily track using Google trends. The last peak of the popularity of binary options was in 2014. Binary options “product” is not new, it also became well recognized in the financial instruments market since 2000. We will not leave and go deeper into history. But the fact that binary options exist for a long time remains a fact. Forex in its time, too, has become very popular. Now his trend has well consolidated his position. But trading on Forex still remains much more popular than binary options. The popularity of binary options is primarily due to the desire of many people to find an additional source of income. If we look at the same trend, we can see that it has the character of waves. The peak of interest in certain countries coincides with the deterioration of the economic situation.

Discussing binary options future
Discussing binary options future

How are things now in binary options, brokers and traders?


Nowadays, binary options and their regulation are at the stage of formation. Since in many countries, the duties are assigned to a certain regulator, which should regulate the relationship between these two entities of the financial instruments market. A number of different kinds of works are constantly being carried out in this direction.

– Penalties of unscrupulous brokers become tougher. Fines are raised, licenses are selected in the brokers themselves.

– It is forbidden to use many marketing materials, which, in the opinion of regulators, can cause damage and force a potential trader to invest large sums of money.

– Informing traders about financial risks and warnings about the possibility of losing the invested money.

And this is not yet a complete list of all the innovations that regulators constantly release in order to avoid dishonest work of brokers of binary options and protect their customers from unscrupulous brokers.

A trader or a person who is interested in trading can now sleep much more calmly, since he will now have much more information available that will prevent cooperation with dishonest brokers.

Simplicity of binary options

It is generally believed that the fault of all these restrictions is the simplicity of binary options. Many believe that trading binary options is easy. But as time has shown – this is not so. Trading binary options, like forex trading, requires certain skills and training. Many brokers have training materials that need to be used before commencing binary options trading. As practice shows, only a small number of traders do it. In general, we can note that the availability of binary options is nothing more than delusions that the greedy people are happy to believe in the pursuit of fast money.

Why people is more loyal to Forex than to binary options

This question really interests many. Forex has never been positioned by a potential trader as an easy method to quickly earnings. All very well understood that you can not earn money there quickly. It will take a lot of effort to learn how to profit from trading on Forex. Binary options were perceived as something simple, generally available and “popular”. Everybody wanted to make money quickly, who got it and who does not. Naturally, this caused resentment and a lot of dirt among upset people. But since time, many have begun to realize that binary options are not easy.

What can the binary options broker offer you?

Now brokers of binary options have significantly expanded the types of options that a trader can use in his arsenal. These include:

– Up / Down options

– Options One Touch (One Touch) and No Touch (No Touch)

– Without touching

– Options Boundary or Range

– Spreads

– Paired options

– Ladder

– Turbo Options

– Classic Options

This list can significantly expand in the near future. Since the diversification of the risk portfolio of each trader requires the expansion of the arsenal of types of financial instruments.

What future is waiting for binary options

We will not go very far ahead. Since all surprises can not be foreseen. Let’s highlight the possible main ways of transformation of the market of binary options.

– Tightening of the control policy on the part of regulators, which follow the order in the sphere of binary options

– Decrease in the number of brokers of binary options

– Regulators of different countries will try to limit the availability of brokers in their territory

– Prohibition of binary options trading by state authorities.

There are also positive trends that can bring binary trade to a new level.

– Improvements to binary options trading platforms. Expansion of functionality, addition of new trading tools. Improvement of the risk management system.

– Integration of many regulators for more effective control over brokers’ activity in different countries simultaneously. Brokers receive trust, and traders are better protected from scammers.

– Binary options will soon be available for trading from the largest forex brokers. This trend can significantly affect the competition in the market. In turn, all traders from this will only be in the black.

In fact, no one knows how the binary options market will develop. Will it be popular as forex will only show time.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”