The rapid growth of the popularity of exchange trading with the use of various trade instruments has generated the appearance of numerous specialists who organize professional courses, schools and even trading academies. And, of course, they are all ready to make you professionals and millionaires! Binary options and trade in this type of contract is also a side issue. Today, we will understand the quality of their services and methods of providing knowledge, and also determine whether there are more effective alternatives to these resources for obtaining knowledge in binary trading.

About trading academies, courses, webinars, schools of binary options

So, today the Internet is just full of advertising of all kinds of Guru Trading, which offer to teach you to trade in the market and get fabulous results. But is there any point in using such services? Undoubtedly, you will receive a certain level of knowledge and experience and, of course, you will be introduced to the available methods of trading. But once it is worthwhile to understand that with you for it will take money and, often, considerable. What can you get the result? I think the standard set of knowledge that can be characterized by the following list:

• Principle of work of a trade contract by a binary option
Risk Management Techniques
• Standard approaches to technical analysis
• Several examples of strategies

The most advanced academies can invite a well-known trader who will share his experience. This, perhaps, is all that you can take out of such an education. Yes, it is useful as a professional experience and improving skills, but is it worth the money that they will take from you? I think you should not spend it if you can get everything for free !! Consider an alternative to paid schools of trading!

The main method of obtaining free knowledge in trading binary options today are training systems that brokers offer binary market. Almost all professional operators place high-quality services on their websites to obtain initial and professional knowledge. These companies on their resources offer a systematic approach to training partners, which is based on high-quality and innovative means of providing information:

• Instructions that disclose the technical algorithm of the binary option and introduce the potential investor to the technical process of action on the trading terminal
• Interactive manual. This service describes the principles of trading, discloses information in the issue of risk management and gives a general idea of ​​option trading and profit-taking
• Knowledge base is a collection of standard concepts used in trading. With the help of these materials, the trader learns terms and forms slang, which is used by professional investors
• Video lessons – these materials are offered to dynamically study the work of professional indicators, get acquainted with specific examples of technical analysis, and also consider practical examples of contract design in difficult market conditions
• Webinars are lectures from industry professionals and successful traders, which the broker organizes for their partners completely free of charge
• Demo account is a technical service that allows you to put into practice all the theoretical knowledge obtained from broker’s materials and opens the possibility to get initial practical experience without investing funds.

As you can see, brokers offer a full range of information and technical services necessary for training, which make it possible to become professional investors. At the same time it does not require payment for this. So why pay inexperienced professionals and study in schools and academies that simply earn on you?



“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”

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