Binary trading strategy is the first thing anyone who decides to contact the world of binary options faces. Therefore, there arises a number of questions. What is it? What are trading strategy? How is best to use them? What are the differences between them?

Trading strategy is, first and foremost, trading tool allows you to earn regularly in the financial market. Each individual strategy by professional traders which, in turn, relies on own experience and on the basis of the analysis.

However, not all strategies are equally effective. Different traders approach different strategies. The key success in the proper selection, whichever is clear and approach the trader according to his temperament and trading style.


BASIC TRADING STRATEGIES: In fact, it is one of the most simple strategies are often quite simple in its use and very profitable. Using them, it is possible to make predictions of the price movement of the underlying asset according to fluctuations in the financial market.

As an example, consider a situation when the release of negative economic news of a particular country will suspend or even reduce the growth of its currency rate and vice versa positive news will reinforce a positive trend. In all likelihood, a natural disaster affect the economy, and then and the exchange rate of the country. On a smaller level, even the temporary difficulties of the company will trigger a downgrade of its stock price, etc. Therefore, all the conclusions and insights that make traders are logical and obvious. However, to do this properly, a trader should find, analyze, make assumptions for the future based on collected relevant information.

INDICES TRADING STRATEGIES: it is easy to guess from the name that this type of strategies based on indicators. In other words, they are based on special trading algorithms. In the trading process there are specific indicators that signal about the special events associated with the price of the underlying asset (in the case of trading binary options).

For example, appeared on a chart the new indicator would indicate a period when best to buy or sell an option or whether you should exit the trade, etc. In trading use multiple indicators, but the more you are going to use in the bidding process, the more likely your forecast will be. Yes indeed, all trading strategies based on indicators are complex. It because they require the setting up chosen indicators, and the chart itself. Doing it right is not all, and as a result, to use this kind of strategies not every trader.

GRAPHIC TRADING STRATEGIES: If you look good at a chart price movement, it will be noticeable that time after time it repeats specific figure. Therefore, these patterns (figures) are taken as a basis for the development of a graphical trading strategies. Remarkable these graphics show line of price movement outlines a familiar figure, that trader could quite easily predict its future movements, taking into account a ready graphical model. This kind of strategies there are a large number. Many of them don’t carry the effectiveness. It is usually graphical trading models in binary options and Forex maket. In the graphical analysis the trader decides on whether to enter a trade or not.

graphic binary trading

Binary trading without the use of a binary trading strategy is tantamount to playing Russian roulette. Remember, it’s anything good will not come as result from it. Choosing a strategy for trading binary options, you need to be extremely careful. After all, the world is full of all sorts of strategies that promise to WOW the result. Some of them are seemingly simple, others very complicated. Really they are all different, easy to confuse a beginner.

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“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”

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