Bitcoin price at $40,000 by end of 2018! – statement by the СЕО of Bitcoin Foundation

Ted Capwell



Liu Klaasen, who has been the Executive Director of Bitcoin Foundation since 2016, said at the Startup Grind conference in California that by the end of this year Bitcoin price will grow to $40,000. However, a large proportion of altcoins will lose in price. He is convinced that 90% of all altcoins can fall in the price, which can very likely be caused by the fact that start-UPS are trying to make absolutely new and innovative. Innovation entails risks that have a direct effect on the value of the cryptocurrency. In addition, at the same time we can expect “death” of big amount of cryptocoins which will be closely interconnected with the hype Dana and growth of fraud where the crooks promise quick earnings. And yet, Liu Klaasen believes that people will learn to understand the nature of the cryptocurrency, will cease to be conducted on the tricks of scammers, with whom the market will be able to cope.

“This is a problem that the market is able to solve well,” — said Liu Klaasen.

With regard to the issue of the Bitcoin price, he admits that for some period of time we will observe the volatility of this coin, similar to the situation in recent months, when the coin for a short period of time soared to a record $20,000 and collapsed to almost $6,000. Then, he believes, mi will be able to observe the period of conditional calm, which may be delayed for three to six months. While the value of the coin is in the “side” trend, that is, it will be impossible to see a clear direction of price movement, with the exception of insignificant jumps. Meanwhile, in the second half of the year we should expect a rise from the final price to $40,000.

“It’s not bad, because we will have time to work on the technology before the next increase,” said Liu Klaasen.

Note that, in early 2018, the leaders of the group of investment funds for cryptocurrency, expressed their beliefs in the positive dynamics of the situation when Bitcoin was still in the stage of correction. Kprimeru, Ren Neuner, founder and CEO of OnChain Capital, believes that by the end of 2018, the price of Bitcoin price will be at least $50,000.

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