Bitcoin wallets – how to choose?

Ted Capwell

It is foolish to discount the value of the cryptocurrency. So the question of storing money at the Internet environment is more than relevant now. First we need to define the so-called bitcoin wallets. Without which it is simply impossible to commit a transaction, in other words, send/receive cryptocurrency will not work. First you need to determine with a main purpose of its use, and then, relying on it make a choice.

What types of wallets for cryptocurrency storage exist?

Owners of bitcoins can use almost all well-known OS for the storage of cryptocurrency, in particular: iOS, OS X, Linux, Android, Windows Phone, Windows or other compatible. The choice is available to make between such types as: desktop (for PC), mobile, online or hardware. It should also be noted that there are a number of wallets, which are available for various operating systems and can be synchronized, that is, are multiplatforming.



Desktop Bitcoin wallets (for PC)

We recommend them for all those who are going to work with large sums to make their choice in favor of the installation of special software for laptops and personal computers. Because in this case extremely important will be the security and keeping money. There are only two types of wallets for PC users:

“thick” – it is necessary to download the entire blockchain, which should then be stored on your PC and taking up a lot of space on your hard drive. The most well-known wallet, which belongs to the type of “heavy” – Bitcoin Core. This wallet is an official client of the bitcoin network, which has a high level of stability, privacy and security. In addition, there is the Armory wallet, which is also well-known for his work on top of Bitcoin Core wallet, expanding its functionality.

– Speaking of “light” here mean the appeal to the blockchain by means of third-party services, and therefore do not need to download and further storage. It is important to highlight the Electrum wallet, which was designed to make the work easy and quick online. Similar to the previous one, it also provides a separate version of storage cryptocurrencies such as Dash and Lirecoin.

Mobile Bitcoin wallets

Mobile wallets are designed primarily for users of smartphones running on operating systems iOS and Android. They are ideal for all those who spend most of the time not at a desktop computer. In addition, they are ideal for payment in stores or restaurants for products and services, providing access to bitcoin at any time of the day, wherever the user was. Especially popular, including such as Electrum, Blocktrail, Jaxx, Airbitz, Breadwallet and many others, often give the opportunity to make payments using contactless technology, NFC and QR code.

Online bitcoin wallets

These wallets are a great option acquaintance with the principles of bitcoins for inexperienced users. Here does not not need to download any programs. All you need to do is login to your wallet from any device with an Internet connection at any time and in any place. All online wallets, in essence, offer a standard set of functions, that is, the user can send and receive funds, messages, address book, etc. But despite the first glance, the obvious advantages, compared to desktop or mobile options, the main weak point here will be the security of your money. Because after all, is responsible for the third party, and when hacking you are more likely to lose your cryptocurrency.

Hardware wallets for bitcoin

HD wallets is a separate bitcoin wallets, which are separate external devices that need to connect to a PC or other portable device using the radio or USB. There are also completely offline wallets in the form of apparatus. The advantages of these wallet, if we compare them with traditional, we can easily include the ease of their control, and also providing a whole new level of security. However, this method of storage is not quite so convenient in everyday use what is better suited to investors or users, the owners of large amounts. The most well-known HD-wallets are: KeepKey, Nano, Ledger and Trezor.


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