Bonuses from trading platforms — the main tricks!

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A small amount of us will give up the bonus, even the smallest. It’s nice to realize that you did not have to do anything to get encouragement. Many people think that this is nothing but a little joy. But, everything is not as simple as you might think. As a matter of fact, every broker knows 100% of this desire of his client, how to frustrate “freebie”. And they give it – in the form of the most notorious bonus.

Where to get bonuses ??

All trading platforms, be it binary or forex, give out different bonuses to the right and left, from the encouragement for replenishment of the trading account and to various kinds of shares. But do not rush to please yourself with the thought that such a reward will simplify your path to winning. This, no doubt, is a common misconception of newcomers.

Trading platforms bonuses

The nature of the bonus is painfully banal. Consider a simple situation, the trader replenishes his trading account in the amount of $ 100, after which he is credited with a bonus, for example, at a rate of 25% – in other words, he receives as a gift as much as $ 25. But despite the fact that, as a result, the amount on the deposit is equal to 125 dollars, it is important to find out all the conditions of such a generous gift. (!) Well, now something really important, what they do not pay, and sometimes they do not deign to search on the broker’s website, the rule is:

From the moment the trader credits the bonus, in order to withdraw funds from the trading account, he needs to make a turn equal to the bonus amount. Speaking in a simple language, a trader should work out a bonus (often this will go from 30 times) and remember that the turnover itself is the sum from all transactions, both profitable and unprofitable. And remember that money can be withdrawn only if the turnover was achieved. And we are talking here not only about the bonus itself, but also about the funds invested earlier.

Therefore, if in our case, the bonus is 25 dollars, then the turnover, in total, should be 25×30 = 750 dollars.

Pay attention to the entertaining fact: Once taking a bonus, all the money of the trader on the trading deposit is automatically blocked from premature withdrawal – bonus and contributed at its replenishment. Without reaching the necessary amount of turnover on the bonus, they can not be withdrawn, even if you refuse the bonus amount.

Do not sharply negatively perceive the broker and draw conclusions about his integrity, because this warning is clearly stated in its trade rules. Just someone was too lazy to ask and spend your precious time reading a few lines. Actually this is one of the first mistakes that almost all beginners make. They peck at “bait”, “freebie”, “money for free”, without realizing that there is nothing free and disinterested here.

Learn from the mistakes of others! His bumps are good for the experience, no one argues, but such an elementary rule as “first learn, and then take and use” – one can never be neglected!

A beginner and a bonus is not a worthwhile candle!

To use the offered bonus or not is your own business. But always remember the terms of the broker! Remember also about turnover and try not to go into minus. This is especially true for beginners, because the stable trade in plus – this is not about them, alas.

In the case of an experienced player, then the decision to take is based on personal experience and self-confidence, because at stake is the overall balance of the account. A bonus is worth taking to someone who has already successfully strengthened turnover and raised money. However, if you are just starting the trader’s path of binary options – then you should not contact bonuses, you do not need them, because, most likely they will not bring anything except a headache.

What are the bonuses on binary options?

To date, there are many bonuses, which is due directly to a large number of the most brokers of binary options. The binary market is simply crowded with different specimens that must constantly fight for the attention of the potential client in order to survive in this competitive environment. The best tool and bait here are attractive conditions and bonuses.

Find a broker will not be difficult, but whether it is reliable – this is a completely different matter. The bulk of the binary market is nothing more than a copy-paste of a more successful and attractive option. The same trading conditions, flickering attention-grabbing promotions, discounts, similar materials and training courses, even the regulations are tied to the tunic, and the drum roll is a constant red and green buttons. Therefore, among this monotony, a bonus is something that is mainly caught by attention.

Types of bonuses:

– Welcome or bonus for the first deposit replenishment
This is the most used bonus, which is credited immediately after the replenishment of the trading account. It happens that this size reaches even 100%, which is extremely suspicious. As a rule, most companies offer a trader a welcome bonus of up to 50% of the deposit amount. But this “freebie” ends, because, as we mentioned earlier, it will have to be worked out!

Ask why not just give this money to a trader and not set conditions, because they repel – the answer is logical and trivial. Imagine a situation: a trader replenishes the account for $ 100, with a welcome bonus of 50% (or 50 bonus dollars), the total amount is $ 150. And here he cut down the free 50 dollars, which he probably wants to withdraw, and maybe the entire account balance. And what next? He will turn it over and over again until he becomes a millionaire, making a freebie bonus. And now imagine that you are the owner of this brokerage office. and such clever men are hundreds or even thousands. Would you like to become a cash bonus cow? Of course not!

That’s why they use a turn that does not allow cheating traders. In other words, there is no turnover – no money. A bonus is nothing more than a bubble, so beautiful and so desirable, but bursting at a time when the turn is not realized. Even the fact that the trader has real money on the account at times more than bonus money will not help if there was no turnover.
– No deposit bonus
This is one of the most popular bonuses, which, first of all, beginners peck at. No wonder he was not attracted to them. After all, no deposit bonus is given simply because it is a trader who trades in a certain broker. There is no need to invest, freebies come by default. But be careful and connect your brain. Would someone ever give someone money for nothing? Of course not! And here there is a trick!

Firstly, the size of this bonus is insignificant. In the second, such an attraction is, in most cases, scams, for which it is a fishing rod for catching a naive fish. All the salt is hidden in the fact that the bonus is charged along with the “magic” account. Ask what a miracle is this, this account? The answer is simple – simple manipulation with assets. Trading on such an account, an inexperienced player will always be in the black, he will have to shoot all the deals and he will sit down for trading even more. Having tested good luck with bonus money, the trader will begin to invest already real money. But on this luck will end abruptly and he will play already at real quotes.

But if we talk about private offices, then no deposit bonuses are very scanty, with the need to make a turnover in the account at times greater than in the previous version – approximately 50-100 times. Here’s a free cheese and a mousetrap!

– Educational bonus
This is not a cash bonus. Often this is some kind of free educational material (books, video lessons, etc.), which, more often than not, is completely useless and does not carry a real semantic load. Simply put, this is theoretical water, which can be obtained as a reward for replenishment of a trade deposit. Of course, it is also possible to get on really worthwhile literature, which will allow you to understand and understand the basics of trading and technical analysis.

– Gift or temporary bonus
Such a bonus can be taken during the period of holding various actions, holidays, or simply getting on time to distribute “buns” just like that. I propose to the trader to participate and receive additional prizes, and sometimes increase the size of the bonus itself. In offering such bonuses are often engaged in managers who lead traders. They will try in every possible way to interest the trader, telling that it is only necessary to replenish the deposit. But to get a freebie is possible, only here and now, because the offer tomorrow will be invalid. Do not be fooled by this trickery, since such bonuses are distributed systematically.

– Constant bonus
The essence of this bonus lies in the name itself, as it is credited automatically after each deposit replenishment. This is a great tool for constantly fueling the trader’s interest. With regard to the amount of permanent bonuses, it is at times less than a welcome one. You can find companies that do not use this practice, but you can find others that enroll it by default. But do not think, that the first one are stingy, and the second are so good. In fact, those who forcibly distribute such bonuses are simply swindlers, because they hold the trader in charge of their constant operation. Here, too, is the broker’s exit, not sincere help, since it is impossible in most cases to refuse such a bonus. But there are cases when the trader simply inattentively got acquainted with the broker’s rules, and already make false conclusions that they were cheated. Ignorance of the law – does not absolve from responsibility, as well as ignorance of rules – does not remove the duty of their fulfillment.

– Bonus for trade and competition
This type of bonus is not charged for replenishment of the account or the consent of its acceptance, since it can only be won in the competition or won a prize in the competition. This is a very, very used method among brokers. A typical scheme works as follows: a trader is given a virtual account, on which he is traded by virtual means. In case of his winnings, he is credited with the same won bonus money to a real trading account. And then the juice itself, to bring them out, he will need to make a turn. And if the company often conducts such events or similar to slightly different conditions, because serious brokers are not rushing to abuse such tricks, and even holding tournaments, they offer really feasible conditions.

– Bonus “VIP”
It is a sweetener for rich large fish. The meaning is also buried in the title. When replenishing a trading account, for example, for 50 thousand dollars, the client receives a giant bonus and / or even in addition, as a personal manager, expanded analytics, quick withdrawal capabilities and much more that is inaccessible to mere mortals)). But is it wise to invest so much money, it is already thinking to you.

– Friend Invitation Bonus
Here everything is more than understandable. Many know what a pyramid is. Bring a friend – you get a reward. More friends – more buns! But, if you think that everything here is so simple, then you are greatly mistaken. Companies distributing such bonuses are not entirely stupid. In order to really get a bonus for the reduced person, the latter must make at least a few transactions, thereby confirming that this is not a divorce or an empty registration without exhaust. Their interest is for the new person to get caught and bargain, because the benefits of filling out the registration form on their website are zero. No traffic – no bonus.

– Risk-free bonuses
They are also called transactions, which are nothing more than simple offers. one of the most popular offers – “trade without fear of losing money – we will return it!” No matter how it is! The trader thinks that he has caught a goldfish, which will provide him with trading without risk. But this was not the case, because he is selling his real money, and reimburse him for bonus money, which also needs to be worked out. Therefore, wolves to the swindle of clean water!

– “Special offer”
I offer such a bonus as a gift. For example, I suggest that you multiply two or even three times the profit during the validity period of such an offer. That is, the broker multiplies the trader’s profit by a certain number of times, provided, for example, if he makes 5 bets and the same amount. Conditional is actually darkness, as are the offices themselves, but the essence is clear and one and the same – get a gift for the off-task. But, always remember, every bonus has its own terms, which you can not avoid.

What do you need to know before taking a bonus?

– Read all bonuses enrollment rules in advance;
– Always remembers the turnover by the amount of the bonus! / try to ask yourself in advance what price you need to make a turn and pull it;
– only a serious approach to trade;
– know how to tell yourself “stop” after 2-3 consecutive failures;
– when making a deal try not to exceed 5% of the total amount of the deposit;
– Do not be fooled by big bonuses! / Attention deserve real bonuses no more than 20%;
– And, finally, remember that without a fool and life is bad – do not try to be among them!



“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”