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Santanu Chakrabarti
Santanu Chakrabarti
Few months back , I made the following comment but I can now confirm that I got back my money i.e. $186.5 within one day of withdrawal and also they returned the inactivity fee deducted $10 what was deducted on some default programme which they rectified now! however , card transaction fee @2.5% outside eu still remains! overall, I found this broker(changed name now: buxmarkets.com) as honest and I have started my trading with them again! I also, edited the overall star marks to 4 for them now ............................................................................... I was thinking that having a trading account in 'Ayondo' would be the best idea as I was having the impression that they are the good broker and even, their spreads are low in my interested instruments! So, I was much interested to trade with them! So, I opened account there since 2 years back! Tried to deposit through my debit card two three times but failed even though my card was 3 layer security based only!Through bank transfer not done because bank charge is huge! then recently after a many months gap, I thought again about 'Ayondo' as I was missing this platform and I tried again to deposit in same way and was successful! I think, they might have sorted out the deposit problem! So, I deposited $200 on 23.04.19 and put a pending order on Ger30 which was not executed till today(25.04.19) but to my surprise, I found that my available balance is $186.5! I checked the history and found that $10 was for 'inactivity fee' and $3.5 was for transaction fee i.e. deposit fee! auh! I never found in any platform to charge transaction fee while deposit through credit/ debit card and they wrote too, card transaction was free! it is the back who charge (for debit card otherwise, its just currency conversion rate which may include charge) but not by the platform! then how the inactivity fee was charged? just i deposited ! I never experienced this inactivity fee in any other platform! yes, I heard , there is such but that's upon if u keep your account 1 year inactive , then also, per hear I heard/read that only $50 to $100 (maximum) is charged and here, you are being charged per night @$10 and that too after deposit ur money which was meant for doing trading only and for which pending order was also put! thinking nothing other, I just gave withdrawal request of my balance $186.5 but I have a lot of doubt that this agency will return my balance money even as they did exactly same what frauds are doing! Opening and deposit with this platform was my mistake but in fact, in view of checking them only, I deposited low amount! It was in other way, good for me as I saved myself from such scrupulous, unethical , immoral broker!

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Ian Michael Kingy
Ian Michael Kingy
use these timely on everything great service

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Some of the earlier reviews do not correspond with my own experience which has been no less than outstanding. When I had an inquiry it was properly and timely handled. I truly like Ayondo and wholeheartedly can recommend them

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M. Fuchs
M. Fuchs
After completing my account registration, I was contacted by a very kind customer service person. He provided me an individual platform walk-through which was quite helpful. I now follow a portfolio of 5 traders since 4 weeks and I am quite happy with the moderate performance so far in that period.

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Paul Lydiate
Paul Lydiate
It's incredulous from reading the complaints here that those "investors" who lost funds here should complain. A bad workman always blame their tools. If “investors” want to throw money at this without doing the research first, then it’s no wonder their capital gets wiped out. Just go gambling instead and blame someone else when you lose it all. Those who lost most of their funds clearly didn’t have the faintest idea about the inner workings of assembling a diverse, weighted Portfolio. It’s up to the individual investor to understand the investment strategies of the traders who publish their strategy on ayondo, (they don’t work for ayondo btw), not the other way round. These are not managed accounts; you get out what you put in! I’ve tried all the other social trading platforms but have been with ayondo for 5 years or more now. They are the best in my opinion along with Wikifolio. I've ran a few different portfolios on different accounts, and when a portfolio doesn’t perform anymore then you can reassess and optimize it. My guess is those who lost all their funds over-leveraged the traders and set no loss protection. Those type of Followers tend to choose traders who make the most profits, or have the most followers, again and again,..big mistake! By delving a little deeper and using the ranking list filters you can actually find traders delivering constant returns with low risk and volatility, they don’t always appear in the top 10 though with the most followers. If you follow those less visible traders, you can adjust you risk accordingly for the whole folio or the individual traders. All the informati0on is there to be found if you look for it. Additionally, the traders who trade with higher risk and are inexperienced will get caught out soon enough either by breaching the set ayondo trader rules which set's them back to the first career level where they stay put, unable to climb up to the higher earning remuneration levels. They’ll lose followers and AuM, so it’s up to them to deliver a sustainable strategy and they’ll rewarded for it further down the line. I agree that ayondo should attract more professional and experienced traders with a proven track history, saying that, there are very few successful fund managers over recent years these days and some of ayondo traders are constantly out-performing them and hedge funds. Anytime I’ve had any issue or query, they dealt with it quickly and always respond to my mails, the guys there know their clients and are happy to build a personal rapport with clients. I didn’t find service with Zulu, etoro or any of the others nowhere near as good.

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Overview of famous social trading platforms: Ayondo

Studying currently functioning trading platforms that provide access to the assets of the global financial market, many traders come to the conclusion that in this field of activity one can hardly think of something new. That is, the existing sites provide a full range of online trading services and it is already unrealistic to create some kind of innovation that can interest a large number of potential customers. But human fantasy knows no bounds. And if it is impossible to develop revolutionary new offers, promising brokers attract the attention of users by improving existing services or adding to them some interesting, unique element. In this regard, it is possible to distinguish the Ayondo platform, in the title of which the project organizers successfully applied the phrase: social trading network.

At first glance, the broker presented is not much different from a huge number of similar companies. But he also has some features that can interest many traders who are used to the standard schemes of work on trading platforms. On this site a lot of attention is paid to the possibility of copying transactions of users with high reputation. Unlike other brokers, you can work here as a regular investor, without delving into all the nuances of online trading. Such an approach contributes not only to attracting new users, but also has a positive effect on the company’s profit (with each successful transaction, the investor pays a decent amount in favor of the trading platform). The choice of a successful trader using certain criteria (a function provided by the administration of a web resource) also attracts the attention of potential investors and has a positive effect on the increase in the number of real clients of the broker.


Ayondo - CFD Trading Platform Review


What can a trader who has registered an account on Ayondo expect?

The trading platform under consideration began its activity in 2009 as a German company, but very quickly it managed to gain international status. The use of a wide variety of innovations, constant monitoring of the situation in the global financial market and work for the future promoted the rapid development of the company, as well as attracting new customers, despite the rather tough competition in this industry.


The application created for Ayondo and the modern TradeHub trading platform provide not only the flawless execution of all the tasks available on the resource, but also data integrity and the implementation of other requirements of the broker’s clients. When concluding transactions, platform users are given the opportunity to control risks by choosing the optimal ratio between possible profit and loss.

In the case of almost any force majeure situation, traders can contact the support service (using the website, phone or email), where they will be provided with professional assistance.


The presence of an organization that issues documents permitting the provision of financial services and controls the broker’s activities significantly enhances its image. The work of Ayondo is regulated by the United Kingdom Financial Regulatory Authority (FCA), an institution that enjoys prestige in almost any European country.

The above figures, aimed at ensuring the security of the broker’s clients, are convincing enough to register a login on Ayondo and get to work without fearing that you will be deceived or some other unpleasant force majeure will arise.

Customer training

The training materials presented on the broker’s website include:

● Guide to the TradeHub platform.

● Webinars.

● Analytics and news.

● Market overview.

● Glossaries and Questions & Answers section.

As a practical part, the demo account developed for Ayondo allows you to explore the mechanism of online trading in real operations without risking personal savings. For training users provide 10 thousand virtual dollars.

 The main trading characteristics of Ayondo

Many reviews about Ayondo focus primarily on the sales figures that the administration of the web resource offers to its potential customers. This approach allows you to avoid situations where the trader likes everything, and he is ready to register an account, but it turns out that the minimum deposit on the site is 2-3 times higher than the client’s financial resources. That is, such cooperation becomes very problematic.

Trading Terms

● The minimum deposit amount is $ 100.

● The minimum bid is 0.01.

● Currency accounts – British pound, euro and US dollar.

● The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 10.

● Support languages ​​- English, German.

● Affiliate program – there is.

● Islamic account – no.

● VIP accounts – no.

Deposit replenishment and withdrawal

Many reviews compiled about Ayondo complain about the poor choice of methods for depositing / withdrawing funds. Indeed, Paypal, plastic (both credit and debit) cards and bank transfers, for most domestic brokers look quite modest against the background of 10-15 ways to replenish the deposit offered by Russian-speaking companies. But, you need to take into account the fact that residents of European countries since childhood use a credit card and they simply do not need e-wallets, cryptocurrency or Internet banking to replenish their account on the trading platform.

Available assets

The main activity of the broker is CFD contracts, spread betting services are also available, and for the implementation of all possible trading operations, currency pairs, precious metals, commodities and stocks of some European / American companies are used. Practice shows that the trading assets offered by the broker are quite enough even for experienced traders who are used to building large portfolios to conduct their operations.

General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk