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Overview of popular methods of earning in the market of binary options: BinBotPro

Any direction of commercial activity will develop, improve, take various forms, etc., as long as this business is profitable. And this is a completely normal pattern or axiom, which every entrepreneur knows. Another issue is that there are situations when business, preserving, outwardly, all the attributes of fair commercial activity, is transformed into a fraudulent scheme and, unfortunately, no one is immune from this, including the recently traded binary options.

The foregoing introduction can be called a common opinion of many traders earning in the markets of binary options, which faced a relatively new direction in this industry – trade robots. If we perform a detailed analysis on this topic (by discarding frankly advertising reviews that appear on the first pages of search engines), one can conclude that most trading programs or robots, including BinBotPro – the main object of research of this review, do not fulfill those obligations that promise users of their creators. But how is the situation really in fact? If we approach the issue from the other side, we can say that all the accusations are the machinations of old forex brokers who decided to eliminate new competitors.


BinBot PRO review and feedback


What does the trading robot BinBotPro offer its users?

The presented robot is a program for online trading, which allows you to earn in the market of binary options in automatic mode. That is, the trader does not need to make any forecasts, analyze the situation on the market, study factors that may have a direct / indirect effect on the outcome of the transaction, etc.

Technical nuances and legal status

Of course, the fact that the authors of the project did not create an application for BinBotPro that allows using the resource using mobile devices is not a serious crime. The robot positions itself as a browser program that does not require downloading and subsequent installation. The full right of the creators.

But what about the documents, control organizations, etc.? Unfortunately, in this respect, everything is much worse. In addition, that the project was launched in 2016, it was not possible to find reliable information about the resource and its creators.

Among the factors that confirm the opinion of some traders that they should not contact such projects, it is necessary to single out the lack of the opportunity to contact the Russian-language support service. But, on the official website for potential users a warning is posted that you can not consider binary options as a source of stable income, agreeing to work, you risk your money, etc.

Learning and getting started

By registering for BinBotPro login, a new user can quietly relax: unlike traditional trading platforms, on this resource no one will offer him to receive training, learn the mechanism of the Forex market, or deal with the factors that influence the value of shares. Which is quite natural, why should a man teach something, if he “thinks” is not he, but a robot?

But even on this resource you can see how the program works. True, the demo version existing on the BinBotPro, demonstrating a fantastic rate of increase in the users’ capital, does not reflect the very mechanism of profit formation, the trader does not know at the expense of what he “got his income.”

All you need to start working on this resource, includes:

● 250 dollars for a minimum deposit.

● Do not forget that the minimum rate is $ 1.

● Decide whether a VIP account will open.

● And choose one of the 3 brokers on the site, with which it will actually work.

If the future user of the resource has prepared everything you need, you can proceed with the registration.

Should I trade with BinBotPro?

Of course, all the above information indicates that it is better not to take risks, do not invest your savings in dubious projects. And almost everyone, prepared for the BinBotPro review, confirms such fears. On the other hand, the project exists since 2016, and this is a fairly long period for the effective operation of the fraudulent scheme, for so long a 100% scam can not work. So, there must be facts that prove that the trading program can bring profit to users.

Arguments in favor of the robot

Working “under” three brokers, this robot actually copies the conditions that they offer. This explains some differences among the trading tools used, changes in the minimum rate (from $ 0.1 to $ 5), and ways to replenish the wallet. If you study all the information about BinBotPro: reviews, characteristics and reviews of positive / neutral users, you can conclude that this resource fulfills its obligations, but everything is not as “beautiful” as the organizers of the project advertise.

The promised percentage of profitable trades at the level of 80-90%, in fact, rarely exceeds 20-30%. Track your operations is almost impossible, but also real situations, when a trader could blame the organizers of the project for deception, not so much. Existing VIP-account, most likely, will never justify itself.

Trading Tools

If someone decides to personally test how the BinBotPro works, the following information will be helpful. Users of the resource get access to the following trading tools (common to all 3 brokers):

● currency pairs;

● binary options;

● crypto-currencies;

● raw materials and metals.

How to replenish an account and withdraw money

In order to deposit money or withdraw it, you can use:

● bank transfer;

● plastic cards;

● online banking;

● Skrill;



● Some crypto-currencies.

Summarizing all the above information, we can say that, despite the huge number of alarming factors, ambiguous conclusions and other information directed against BinBotPro, it is impossible to say that this is a 100% fraudulent scheme. Experienced analysts in such situations recommend not to rush to conclusions, shortcuts, etc., you just need to wait, and time will necessarily show “who is who.”

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General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk