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Overview of promising forex brokers: CLMForex

Against the background of a huge number of European brokerage companies, it would be logical to assume that few people want to cooperate with a company from Australia. But on the other hand, one of the main advantages of this business is almost complete independence from the location of the broker or its traders. Even serious litigation can be conducted in a mode when its participants are in different parts of our huge planet. This factor was the main reason that users of the famous brokerage company CLMForex (Core Liquidity Markets) make their transactions from European, Asian, American and even African countries. Using non-standard methods of competition, as well as making a major bet on the forex and binary options market, the service administration has managed to win its niche in the financial services market, despite the pessimistic forecasts of many analysts. The growing popularity of this marketplace immediately generates a lot of different discussions around it, opinions, etc. Therefore, we suggest getting to know CLMForex in more detail using only verified, objective information from reputable sources.


Core Liquidity Markets (CLM Forex ) отзывы


Key performance indicators of a financial broker CLMForex

No one could even think that plans and ideas about the creation of a modern brokerage firm, which began to be discussed in 2012, would become a reality in a year. Although this is not surprising, the project was organized by highly qualified specialists who knew well all the subtleties of the global financial market. One of the first questions that worried the authors of the service was the safety of the company and its users.

CLMForex (Core Liquidity Markets Security

To ensure the safety of traders, the administration of the resource used:

● The newest CLMForex applications and platforms that, together with other software, ensured a high speed of execution of the tasks. At the same time, the immediate execution of transactions did not affect the security of the financial and personal information of the broker’s clients.

● MAMM / PAMM accounts set up the most optimal parameters for trading and provide trading in automatic mode (ideal for investors who plan to multiply their wealth without going into all the subtleties of the global financial market).

● In case of any non-standard situation, site users can contact support service representatives who work 5 days a week (except Saturday and Sunday, 24 hours a day).

● The broker’s web resource provides for mandatory user verification. And the administration of CLMForex is very responsible in relation to the submitted question (this helps to identify fraudsters, scammers, as well as people involved in the “laundering” of funds obtained by criminal means).

● Note! At the end of each page of the official CLMForex website there is a warning that this activity is associated with a certain risk. Therefore, place your bets very carefully. And never miss an opportunity to make a profitable operation.

● The broker company in question has the right to work with traders from different parts of the world, but as for the former Soviet republics, only citizens of Kazakhstan and Belarus are among the “elected”.

CLMForex (Core Liquidity Markets) Regulators

Despite all of the above, the list of measures aimed at increasing the security of broker’s clients, there are two more points that for many experienced traders play the most important role:

1. The age of the company (five years is quite enough to prove that CLMForex is a real brokerage company).

2. Availability of licenses and documents allowing to engage in financial services.

You can safely register for CLMForex account, as its activities are controlled by ASIC – Australian Securities and Exchange Commission (operating since 1991). And this institution enjoys great prestige almost all over the world, which gives reason not to fear for the safety of the financial resources of traders.

Training at CLMForex

The broker’s website pays much less attention to training beginners than on other web resources in this category. And if you have no idea about online trading, then it is better to look for the necessary information on third-party resources. But a general idea of ​​the global financial market and its structure can be obtained on this trading floor (with real examples and comments).

In addition, the creators of the broker took care of the availability of a demo account at CLMForex, which makes it possible to fully work with virtual money. Thanks to him, you will check on personal experience: does this kind of activity suit you?

CLMForex Terms and Conditions

Analyzing any web service that allows its users to make money, you need to carefully study the rules of working on it. For example, the site pays good money for performing simple tasks, but our people (as always in such cases, do not finish the conditions, where it is said that you need to earn $ 500 to withdraw money). And the closer the cherished goal, the less tasks come. People are angry, threaten with court, but you after all agreed! Nobody beat you, did not crush psychologically, so that you signed a loan agreement.

Therefore, always check how your work, time, quality, etc. will be assessed.

Trading Terms of CLM Forex

● The amount of the minimum deposit – $ 100.

● The main currencies of accounts are Euro, British Pound, Australian, American and New Zealand Dollars.

● Potential profitability – up to 85% from each successful transaction.

● Maximum leverage 500: 1

● Forex – 49 pairs

● Indices (cash) – 10 instruments

● Equities (cash) – 63 pairs

● Commodities (cash) – 4 tools

CLMForex Assets

If you study compiled about with CLMForex slips, you can prepare a list of the main assets of the broker in question:

● Currency pairs.

● Indices.

● Cryptocurrencies.

● Commodities

● Promotions

● CFD contracts.

Cash withdrawal and withdrawal Core Liquidity Markets

Even unfriendly-minded traders are forced to admit that the creators of CLMForex have done a good job in finding the best options for a trading platform.

 They included the following items in this list:


● Plastic Visa and Master Card.


● Verified by VISA.

● Neteller.

● Cryptocurrency.

But in the near future, the administration plans to significantly expand this list and introduce other pleasant surprises.