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Review of world famous brokerage companies: CXMARKETS (formerly Cantor Exchange)

Experience, special education, the ability to predict the situation on the global financial market, etc. will not help you to earn decent capital if you do not find a broker that matches your knowledge and skills. This should be a company of real professionals, each of whom is perfectly versed in his business. The financier must know how the price of oil influences the cost of the US dollar or the exit from the European Union in the UK, and the programmer must be able to create trading platforms capable of making a huge number of transactions without losing valuable information. According to the developers of CXMARKETS (formerly Cantor Exchange), it is precisely these qualities that their brokerage company has. In this review, we will try to find out how positive broker indicators correspond to reality and whether traders should work on this resource.


CXMarkets forex broker review


How CXMARKETS attracts users

Many professionals who are professionally engaged in finance, believe that the application and platforms created for CXMARKETS are not classic broker tools. On the other hand, given the rather harsh US law to companies that plan to obtain licenses to binary options brokers, it is much easier and cheaper to work like an exchange, providing access to financial markets.

CXMarkets Security

Cantor Exchange was created in 2010 as a binary options exchanger. Without a license, the financial market participant in question inspires much more confidence than dozens of brokers who have received all the necessary documentation. Experienced traders are well aware that in the US states, any (even a minor complaint) can end up with global problems for a firm that falls into a maelstrom of litigation. This is what the security of CXMARKETS clients is based on.

Many participants of trading operations consider this legal entity as an exchange / market where everyone wants to buy or sell binary options.

Another important indicator of security is the fact that the subject of financial relations in question strictly adheres to US law, which relates specifically to this sector of the economy. Therefore, the majority of Americans will register a login at CXMARKETS rather than open an account with some other brokerage company, headquartered in the Cyprus Islands.

It should be noted that not only binary options fall within the scope of interests of the presented trading platform, but also the assets of the Forex market, as well as adverse weather conditions and precious metals.

CXMarkets Regulators

 Not being a legal broker, bank or other financial institution that requires special licenses to carry out its activities, CXMARKETS is regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. This organization has long enjoyed prestige in different countries of the world, which has a positive effect on the image of the American firm.

 Training at CXMarkets

Unfortunately, you will not receive the knowledge necessary for online trading on the company’s web resource. To study the whole mechanism of trading binary options and other assets, you will have to use third-party sites, literature, or go through special preparatory courses. The developers did not even include a demo account on CXMARKETS, which is present on almost all trading platforms operating in different parts of our planet.

Main trading conditions at CXMARKETS

Not being a broker in the classical sense and working as a firm that complies with all American laws, CXMARKETS differed in some respects from other participants in the global financial market. For example, in order to carry out activities on this trading platform, a potential client had to first apply for membership in this company. Basically, this procedure was not a particular problem, but it strongly resented some non-US residents. This is often mentioned in the foreigners’ reviews of CXMARKETS.

CXMarkets Trading Terms

● The minimum deposit is $ 100.

● The minimum bid is $ 0.9.

● Currency – US dollar.

● Support service – works daily, except for weekends.

● English language.

● Demo account – no.

● Platform – SpotOption.

CXMarkets Assets

As already mentioned many times in the presented review and the majority of reviews compiled about CXMARKETS, this company works: with binary options, weather forecasts, some currency pairs and precious metals.

CXMarkets Deposit and withdrawal of funds

Service users to deposit money into a trading account or withdraw their earnings, used:

● Debit and credit cards.

● Transfers of financial institutions.

The latter fact can be called the decisive drop that eliminated all our doubts among our compatriots about whether to work or not to work with this forex trading platform.

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General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk