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Review of innovative independent exchanges: Darwinex

Very often, poor knowledge of English and unwillingness to delve into all the nuances of a foreign web service, cause an experienced, well-known modern financial market, a trader, to refuse the potential of this resource. There is nothing extraordinary in his logic. He thinks (and quite justified) that the time spent on the analysis of an English-language resource can be used to study 3-5 sites in the native language. The logic of iron and, as a rule, corresponds to reality. But … Even in such situations there are exceptions. As an example, take Darwinex. British broker, founded in 2012, which successfully combines the functions of a financial manager, while complying with English laws, as well as the requirements and desires of their clients. Let us consider in more detail how this broker manages to perform all the above functions, while obtaining a good profit.


Darwinex independent trader exchange review


The main parameters of Darwinex, which draws the attention of the administration of the resource to attract new customers

The Darwinex brand is owned by Tradeslide Trading Tech LTD, headquartered in London. The activity of a broker (although for many clients this firm, first of all, performs the functions of placing the finances of its clients) is strictly controlled, both by strict British laws and international law. We will return to this topic more than once in this review. But, despite its functions, one of the main tasks of such institutions has always been the safety of customers.

Darwinex Security

One of the most effective ways to protect traders’ funds is to hold them in segregated accounts with reliable financial institutions. Darwinex assets are not related to trader deposits. In case of any force majeure situations, the clients of the broker will be refunded from other accounts.

Do not forget about the compensation fund of the United Kingdom, which is guaranteed to return a certain amount in case of bankruptcy Darwinex.

From the legal aspects of this question we will move on to the technical nuances. Applications and platforms used on Darwinex (in particular, Darwinex Investor Platform, MT4) allow broker clients to perform the necessary operations without fear of malicious actions. And the speed of transactions and protection of information or finance, according to the developers of the system, will be at the highest level.

But there is one important point, without which not one experienced trader will not register a login to Darwinex. Many readers have already guessed that we are talking about institutions that control the activities of the trading platform.

Darwinex Regulators

In our case, you can not worry. The Financial Supervision and Regulatory Authority of the United Kingdom (FCA) is a powerful organization with a wide range of powers that enjoys prestige in many countries around the world.

Its functions include not only the protection of service users. FCA checks the reporting of investment companies, controls digital assets, regulates many credit markets and insurance activities of the UK. This organization also participates in the creation of pension programs and the real estate market.

Training at Darwinex

The project organizers command the respect of many traders, investors, managers, analysts and other professionals working in the industry. The creators of Darwinex, realizing the potential of PAMM-accounts and the success of the strategy of repeating the operations of successful customers, unfortunately, have no right to do this. UK law prohibits broker companies from conducting these operations. But they quickly found a way out.

The creators of the resource implemented the investment system Darwinex. In fact, the client of the service made investments, and how the experts dispose of this money is the company’s personal business (the main thing is that everything is within the law).

Readers should pay attention to the fact that the brokerage company was created for experienced traders, or at least for those users who are well versed in this topic. From the training materials on the site you will find: several webinars and video tutorials, as well as a small number of specialized e-books. Naturally, in English.

A useful point is the availability of a demo account on Darwinex. It allows you to practice to see all the nuances of the broker, create your own trading strategy and remember those things that do not bring the expected results on this resource.

List of trading conditions at Darwinex

You do not need to have deep knowledge in the field presented in order to see that this brokerage company does not at all strive to enter the market of the post-Soviet countries. So, in the near future, do not hope to create a Russian-language web resource.

Darwinex Trading Terms

● Minimum deposit amount is $ 500

● Rate – 0.1.

● Leverage – 1: 200.

● Provided – interchangeable CCA-orders.

● Instant execution – provided.

● Bonuses – there is.

● Commissions are absent (use, but there are exceptions).

● Currency accounts – British pound, euro, US dollars.

Input / output of financial resources at Darwinex

In reviews posted about Darwinex, you can find different opinions of users about the number of ways to deposit money into the account or withdraw it from there. Consider the most popular:

● Plastic cards (debit, credit).

● China UnionPay.

● Skrill.

● Bank Wire.

● Neteller.

Darwinex Assets

Based on the information presented, each reader can independently decide how convenient it will be for him to work with a specific currency. But newcomers should also remember such an important characteristic as the resources used. The main ones include: currency pairs, precious metals, commodities, stocks, bonds, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and CFD contracts (allowing you to manipulate the listed assets). Studying the reviews prepared about Darwinex, we can safely say that if in the near future there will be no serious crises, and the leadership will begin, develop their project more actively. So in the near future, the broker should not worry about their fate or the financial situation of the company’s clients.

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General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk