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EasyOption trading platform: a promising project or a new way to deceive gullible users

Before proceeding to a detailed study of the main performance indicators of EasyOption, it is necessary to understand how such projects appeared, how interesting they are for users, and whether it is worth investing their savings in them. A huge selection of a variety of offers to make money online can not be called a 100% positive phenomenon. Perhaps some readers will disagree with this statement, and will talk about competition, choices, improving the quality of goods / services, etc. They have every right to do so. But, the specificity of working on the Internet is that among all the methods of earnings advertised in the network, there are many “schemes” created by experienced and competent fraudsters. Unfortunately, they have found the use of their talents in a field that is criminalized in almost every country in the world.

To choose the direction of activity that you like, you will have to study in detail the proposals of different companies, “weeding out” all dubious projects. And the presence of a large number of similar web resources only complicates the task. This review will help you understand whether to register an account on the EasyOption web resource or better to look for a more interesting project.


EasyOption binary options broker review


How EasyOption works and what service users can expect

This trading platform is significantly different from the traditional web resources of famous brokers. The creators of the service offer users to make money with the help of cryptocurrency and classic binary options.

On the Internet, you can find sites where EasyOption is classified as Airdrop, a service that promotes new cryptomonet. But this is only one of the functions of this resource. Other experts call it a binary option binary cryptocurrency trading platform. This definition is more suitable for EasyOption, but there is not even a hint of Airdrop in it. Potential users of the resource should take into account both the first and the second function of the service. This will help them to understand all the nuances of this project and avoid many mistakes that beginners often make.

The fact that the creators did not develop an application for EasyOption does not affect the operation of the service. A fairly simple structure, an accessible interface and the absence of unnecessary information make it comfortable to work directly in the browser.

To register on the site, simply enter the address of your ETH wallet. For profit there are:

● Forecast of changes in the cryptocurrency rate (up / down) for one minute. In this case, the user is given the opportunity to earn money with the help of classical binary options, which are well known to experienced traders. The service pays up to 96% of the total profit on the transaction.

● Purchase of “minute of profit”. The cost and amount of income may vary, in order to find out these figures, you need to visit the official website EasyOption.

● Referral program. Allows you to earn at least 20% of the profits of each new user who registered with EasyOption a login (more precisely, an account) through your referral link.

● 10% of the income of users who came to the project after you.

The most important moment! All transactions are recommended using the new currency of this service, which is called EOPT. This will significantly reduce your costs by increasing the amount of passive income.

User safety, activity monitoring and training on the EasyOption website

The basis of user safety in this resource is the use of blockchain technology, as well as modern software, which is monitored by experienced specialists. This site works in 20 languages, and its services are used in 86 countries of the world, which is quite convincing evidence of the reliability of the service.

Considering the fact that the resource in question is not a classic trading platform and does not use fiat currencies, its work is not controlled by the regulators of the global financial market. Perhaps in the near future the situation will change for the better.

The EasyOption website does not provide training courses, etc., beginners can learn about the principles of the service using the “Questions and Answers” ​​rubric. Despite the lack of a demo account at EasyOption, you can use bonus tokens to familiarize yourself with the resource presented.

Input / Output Cryptomonet at EasyOption

As mentioned in the previous sections, the presented service is designed to work with the use of its own EOPT currency, and to purchase it, the popular cryptomonet ETH is used.

To replenish your wallet using the following services:

● MyEtherWallet.

● Multichain-wallet imToken.

● MetaMask.


If we analyze the reviews about EasyOption, we can say that this resource is hardly any adventure. The project organizers are planning to “promote” their own cryptocurrency with its help, and the old methods (free distribution, advertising, contests), to date, are ineffective. Even if you invest small amounts in this project, you can expect to get a good income. Also, do not forget that the cost of EOPT can increase greatly over time, ensuring that project participants receive super-profits.