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Overview of the popular participants of the world financial markets: ETXCapital

The modern world financial market is a complex mechanism, whose participants, despite the strict international legislation, are not afraid to openly deceive their clients. The most innocuous ways to attract users’ personal means of these companies are based on the principles of a conventional financial pyramid, which, with a skilful approach and planning, can work for a long period of time without causing widespread dissatisfaction with the clients of the broker.

That is, if even 100 people return their earned money (with an average amount of $ 1000 per participant) a month later, the ETXCapital broker will receive $ 100,000 for 30 days, which can be invested in short-term projects, borrowed them under good% or to direct on creation of the new online company. The example is, of course, primitive, but it shows well how legal firms can commit unlawful operations, earning good money on this.


Forex, Indices, Commodities & CFD Trading | ETX Capital


How to trade at ETXCapital

 In practice, even for the implementation of the above scheme, a good lawyer, an experienced economist and a broker with an excellent reputation, who is trusted by professional traders, is needed. In addition to this option, there are other methods of deception in the network aimed at the rapid enrichment of the organizers of the Internet platforms, which do not even imply the return of the finances of credulous traders. How to choose a reliable site that fulfills its obligations, regardless of the impact of external factors or any other unfavorable indicators?

Many experienced traders, before launching the company’s work, recommend newcomers to thoroughly test their capabilities, the level of basic training and the ability to analyze economic / financial news that have an impact on the object they are interested in. For these purposes, ETXCapital is best suited – it not only allows you to work with different financial instruments, but also deals with minimal risks of losing your savings:

Types of accounts on this web resource

● Created for ETXCapital application, which was designed to perform trading operations and analyze the latest news, using mobile devices anywhere in the world (most importantly – access to the resource and the availability of the Internet). This opinion is easy to find on almost any trading platform.

● ETX Trader Pro – is considered one of the best options for working on the presented web resource.

● MetaTrader 4 is a world-renowned platform that has proven itself as a reliable and secure platform, which is used by many participants of the international financial market.

● A separate type of accounts is a special software development designed to work with crypto currency.

It should be noted that recently there has been an increase in the popularity of sites for crypto and MT4, as well as the own development of each individual company.

Customer Security of Broker

Anyone who has decided to create an account on the ETXCapital trading platform must necessarily ask who regulates the broker’s activities, what documents he has for financial transactions, and how safe for the potential client is cooperation with the broker under consideration.

Many readers do not even suspect that the company represented (and, accordingly, the websites changed their name twice). The last time it happened in 2008, when the broker started working under the well-known name – ETXCapital (electronic, telephone and executive).

The right to this brand belongs to Monecor Ltd, as a legal entity. ETXCapital is a British company headquartered in London. The activity of the Internet platform is regulated by an authoritative organization known all over the world: the FCA (Financial Supervision and Regulation Authority).

Also users of the resource can count on round-the-clock support of highly qualified specialists of the site. To solve unforeseen problems, a trader can apply to them without delaying the solution of the problem to “sweat” (for this purpose, telephone, e-mail, and social networking pages are provided).


The website of the financial broker provides all the necessary information that allows even a person without the necessary education, to understand how the trading floor works, why an ETXCapital demo account is needed, what errors beginners bring to the collapse of a well-established system, etc. Never be ignored this process.

Important indicators of ETXCapital, which every new trader should know about

Almost everyone compiled about ETXCapital review, will help the beginning trader to prepare a list of the most important moments, without which he will not be able to work successfully.

Deposit replenishment and withdrawal of funds

In order to have money on your account (this is especially important when the frequency of transactions you are interested in increases), you need to replenish your deposit. To do this, use:

● plastic cards of financial and credit institutions;

● Skrill;

● ChinaUnion Pay;

● Neteller;

● SoFort;

● GiroPay.

Financial instruments

The most objective observers can not leave aside the question of how many financial instruments an experienced broker offers his traders. Their number increases due to the creation of new digital money, and in some cases it decreases quite quickly (unprofitable projects disappear, there are not enough good workers who will serve this currency, etc.).

If we read the reviews of analysts, analysts, or ordinary users of the resource created by ETXCapital, then on the basis of the information obtained we can conclude which financial instruments are of interest to traders of the resource under consideration:

● binary options;

● crypto-currencies;

● CFD;

● shares;

● Commodities;

● precious metals.

The trading account must comply with such conditions as the minimum deposit amount of 100 British pounds (for the first replenishment of the account, the trader will receive an additional 60% of the amount paid, but not more than 6 thousand pounds). The resource constantly offers its players a wide variety of bonuses, encouraging them to work more intensively.

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General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk