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General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds

Overview of known financial brokers: Forex4You

Reading the feedback of users (or specially hired specialists for the creation and placement of negative information on accessible sites on the network) about many popular financial brokers, most web resources do not hide the truthful factors concerning the most objective review of Forex4You:

● The considered trading platform was established in 2007, the founders of E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc., when they launched one  from the first services of Internet-trade services.

● Strongly working in this direction, the company by 2017 opened 122 thousand active accounts, and the total amount of their partner payments at that time was more than 4 billion 806 million US dollars.

And if the second point for a person who has never worked in this industry, and has a rather weak understanding of the state, and especially the development trends of international financial markets, for the period from 2007 to 2017. That first indicator will convince even high school students who are occasionally interested in the world economy or simply the psychology of relationships between people. It’s unlikely that you will trust a company that deceived you by $ 100, another one or two hundred dollars, or advise your relatives and good friends to make a similar investment in this obviously unprofitable project. Even in the time of the famous writer O. Henry, who died more than a hundred years ago, famous in the whole world his literary heroes, tried to change places for his frauds more often, and despite this fell into the hands of representatives of the law. So what about our time?


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What Forex4You offers to its customers

Despite the first attempts by the creators of the presented trading platform to launch, as soon as possible, its project, it became a full-fledged broker much later. Many reviews note that virtually every “old” trader who registered for Forex4You login, believes that the active growth of the project began only in 2013-2014. Then the social trading platform Share4you was launched, which many participants of the world market consider to be the very first project that allows you to copy transactions of successful traders, earning money without having special experience and knowledge in this area of ​​activity.

Security of the financial broker

The broker is registered in the British Virgin Islands, where its activities are controlled by the Financial Services Commission (FSC), as well as the Securities and Investment Business Act, adopted in the Virgin Islands in 2010.

These legislative acts and control over the company’s activities are very important steps for Share4you, as the creation of a positive image of a reliable financial broker. Proof of this, from a legal point of view, is the actual signing by 31 European countries of a document on mutual assistance and control over the activities of investment funds registered on the islands.

But for many residents of Russian-speaking territories, the fact that the company’s activities are regulated by the IFNS, including developed by highly qualified programmers for the Forex4You application, and the popular trading platform MetaTrader 4/5, as well as time-tested individual platforms or proprietary developments by company representatives, will be enough for many residents of Russian-speaking territories.

Slightly puts in the “dead end” security service, which, despite the availability of all traditional means of communication (via the company’s web resource, email or telephone, including the function – a callback), it is unclear how it works, in fact. The official website has information that the company works every day, 24 hours a day, but other, authoritative websites claim that it is possible to contact Forex4You representatives only on working days (24 hours a day).

Education materials

Beginners better understand the essence of this work: the company’s resource is a lot of useful information (starting with general financial terms and explanations and ending with the latest analytical news). It’s also worthwhile to study a demo account that is quite well prepared for Forex4You.

Important points about the Forex4You broker that every client of the company should know

Existing network findings on Forex4You reviews, opinions of traders, brokers, etc., recommend that before starting to work on this site, you need to examine the submitted accounts:

● Cent account is an ideal option for beginning traders and wishing to learn the system. The submitted account supports the work of 40 currency pairs, 35 shares and 2 commodities. The site does not take commission. The maximum lot is 1000. The minimum volume of the transaction is -0.01 lot. There are bonuses.

● Classic Account. It differs in size of the contract: 1 lot = 100 000. The account is available on Share4you and the bonus program works.

● The NDD account. If you conduct a study with the above accounts, then in this situation, each player will conclude that one of the key differences is the commission, which in this case is quite an acceptable amount, in the amount of 10 US cents per lot.

● Classic NDD and Pro STP accounts are designed to conduct transactions with more serious amounts and knowledge, all processes that are carried out on the world financial markets.

Important information about trading accounts

In order to pass the first real stage of work on the site, there is a minimum replenishment of the Cent account by 1 or for Classic NDD and Pro STP accounts – $ 50. In addition to the above information, on the given trading accounts, it is necessary to allocate the moments about which each user of the resource should know:

● signals about the transaction are provided;

● hedging;

● Alert by email. mail;

● automatic trading.

Adding or withdrawing money

To withdraw your funds or, if necessary, replenish a trading account, you can use both the recommendations of experienced users and those compiled on proven resources about Forex4You descriptions:

We will select the methods that are suitable, both for replenishing the wallet, and for withdrawing your earned funds:

● Webmoney.

● Moneybookers.

● Liberty Reserve.

● Banking methods of transfer.

It should be noted that at the time of writing, some authoritative sources indicated that in addition to the above funds to receive money, you can use: a plastic card of Ukrainian banks, and for sending – Neteller.

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General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds

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