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Reviews of prospective trade brokers: Hirose

Against the backdrop of the situation in the world financial market that has developed over the past ten years, both experienced traders and beginners, this direction of commercial activity, it is becoming increasingly difficult to seek a reliable broker, which guarantees 100% fulfillment of the obligations assumed.

Even if you discard the obvious scammers (the purpose of which is to lure the maximum amount of money from trusting investors, disappear for a short period of time, and companies that finance their “development” at the expense of new traders), the task does not become easier . The global economy and the financial system are developing unevenly, traditional online trading tools often change their value under the influence of a huge number of diverse factors, and tempting promises of administrators of Internet platforms, as a rule, are common advertising tricks.

But, if you set a goal to make a profit using access to foreign financial markets, you will necessarily get it. How? For example, take the well-known trading platform Hirose, which monthly “scrolls” more than 90 billion US dollars, and in many respects it is included in the category of the best financial brokers in the world.


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Hirose: overview of the broker’s activities

The main object of the presented review was created in 2010, as a European representative of a well-known Japanese company headquartered in London. Each month the broker is represented by more than 120 thousand active clients. To work on the trading platform, the company’s programmers made an application for Hirose (which guarantees the safety of information and financial resources of customers, as well as provides high speed data processing using conventional mobile devices). The company also uses one of the most popular MT4 sites around the world, and its own development – Lion Trader, which allows you to conclude transactions using both a regular computer / laptop and mobile gadgets (running on different operating systems).

Safety of project participants

The above factors and # 4, 5, in combination with the company’s high growth rates and the availability of new ways to attract customers, are already indisputable facts of the safety of the resource’s customers.

It should also be noted that an important role in this situation is played by an organization that has all the necessary documentation to provide potential customers who trust only personal experience, until they verify that the topic of interest is true. But the key indicator of the company in question is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – a British organization that regulates the activities of the financial sector of the global economy.


To study how the stock, cryptaltic or precious metals market works, it is necessary not only to know the common terminology, but also to be well-versed in this field of activity (read news, highlight the most important events, learn to analyze the collected information).

Having registered on Hirose login, it is necessary to check in detail the level of your training in practice. This will provide an opportunity to identify the weaknesses of a novice trader, and quickly eliminate them.

In addition, created by the best specialists of the company, specifically for the Hirose platform of demo accounts, new players are offered:

● Online webinars;

● Seminars in large cities;

● A personal manager for your trading account;

● Technical assistance.

● Analytical materials.

● Consultations on current issues and, etc.

Account replenishment and withdrawal of funds

Reading about the platform Hirose reviews, you will find a lot of useful information on how to replenish your trading account or withdraw money from it:

● Plastic cards, both debit and credit (Visa, MasterCard or Maestro).

● UnionPay.

● Bank transfers.

● Skrill.


● Fasapay.

It should pay attention to the fact that a beginner trader, before opening an account, should carefully examine the conditions in effect on the day of the creation of a future trading account. This is due to the high speed of information exchange, the presence of the World Wide Web, hidden bankruptcies, etc.

Instruments for trading

Almost every experienced analyst or broker / specialist, preparing a review about Hirose, focuses readers’ attention on the large number of trading tools available on the site.

● Binary options.

● CFD;

● Crypto currency.

● Raw materials, oil materials.

This list is also not universal, similar to the previous list, it can vary, in accordance with world economic laws.

Basic parameters of the broker

The presented trading platform works with currency, the minimum deposit is 20 USD. The largest and smallest accounts are 20 thousand / 1 $. There is a registration bonus – from 1 thousand dollars. Also various bonuses, rewards, etc. are constantly offered.

On this platform, residents of Japan and the US states are not allowed. Firstly, it will reduce the risk of huge litigation, which Americans love so much, and also protect the platform from the inhabitants of Japan, where their main exchange operates.

Should I work on the presented trading platform?

Acceptable conditions, the absence of fraudulent schemes and constant progress in the development of the broker are factors that allow you to enter into transactions with the represented participant of the world financial market without special financial injections. The main shortcomings of the broker are: lack of information about the site on the World Wide Web, as well as a small percentage of reviews about the company.

General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk