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Overview of known financial brokers: IG forex & CFD trading platform

A huge selection of brokers who offer their clients a stable income, working on the world financial market, does not make it easier for traders to find a reliable platform that fulfills their obligations in a timely manner.

Many professionals who have been engaged in Internet commerce for a long time have their own methods / criteria, which they use when choosing a trading platform:

● “age” of the company (newcomers are trusted less than their more experienced colleagues);

●feedback on the broker in the network (there are no guarantees that this will be true information, and not ordered commendable odes to this resource, although even among them you can meet decent brokers);

● availability of documents and licenses allowing to engage in this activity;

●Statistical information about this site (minimum deposit, choice of trading instruments for the monthly turnover of the company, etc. All this can be found, as on the official website of the web resource in question);

●How much money the firm pays to its employees (companies that steadily develop, very rarely save high-skilled employees on patching).

But, in some situations, the beginning trader, there is insufficient evidence of honesty and decency of the broker. Using the example of the world-famous IG forex & CFD trading platform, you can study in detail how the represented broker works, how much money you need for this project, and whether you should use its services.


IG | CFD and Forex Trading


Trader’s Security

Many experts confidently assert that the client who registered on the IG forex & CFD trading platform login 10-15 years ago, does not belong to the category of “old-timers”. This company started its activity in 1974! During this period, the future giant Internet trading actively speculated on gold, and IG forex & CFD trading platform clients used it as a legal way to regulate gold prices. Large companies, if necessary, lowered the cost of gold in order to “remove” small specialists from the market (or to attach them to their corporation, if the level of development of the company and its management were high). In the event of any force majeure, unforeseen situations, they could always regulate the situation in the precious metals market with the help of the IG forex & CFD trading platform.

During its existence, the company has earned not only a positive reputation, but also learned to fight with competitors in legal ways. At the moment, the activities of the broker are controlled by:

● FCA – regulates the activities of foreign enterprises that have accounts in British financial and credit institutions (and the US), not being its residents.

● Today it is difficult to say what will happen to this currency, but against the background of current trends, hardly anyone will invest money in this project. The result of the crisis, which is likely to begin in September 2018, will be a complete collapse of the state’s economy and the disappearance of $.

● FSA (Japan) – works according to the above scheme. Always aroused the confidence of the authorities and financial regulators of the Land of the Rising Sun.

We also remind readers of the regulators of the activities of financial brokers, which enjoy authority in different parts of the world: FMA (New Zealand), FINNMA (Switzerland), as well as MAS (Singapore), ASIC Authorized (Australia), IIROC (Canada), etc.

Against the background of the above information, in combination with evaluating the activities of other companies specializing in protecting the rights of traders and preventing the use of fraudulent broker schemes, in this case even beginners can safely work without worrying about the safety of their savings.

The money of the clients of the presented resource is stored in separate bank accounts, which guarantees their safety. Without the knowledge of clients, no one has the right to use other people’s financial resources to achieve their own goals. Although, if to be completely objective, then you need to warn everyone who trusts a decent amount of money to unknown players of the world financial market, so that they minimize communication with such clients before 3-5 replenishment of the deposit.


Experienced traders who have studied different areas of activity of modern trading platforms, recommend, even before the start of trading, to carefully study the standard operations and the mechanism of the functioning of the exchange. The resource programmers created a demo account for the IG forex & CFD trading platform, which will help you in practice to determine your knowledge in this area, and also to understand whether it is possible to move to real deals or better still to practice a little. The question is really very important – in this situation it is impossible to succumb to emotions and act on the principle of “suddenly lucky.”

Important points about the IG forex & CFD trading platform

Unfortunately, when studying the IG forex & CFD trading platform reviews, it’s hard not to notice that CFD operations are becoming a real ruin for 79% of users. They can not earn even if they have the experience, knowledge, etc. This line of activity is designed for people who perceive the global financial market as a “semblance” of playing on the machine, where you can lose your own money, the money of your spouse within 2-3 hours. And stop in this game is almost impossible.

Trading account

Studying, the made conclusions, which on 70-85% correspond to the validity, it is possible to draw the following conclusions:

● Customers’ money is stored in separate accounts, which guarantees protection from scammers and people without moral principles.

● There is an effective management of resources during the crisis.

● The number of financial instruments allows you to “cover” a possible “window” while the money of trades did not reach the bank account.

Weighing all the pros and cons, a similar situation, almost every adult will be able to make the right choice, corresponding to his desires and life goals!

To work with the broker you need to deposit $ 200 (), while the minimum rate for each individual transaction can be:

● One dollar for normal bets.

● $ 5 for transactions with gold.

● $ 20 for sprint-rates.

The company has access to more than 10 thousand financial markets. Users of the resource can deal not only with currency pairs or binary options, but with CFD deals. Also, a wide range of precious metals and raw materials is open for them. Recently, resource users are more and more interested in crypto-currency.

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General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk