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Overview of world-famous financial brokers: LCG (London Capital Group)

Even the most thrifty and cautious owners of money understand that in our time, keeping your savings “under the pillow” is very stupid and irrational. Inflation “eats” a decent part of savings, no matter what currency they are stored in. Of course, there are people, especially the older generation, who consider dollars and euros as invincible monetary units, but this is an erroneous stereotype that arose during the hyperinflationary period of the 90s of the last century. But how to use your savings to multiply them. One of the most interesting and profitable ways is online trading of popular financial assets. It is also associated with risk, but with the right approach, you will be able to increase your capital every month, while receiving a lot of pleasure from the process itself. The main thing is to choose the right broker, never to give in to emotional impulses during the conclusion of transactions and to study well all the nuances of online trading. Experienced experts recommend LCG (London Capital Group) as a reliable trading platform, but, on the other hand, you can find quite a lot of reviews on the Internet, in which this service is characterized not by the best. In order to find out the real state of things, you need to study the broker from the perspective of an objective expert, taking into account only real facts without speculation, interference from competitors and subjective comments from unscrupulous users of the platform.


LCG (London Capital Group) trading platform review


What does LCG promise (London Capital Group) to its customers and to what extent traders trust it

The 20-year experience of the company and the fact that the company’s shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange prove that this trading platform is one of the most reliable and promising in the world-known broker category. The service in question offers its customers access to 7 thousand markets and a huge number of financial instruments, while traders can work with well-known assets as well as with a variety of exotic trading positions. But what security guarantees does the administration of the web resource provide to its users?


Most experienced traders can confidently state that this section in this review is absolutely superfluous. The professionalism and perseverance of the company’s employees, aimed at increasing the safety of customers, helped the broker to earn a reputation as one of the best companies in its category. Therefore, users of the trading platform can have no doubt that all obligations of the company will be fulfilled in a timely manner, and no participant in the financial transaction will violate the terms of the agreement.

But for the most incredulous (or very cautious) traders, the administration of the service suggests studying the facts proving the security of the trading platform:

● Customer deposits are held in separate accounts with large European banks. Therefore, traders can withdraw their investment immediately after the registration of the relevant documentation. At the same time, there is no doubt that everything will be completed within a strictly agreed time frame.

● Made by the best specialists for LCG (London Capital Group), the MT4 tested site by brokers from around the world, as well as the unique, own platform LCG Trader, allow you to work anywhere in the world (the main thing is the Internet), regardless of your device type or other factors affecting this procedure.

● Modern software is a guarantee of protection of funds and personal information of company clients.

● Control activities

Practically every trader (including novices), studying the broker he is interested in, first of all, draws attention to the presence / absence of organizations that regulate the broker’s activities and provide him with the papers necessary to provide financial services.

In this case, these include:

● Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec).

● UK Financial Services Authority (FCA).

These institutions are recognized in most countries of the world and many doubting traders end up registering with the LCG (London Capital Group) login after finding out who regulates its activities.


The site of the global financial market participant presents a wide variety of educational materials. They are designed for beginners as well as experienced traders:

● Trade Guides.

● Videos and tutorials on the trade.

● Glossary.

● Webinarium.

● Analysis of the market situation.

● Economic reviews.

● Analytical videos.

● Training to work with trading platforms.

But one of the most important factors for learning newbies is that you can register a demo account at LCG (London Capital Group) in order to see in practice how financial assets are traded.

LCG (London Capital Group) Administration Requirements for its Customers

Many reviews compiled about LCG (London Capital Group) provide a list of basic requirements that every trader must follow in order to work on this trading platform. But in parallel with them, the authors of the reviews show the advantages of working with a broker.

Trading Terms

● The amount of the minimum deposit – $ 100.

● The minimum lot is 0.01.

● Currencies trading account – US dollars.

● Leverage – 1: 1-1: 300.

● Affiliate program – there is.

● Islamic accounts – there is.

● The maximum time required for withdrawal is 7 calendar days.

● Contests and bonuses – no.

● Support service – works around the clock.

● Auto trade – allowed.

Deposit / withdrawal of funds

● Plastic cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro).

● Other bank cards (credit, debit).

● American Express.

● PrePaid.

● Skrill.

● Wire Transfer

Financial assets

Studying reviews about LCG (London Capital Group), it can be concluded that users are completely satisfied with the large number of financial instruments presented on the trading floor. Broker clients can perform operations using:

● Currency pairs.

● Commodities.

● Promotions.

● Indices.

● Cryptocurrencies.

● Bonds.

● CFD.

● ETF.

The listed list of assets allows you to enter into transactions in order to almost always get a small profit. Well, for those who want to break the “big score” will have to risk a fairly large amount of money.

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General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk