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Overview of the activities of prospective financial brokers: Markets.com

The rapid growth in the number of companies providing access to the global financial market for ordinary users of the network contributed not only to improving the quality of these companies’ work, but also opened a new niche for scammers, which allows to receive a decent profit in the process of implementing a variety of schemes for deceiving respectable traders. And if many experienced online shopkeepers have learned to distinguish honorable brokers from questionable trading platforms, most beginners, seeing promises of near-instant enrichment, forget about caution, and invest all their savings in “projects” of scammers. When it comes to understanding that they were deceived, the hardest moment begins (for many it was a chance to prepare a child for school or to pay for the treatment of an elderly mother) …

How not to fall into the “trap” of scammers and learn how to receive a stable income in the global financial market, what you need to pay attention first of all, if you are determined to do this activity, and what is the main secret of the huge amount of online feedback, comments and reviews – this is a list of key issues that should be studied in detail by a beginner trader in order to successfully implement the set goals. It is not difficult to guess that the theoretical advice in this case is not an effective way of solving the problem. Therefore, to determine the reliability and security of the broker, we will conduct a thorough analysis of the well-known trading platform Markets.com, which provides its services in the world financial market for more than 10 years, but even it has opponents who do not recommend contacting this company.


Markets.com review of forex trading platform


What does the popular forex broker Markets.com offer to its customers?

The company was founded in 2006, as a financial broker offering its services in most developed countries of the world. Its main activities were: the Forex market, securities of the real sector of the world economy, as well as contracts for the price difference in the future (regardless of the object of purchase / sale). Very quickly, the company took its niche in the global financial market, attracting potential customers with stable dynamics of development, convenient web resource and wide popularity outside the professional circle (the broker is the sponsor of the legendary English football team Arsenal).

Customer Security

Being a member of one of the world’s most powerful companies Safecap Investments Limited, this broker closely follows the observance of agreements and the fulfillment of their obligations. The represented participant of the world financial market maintains close relations with authoritative financial and credit institutions and insurance companies not only in Great Britain, but also in many other European countries. What is the benefit of the clients of the broker? All user investments are insured against possible force majeure situations, and they are stored on separate accounts in the best banks of Europe.

The operations available on the web-resource are carried out not only on the well-known MetaTrader 4 platform. A specially designed application for Markets.com, as well as its own unique software, allows to quickly process a large amount of information, as well as receive all necessary information about the state in foreign currency markets that help to analyze these data and make accurate forecasts about potential traders’ deals.

Also, the security of the broker’s clients is provided by:

● SSL protocols that protect servers from unauthorized intrusion of intruders;

● the broker’s activity is carried out only with international payment systems that have all the necessary certificates;

● Highly qualified support staff, who have repeatedly won the title of the best technical and financial team in Europe.

During his activity, the broker received several authoritative awards confirming his status as a worthy participant in the global financial market. But the most important indicator proving that it is possible to work with Markets.com are licenses and permissive documents of authoritative regulators that are issued only to trusted companies on the basis of quarterly / annual reports, periodic inspections, etc.

Regulators and issuing licenses

Many experienced traders decided to register on the Markets.com login, making sure that the activity of this structure is constantly monitored by authoritative international and state organizations that closely monitor the broker to carry out the signed agreements.

 According to this indicator, the broker under consideration occupies one of the leading positions, and among its “curators” can be identified:

● Since the main office of the company is located in Cyprus, the main European regulator of its activities is the Cyprus Commission for Stock Exchanges and Securities, the license of which is valid throughout the EU.

● The Council for Financial Services of South Africa controls the work of a broker in South Africa.

These indicators are enough to make the average trader not afraid to trust the company large amounts of money.

How to trade at Markets.com

If you decide to become a professional trader or make this line of business an additional source of profit, you should definitely study all the requirements of this platform, and understand what possible troubles await the beginner on the way to achieving his main goal.


In terms of training, this company does not stand out among similar services. Beginners can learn the basics of this business, but without specific examples and strategies for earning money. The most important achievement is the fact of the availability of a demo account, qualitatively developed for Markets.com, which gives an opportunity to understand the beginners basic rules of profit formation for all participants of certain transactions.

Trading conditions

What should a trader have to successfully make his debut on this trading platform. We list the main requirements:

● The minimum deposit is $ 100.

● The rate is $ 0.1.

● Account currencies: US dollar, British pound and euro.

● There are bonuses.

Prepared by Markets.com reviews, prove that to start working on this resource do not need serious knowledge or the availability of a huge seed capital.

Trading assets

The presented project (as mentioned at the beginning of the article) is designed to conclude deals with: currency pairs (Forex), CFDs and traditional securities.

Deposit / Withdrawal of funds

In order to replenish the deposit or withdraw their money, the administration of the resource offers a huge number of options, but judging by the comments made by Markets.com, the most rational are:

● Standard plastic cards, both debit and credit cards (Visa, Diners Club, MasterCard).

● Emergency bank transfers.

● Neteller.

● Skrill.

● Paypal.

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General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk