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Overview of promising options trading platforms high / low: OptionClub

The topic of making money using the Internet has always worried network users. This is especially true of countries emerging on the territory of the former Soviet republics. Highlight the main stages of development of this issue:

● On the Internet, you can earn fortunes without any specific knowledge (the “golden era” of financial pyramids, the sale of goods that cost a penny, and sold hundreds of times more expensive than other fraudulent schemes on the network).

● All the stories about the fabulous earnings in the network – this is the most common deception.

● You can earn, but for this you need to be well versed in some industry related to the Internet.

● To make a profit on the Internet, you need to work hard, know your business well and, if you look at it, most of the areas are no different from ordinary office work, etc.

But this rule has its exceptions. For example, online trading. A potential financial market conqueror chooses a broker and conducts various financial transactions through him: he buys / sells currency, securities, commodities, etc. One of the main points in this case is the choice of a reliable brokerage firm. And this review will help us in this matter. OptionClub, well-known in financial circles, is a binary options broker who has developed a lot of interesting offers for its clients to get a stable profit.


OptionClub – Netherland high/low options trading platform review


What offers OptionClub to it’s users

For some people whose activities are not related to finance, “binary options” sounds like something important, difficult and incomprehensible to a non-professional. In fact, this relatively young way of making money is available for almost everyone to understand. Many consider it one of the most simple, both for work and for the mechanism for implementing this process. In order to make money on binary options, it is enough to have a PC, laptop (or other device), a small start-up capital and Internet access. Due to its simplicity, this type of online trading has become very popular. In addition, the trader himself decides how much he needs to wait for the results of the auction: a few weeks or hours. No other type of bidding provides such an opportunity. The creators of OptionClub understood this very well, which helped them to make a modern company specializing in binary options back in 2013.

OptionClub Security

The company is registered in the Netherlands, where their head office is located. The main safety indicators of the company are:

● Registration in a developed European country whose licenses are legitimate almost throughout the EU.

● Customer service works well, representatives of which can be contacted via phone, email or a special form of communication on the broker’s web resource.

● For additional protection of customer funds, special insurance is provided.

● Designed for OptionClub application and modern software – reliable protection against fraudulent misconduct or accidental failure of the resource.

OptionClub Regulators

This question relates to a separate topic, due to the constant changes in EU legislation. Brokers, in order not to fall victim to bureaucrats, decided to obtain licenses outside the EU. But, nevertheless, common sense won, and the gratuitous accusations against these companies ceased. Today OptionClub is controlled by the Dutch financial regulator AFM, which enjoys prestige in many countries around the world and adheres to the requirements of MiFID. This organization is considered one of the toughest controllers in the world. An experienced trader has enough of the last 2 arguments to register a login on OptionClub, without fearing for his future.

Training at OptionClub

The company in question does not pay much attention to the theoretical training of its users. Having opened the main page of the website, you will find yourself in a section where you can immediately start trading or get the opportunity to create a demo account at OptionClub, designed for practical training of newbies for virtual money. But the mistake of many traders who decided to engage in binary options is that they pay very little attention to theory. And your future income depends on the level of training.

Rules established by the authors of the project OptionClub

Despite the simplicity of this resource, before registering an account on it, be sure to review the order of work on this site. There are some points in the reviews about OptionClub that do not fit a certain category of traders.

OptionClub Trading Terms

● The minimum deposit amount is $ 50.

● The minimum bet is $ 1.

● Percentage of profits – 60-90%.

● The maximum bid is $ 1000.

● The minimum amount for withdrawal – $ 10.

● The main currency of the trading account is the euro.

● Affiliate program – functioning.

● Mobile application – not available.

● Deposit account and withdrawal

In many reviews prepared by OptionClub, it is argued that the existing ways to replenish a trading account or withdraw money from it are enough to make the client feel comfortable. These include:

● Giropay.


● Plastic cards of VISA / MasterCard systems.

● Pay Pal.

Assets and financial instruments OptionClub

For binary options, one desire and a promising broker are not enough. The main assets for carrying out these operations are: currency pairs, stock indices, raw materials and stocks. In addition, the following types of binary options are available for OptionClub: higher / lower, pairs, turbo and long-term.