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  Overview of OptionsHouse brokerage company before and after the merger with E Trade

The existing objective economic laws, as practice shows, cannot be deceived by any technical achievements, inventions or the introduction of new rules for working in the global financial market. In order to gain a leading position in its segment, the company must implement something new that can interest potential customers. But what to do if in the current conditions, employees of the company can not complete the task? The answer is simple – to merge 2-3 companies that will complement each other, and their joint offers will immediately allow them to attract new customers and increase the amount of profit they receive before the merger. In the case of OptionsHouse and E Trade, events evolved according to a different scenario, but the goal of the authors of the project fully corresponded to the above idea, as evidenced by its final result.


OptionsHouse Trading Platform review


In 2016, E Trade signs an agreement on the takeover of the parent company of the broker OptionsHouse, which allowed the buyer to significantly strengthen its position in the market of shares, futures and options. Many traders, brokers, analysts and other participants in the global financial market were very interested in this merger (or did it have to sell the assets of a broker?). Trying to understand this issue, it is necessary to understand who OptionsHouse was before the described events of 2016.

Why OptionsHouse interested owners of E Trade ?

Founded in 2005, the promising and fast-growing trading platform OptionsHouse very quickly formed a network of solvent traders and investors, relying on option deals. For these purposes, such financial instruments as stocks, commodities, metals, etc. were used, while they stood out among the competitors by the high speed of their tasks, low commissions, and the absence of restrictions on minimum deposits and trading account balances. In 2015, the application created for OptionsHouse allowed the broker to become one of the best companies providing mobile commerce services, and in the period 2011-2016. trading platform occupies a leading position among other companies specializing in binary options.

OptionsHouse Customer safety

The intensive development of the company, the constant hit in the reviews of reputable publications, who were forced to admit that OptionsHouse is a serious broker who managed to find a niche in the market where it was very difficult for newcomers to advance, did their job. Even analysts who were very cautious in their judgments were forced to admit that the participant in the global financial market in question, his strategy and methods of work are quite convincing evidence that traders can register a login on OptionsHouse without fear that in a week or a month their funds will disappear. unknown direction.

In case of any troubles, problems that the user of the resource cannot solve on his own (as a rule, these are financial or technical issues), the administration of the resource suggests using the help desk support. In order to contact her employees, you can use e-mail, telephone or online chat on the broker’s website.

Training on OptionsHouse trading platform

A large base of educational materials plus, developed on the OptionsHouse demo account, allow even a beginner with a zero level of training to understand the many nuances associated with online trading. Many traders believed that the first ten years of its existence, the broker provided allowed real trading in accessible financial markets without risking losing big savings.

Attitude of traders to OptionsHouse before merging with E Trade

If we analyze the reviews compiled about OptionsHouse until 2016, we can conclude that many of the trading platform were interested in, as a fast-growing company that specialized in binary options. She did not create any problems during the conclusion of transactions (even a schoolchild could cope with a web resource or an installed application), the company made it possible to create both single accounts and corporate ones. Among the main drawbacks of this service is the fact that OptionsHouse did not provide access to the Forex market (which has always enjoyed great popularity), as well as other financial instruments of interest to traders in the second decade of the 21st century.

Taking into account the above information, as well as user reviews that have been preserved about OptionsHouse (until 2014-2016), it can be concluded that the creators of the resource are extraordinary personalities, and the broker, during this period, was interested in many more powerful competitors.

How the owners of E Trade explained the acquisition of OptionsHouse ?

In 2016, the top managers of the powerful and well-known broker E Trade announced their intention to acquire Aperture New Holdings Inc., the parent company OptionsHouse, which, as mentioned above, was a “tidbit” for any member of the global financial market. In addition to the listed merits of the firm, the inevitable trend towards consolidation during this period simply overwhelmed the online broker market. To explain this decision, these two reasons are quite enough, but, quite possibly, there were still some kind of “pitfalls” that a simple man in the street will never know about.

The amount of the forthcoming transaction amounted to 725 million US dollars. To complete it, it remained to discuss all the nuances related to further work, customer base, personnel, internal policies of companies, etc. The question of what traders expected after the merger of brokers was most of all interested.

Have the trading conditions for OptionsHouse traders changed after the merger?

If you start from the promises of the management, OptionsHouse customers were expected only the best changes:

● Access to additional financial markets (and above all, to Forex).

● Higher rewards for the operations they performed before.

● Additional protection of the interests of traders in the face of new regulators.

● Access to modern trading platforms (for example MT4).

● Opportunities in terms of trading account replenishment and withdrawal of funds.

● As well as broad prospects in terms of increasing income, prestige, increasing additional sources of profit.

Based on open information, it can be concluded that the majority of the broker’s clients did not lose anything after 2016. They work through the official web resource of the company E Trade, expanded their capabilities (when compared to 2016), are always aware of events related to the global financial market, etc. It is too early to make deeper conclusions or predictions, but for the purity of the experiment, anyone can open a trading (or at least demo) account in order to see all the advantages and disadvantages of the broker.

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