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Quotex – is it safe to invest in it?

Binary options are professionally considered an extremely delicate part of the market.
They have a reputation for being a risky means of making money on trading platforms – but the expected profit is also substantial. The press is not always fair on various highly advertised brokers. Quotex is a broker, which is in the public eye in the recent moths, but is it really so good and has perspectives of becoming a truly reliable source of financial income? Let’s figure it out.

Quotex Logo

Quotex is a Seychelles brand of Cypriot financial holding, which has already received an authorized CROFR (IFMRRC) certificate. This may already be a point of interest for trades from Russia and its neighboring countries. Predictive and advisory capabilities of this platform allow to recommend it for such investments. Especially when this information is supported by the IFMRRC certificate. Starting data appears to be no worse than competitors.

Quotex stands out among the other new brokers for its number of financial instruments and trading indicators. A beginner could easily be confused with the variety of different indicators. Platform’s software can be flexibly configured to meet the immediate needs of the particular trader. A significate result for a platform that only started operating in 2019.

Quotex.io benefits

Benefits in details

The competition between brokerage platforms is huge these days. That’s why a broker, who wants to engage more market players should offer them something profitable. Quotex attracts visitors with a wide range of options.

Technical aspect

Brokers often boast of having their own mobile app. Quotex doesn’t have a separate Android or iOS application yet. Currently, the platform utilizes the internally developed browser terminal. However, its own application should be released in the first quarter of 2021.

Quotex provides the following benefits to its users:

  • Enhanced overall security. The risk of data leakage is eliminated;
  • The possibility to work from any device. Only access to network is required for Quotex, as the platform itself is light and loads easily and quickly
  • Also, a presentation of the mobile app is expected in the near future.
  • More than a dozen of trading indicators and methods of working with charts. Quotex provides a universal platform for any stock assets trading, regardless of the regional specifics.

The tech support is fast, friendly and competent. The website itself has an extended language package, and the localizations are being improved constantly.
For today, several more languages have been added and the existing localizations have been expanded.

Quotex technical Aspect

Non-disclosure terms

Each broker collects data on all traders. This is a general necessity and also a prerequisite for continuous operating from the side of any fiscal regulator. Quotex collects only basic information from its customers. More information on Data Collection Policy, company’s Privacy Policy, Service Agreement and Risk Disclosure can be found in the corresponding sections.

Quotex.io broker

Regulatory issues

Quotex is registered in Seychelles, its legal entity address can easily be verified. The parent company – Awesomo Limited has a Seychelles registration. Quotex itself has relatively recently obtained a CROFR (IFMRRC) certificate and got the right to work in Russia, with reliability of its services already confirmed.

General description of the broker’s trading conditions

Here is the brief summary of the Quotex platform’s trading terms:

  • created in 2019
  • Country of registration of the legal entity and the brand as a whole is Seychelles;
  • Exchange activity – digital contracts;
  • Demo account is available, demo deposit amount is up to 10,000 units
  • Trade expiration time is adjustable, but not less than 1 minute, not more than 4 hours;
  • Software features include working from a web browser and internally developed trading terminal;
  • Perfectly scalable responsive design;
  • Withdrawal literally takes one hour, regardless of the e-wallets used.
  • Trades are held through currency pairs, crypto coins (including altcoins), various commodities and stock indices
  • Deposit limit is minimal. Transactions start from 10 USD;
  • Platform’s localizations include a dozen of international and local languages. During the past year Italian, French and Ukrainian versions were added.

Quotex trading conditions

Demo account and deposits on Quotex

Demo account is easy to use and doesn’t require any registration. Quotex provides a live chart to emulate real trading. Obviously, in demo-mode real trades are not opened and trading is held in conventional units. First of all, it’s convenient to test currency pairs in this mode.

Top ups are processed at the speed of payment systems. You just need to click the corresponding button. The invoice itself will be presented as a filling form where a customer enters the details.

Then, after clicking the “Deposit” button, the account will be topped up.

Withdrawals are made in a similar way. You enter the amount, choose the destination of the withdrawal, and then click the “Confirm” button.

Quotex.io payment methods

Withdrawals from trading account can be made to a bank card or an e-wallet. There is also an option to deposit Bitcoins or use the other electronic payment systems (Advcash, Perfect Money, Yandex etc.). A withdrawal can be made to the same payment details, that were used for deposit. You can’t top up with a card and withdraw to a Bitcoin wallet. Some of the options require additional verification. The available deposit methods are shown in details on the screenshot below.

Quotex available deposit methods

Account features

As many other brokers Quotex has a demo and live account. The demo account stands out for its authenticity: current trading quotes are displayed on the chart in real time. By default, a trader creates an account in US Dollars, but there is an option to choose a local currency from the selector when registering an account (the options may vary from one country to another).

At the moment Quotex offers more than 25 currency pairs:

  • Australian dollar;
  • US dollar;
  • Canadian dollar;
  • British Pound;
  • Yen;
  • Swiss franc;
  • New Zealand dollar.
  • and many others.

Cryptocurrencies include:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Litecoin;
  • Ripple;
  • Etherium.


  • Gold;
  • Silver;
  • UK Brent Oil;
  • US Crude Oil.

Quotex currency pairs

Tools and indicators used on the platform.

Before starting to trade on Quotex each trader analyzes the graphic chart in order to have an appropriate view on digital contracts market. The design of the chart, developed by Quotex specialists, can be easily adjusted to meet the preferences of the platform’s user.

There are dozens of instruments available to cover any needs of both skilled and beginning traders. Here are some of the popular indicators used in everyday trading activity.

  • Alligator (visualizing the “jaws” of trading indicators fluctuation);
  • Bollinger bands – a universal tool to calculate the value of shares.
    The graphical shell is made on Python;
  • Fractal pattern;
  • Envelopes
  • Ichimoku Cloud – old, but effective for almost a century statistical method of analyzing the market trends;
  • Keltner channel – an addition to Moving Average, two lines above and below it, to visualize the movement of the trend more precisely;
  • Moving Average itself – the most well-known indicator of trading assets trends;
  • Parabolic SAR;
  • Zig Zag.

Indicators can be used individually on in groups. For their color coding either the default palette, similar to MetaTrader or your customized colors can be used. More than a dozen oscillators can be used on a chart. Plus, there is an option of making your own marks. A trader can adjust how the market analytics is displayed – from the most compact to fully expanded view.

The visual drawing elements, you can create your own marks with, are as follows:

  • «Cross Line»;
  • Date Range;
  • Disjoint channel;
  • Extended Line;
  • Pitchfork;
  • Price Range;
  • Trend Angle;
  • Fibonacci Fan and Retracement;
  • Vertical and Horizontal line;
  • Ray;
  • Trend Line;
  • Parallel Channel;
  • Rectangle.

Quotex Tools and indicators

All drawing tools can be used simultaneously, but this is at the discretion of the trader.It’s best to operate with just a number of them, the ones that fit the situation best. In order for this variety of tools not to overlap each other, instruments such as Rectangle, that covers a large area, are displayed semitransparent so they don’t interfere with other indicators.

Levels of transparency can varied almost like in a professional graphic editor.
The color palette is limited to 10 colors, but it just enough: cold shades are for upward trends, warm ones are for downward movement (default colors are green and red, respectively). There are 15 oscillators available along with the ability to set the chart’s timeframe from 5 seconds to 1 day.

Quotex oscillators

The site also has a leaderboard of traders for the purpose of competition, and at the same time just to indicate how busy the trading on the platform is at this very moment. The rating is calculated from midnight to midnight GMT and is only valid for live trading. Trader’s position in the chart literally shows the amount of profit for the day.

Quotex leaderboard


Quotex presents expert technical support and flexible ways to learn how to trade. It provides all the means necessary for successful trading and making more money. However, you should always remember about the risks, and shouldn’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

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General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk