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Overview of prospective trading platforms: Spectre.ai

The development of a wide variety of trading platforms, specializing in transactions with digital and fiat money, binary options, shares, etc., apart from the positive sides – the development of new projects, the effective use of investments, the attraction of free financial resources of the population, etc., has a number negative nuances. Many brokers (not to mention ordinary fraudsters) increasingly “run their hands into the pocket” of their traders, for no reason block the accounts of users, create the usual “financial pyramids.”

All of the above factors cause distrust of potential traders to new participants in financial markets: no one wants to lose their savings instead of making a profit. But against the backdrop of a seemingly stalemate, in 2017 a new web-resource Spectre.ai (registration in the Cayman Islands) is created, based on the Ethereum blockbuster, excluding the broker from participating in the years of the scheme, as well as changing the usual mechanism of functioning of the world financial markets .


Spectre.ai - The world's first broker-less financial trading platform


How Specter.ai Works

Having registered on the Spectre.ai login, the new user does not build his relations with the so-called broker according to the traditional schemes, the current transactions are regulated by smart contracts. The trader opens the purse on the resource (for the cryptonym), but thanks to the above technology, the company’s administration does not have access to the financial resources of the project participants.

The value of assets for each individual trader’s operation, open for a certain period, is monitored live (sources such as Oanda are used). On the possible outcome of the transaction, the user makes a profit, or from its crypto-purse the corresponding amount of losses is written off (standard procedure). The company itself receives 2% of the amount of current trading operations on the account of operating expenses, plus 2% is given to holders of dividend-tokens (in fact, users of the web resource). Increasing the cost of tokens and maintaining the constant liquidity of the resource, as well as excluding the influence of the human factor in these processes, are a guarantee that no one will deceive users of the crypto site and they will always receive their money in full.

A few more words about security

In addition to the above information, which confirms that the new trading floor provides virtually all the “control threads” of financial operations to project participants, and this is one of the main conditions for the safety of their savings, one should note the rationality of the behavior of site owners: no one creates on Specter.ai applications, which often do just to “throw dust in the eye” to the newcomers of the project. That is, a web resource can not be categorized as so-called “single companies” that exist to quickly attract large financial amounts in a short period of time.

Of course, the big drawback is the lack of licenses, permits and regulatory bodies, but in this case the main problem is the vague legal status of the service, many of the functions that the computer performs.

One of the main factors proving the high level of resource security is the fact that many users use the service exclusively as a reliable purse to store their assets. Among the huge number of existing trading platforms, very few sites can “boast” of similar achievements. And do not forget that in this case, the management of the crypto exchange is interested in making their customers earn as much money as possible.


The resource in question works in Chinese, Japanese, English, Korean and German. Most users of this platform argue that to work on the presented web resource does not need a lot of financial knowledge, the study of specially prepared for Spectre.ai demo versions, etc. Mathematics, the possession of general economic terms, the minimum ability to make predictions based on analytical information, starting capital, but, of course, the desire to make money – this will be enough to learn how to work on this site. Additionally, each newbie has the opportunity to test their strength and intuition using a free version of the training account.

Basic information about the trading account

Before starting to register an account on Specter.ai, every novice trader should know the following information:

● The minimum deposit on this web resource is $ 1.

● The minimum / maximum bet is 1-1000 $.

● Admissible profit from each transaction – 60-90%.

● Account currency is Ethereum.

●The administration of the site does not take commission for withdrawing money and promises to carry out this procedure within 24 hours.

What else should I know about Spectre.ai

Practically every review (taking into account the opinions of specialists who substantiate their forecasts) is based on the assumption that this system has serious prospects, but it is necessary to work hard to create a fundamentally new scheme. On the other hand, any serious economic shock can become the catalyst that will make the model in question the most reliable one among all existing trading platforms that have a significant impact on the world financial market.

Replenishment of a trading account

The considered crypto-exchange, as mentioned at the beginning of the review, is based on the Ethereum block, so it is not difficult to guess that the trader will have to use the available methods for exchanging digital and digital money for the popular crypto currency. Only after that he will have the opportunity to perform the operations that interest him.

Trading Tools

In this matter, the clients of the trading platform have ample opportunities. They will have access to:

● binary options;

● currency pairs;

● shares;

● Commodities;

● Crypto currency, etc.

Regardless of the further development of the trading platform in question, analyzing reviews of Specter.ai and the current situation on the modern world financial market, it is possible to assert with almost 100% guarantee that these exchanges will not work for long, as companies that abuse the trust of their customers.

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General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk