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Overview of promising financial brokers: Spread EX

Even novice domestic traders who have never engaged in a detailed study of participants in the global financial market are well aware of one important feature. The list of companies with a Russian-speaking platform does not include many promising brokers operating in English. Therefore, our fans of online trading (who do not bother to study this international language) are often deprived of the opportunity to enter into financial transactions that most closely match their interests and savings. And if experienced traders who managed to memorize key words and phrases related to their field of activity, learned to work on some of the same type, English-language sites, then beginners are deprived of even this opportunity. And on such resources as Spread EX (at the first visit, the user cannot understand what it is: a trading platform or a bookmaker’s office) without English it is almost impossible to organize an effective and profitable activity.


Spread EX trading platform review


Many readers will argue that among existing Russian-speaking platforms, if desired, you can find a company no worse than Spread EX. It is quite possible, but then how can we explain the rather high interest of our compatriots to the broker presented? Why do domestic traders begin to learn English (or at least professional phrases and expressions), periodically checking their level of training, using the website of this company? To answer this question, it is necessary, first of all, to study this representative of the global financial market in detail.

Characteristics of Spread EX key performance indicators

The presented company was established in 1999 in the UK. The main feature of the web resource of the company is its universal nature. Site users can earn not only on online trading (and since 2001, operations are carried out automatically), but also on sporting events, providing functions of a bookmaker office.


The fact that the company in question for three years in a row has hit the hundred of the most profitable UK companies is already convincing evidence of its reliability and durability. The application, prepared for Spread EX and popular in the industry, ensures fast execution of the tasks set and safety of user information.

In order to prevent the loss of clients ’funds, all of their deposits are held in separate accounts with reliable British banks. The choice of two key areas of business, according to many economists, is a very thoughtful tactical move. In the event of an unstable situation in the global financial market, the amount of bets on sporting events increases, which allows the company to receive its profit, regardless of the adverse influence of external factors.

Who controls the broker

One of the most important indicators of the reliability of any broker is the presence of organizations regulating its activities. The company in question is controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority of Great Britain (FCA). Most traders and other participants in the global market believe that this is quite enough to register a login on Spread EX and quietly engage in online trading without fear of becoming a victim of fraudsters.


The package of training materials of the company in question includes only an overview of the most common issues related to online trading and the activities of a web resource. That is, beginners with a zero level of training will have to search for the necessary theoretical information on third-party sites. The situation with the practical part of the training is much better. The demo account created on Spread EX allows you to conduct normal trading activity of the broker’s client without spending a single penny of your own funds. This function has repeatedly proved its effectiveness and practical value.

Key trading parameters Spread EX

Before proceeding with the registration procedure (note, for this purpose you will need: a passport, utility bills, contact phone number, etc.), be sure to review the main trading characteristics of the broker. It may not suit you according to some criteria.

Trading Terms

Compiled about the Spread EX reviews in English do not focus on many indicators, which are almost always considered by domestic experts.

● Minimum deposit is not set.

● The minimum bid is 0.01.

● Currency accounts – British pound, euro, US dollar.

● Support service – provided.

● English language.

● Accounts – demo and standard.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

If you read about Spread EX reviews, you can see that compared to other British brokers in this category, this company is slightly different for the better in the number of ways to replenish the deposit. The administration of the trading platform suggests using the following methods for these purposes: plastic (credit) card, Skrill, transfer through a financial institution and Payoneer. Of course, not so much as domestic traders who work on Russian-language trading platforms are used to, but quite acceptable when compared with brokers who offer 1-2 ways to replenish accounts.


The key activity of this company is CFD contracts. It is for this position that it occupies one of the leading places in the UK. Also for financial transactions are used: currency pairs, indices, precious metals and commodities.

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General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk