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Review of well-known companies providing brokerage services: Trade.com

In our country, with the advent of the opportunity to use the World Wide Web, the question immediately arose: Can this achievement of humanity be turned into a source of stable and high income? People, somehow “forgot” that to make a profit you need to work a lot or do your own project.

 Immediately arose a variety of rumors, versions and speculations, claiming that the network is quite realistic to earn monthly several thousand dollars, virtually nothing. Against the backdrop of this hype scammers came up with different schemes, developed a beautiful advertisement, studied in detail the channels for which they could not find deceived investors or representatives of law enforcement agencies.

Internet projects began to work actively and bring profits to scammers, and ordinary citizens lost their savings, apartments, cars, etc. But, it can not be said that any activity on the network is a 100% deception. With the help of the network, SEO specialists, translators, programmers, designers, as well as everyone who understands how one can get money by trading online in the world financial markets, earn well.

One example of such a business is the Forex broker Trade.com. The company, despite a huge number of competitors and ordinary detractors, accusing it of illegal activities, not paying money to customers, and other negative acts, is confidently “afloat”. And this is not surprising, because in most cases, these accusations are unsubstantiated words, and to be sure of the reliability of the broker, it needs to be studied well (using objective information) and based on the collected data to make up your own picture of the company.


TRADE.com trade cryptocurrencies, CFDs and ETFs


Basic principles of Trade.com

Many investors are afraid to invest in projects in which they are not well versed. What is a price change contract? How does the mechanism of profit formation of traders occur? Plus a huge number of other issues. If you add to this a decent number of negative reviews (usually they are written for a fee, trained people who are versed in the economy, and in the psychology of potential clients). It becomes clear why it is so difficult to work in this industry.

Security of traders

The creators of the web resource, claim that their trading platform works around the clock, observing the laws of the countries where they provide their services. Any doubtful points about financial transactions, payment of earned funds, account replenishment, etc., are best coordinated before the conclusion of the first transactions.

To protect the interests / information or personal data of customers, the administration of websites applies 128-bit security encryption (not every reputable broker can demonstrate such indicators). A trader whose monthly turnover exceeds the amount with six zeros in dollar terms may not be afraid of hacking the account (representatives of the website administration are sure of this, arguing that this procedure is not economically beneficial for competitors or ill-wishers of the web resource in question).


This resource attracts the attention of experienced traders (except for the above factors), the ability to use reliable, time-tested platforms:

● MetaTrader 4 – used by almost every experienced broker.

● Ordinary MetaTrader – ensures the operation of most “advanced” trading platforms, regardless of the influence of local factors.

● And the program that allows you to conclude transactions online, regardless of the location of the trader – usually this Trade.com application in combination with the above trading platforms.

Learning newbies

There is a category of people who never have full information on the issue under consideration, but behave like professional traders who have earned huge amounts of money on this type of activity. Perhaps, there are also participants in foreign financial markets. But, as a rule, these are serious financiers who have at least minimal knowledge in the field of Internet trading, capable of analyzing any economic events that ultimately influence trade on a global scale.

Having registered the login on Trade.com, you do not have to hurry to conclude serious transactions, hoping to get a big profit in the shortest possible time. Moreover, the administration of the resource gives you the opportunity to practice on demo accounts created for Trade.com, which do not force potential customers to spend personal savings, but allow you to see in practice how the main stages of Internet auctions are carried out.

The creators of the trading platform deserve respect only because they are practically on all pages of their web resource warn potential customers that online trading involves a lot of risk, which is a very important factor for newcomers of the project. But analysts say that this site has never been among the worst or those who cheat their users. Therefore, if you decide to become a professional trader, then Trade.com review about which is presented above, will be one of the best options for starting a career of the future trader.


Despite the difficult situation in the world economy, which, judging by the analysts’ forecasts, will only worsen, the broker’s activity is regulated in the established manner, as before, by the European legislation. The same information is confirmed by almost every broker buying a license from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, which is recognized in most EU countries.

Basic parameters and requirements of Trade.com

Regardless of the goals that the trader sets, the prepared platform operates according to certain rules. And the task of every novice is to study in detail what needs to be done to ensure that the tasks of users do not contradict the current legislation, other participants of this project, or the established web resource rules.

Trading conditions

● The minimum deposit amount is $ 100.

● Bonuses are provided in certain situations.

● Account currencies: euro, Japanese yen, British pound, American dollar.

● Daily trading is provided 24 hours a day.

● Headquarters: Fr. Cyprus.

● Supports about 20 languages.

Account replenishment and withdrawal of money

 The trader who decided to replenish the deposit or withdraw his money can use:

● Plastic cards (Visa / Mastercard).

● Webmoney.

● Skrill

● Bank transfers.

● Neteller.


Liquid assets

Studying the reviews prepared by Trade.com, you can see the general picture, which shows what the stock market’s experienced customers are interested in today (although the situation in this direction can vary greatly not only for a month or two, but also much more often).

The main assets are:

● Currency pairs.

● Indices.

● Raw materials.

● Precious metals.

● Shares of large companies and international corporations.

● Crypto currency.

● And other securities.

We can say that the number of assets represented by a participant in the world market occupies one of the leading positions in its category.

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General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk