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Overview of the advantages and disadvantages of trading brokers: TradeStation

Most novice traders who decide to engage in the trading of financial instruments, first of all, study the information on this activity from open sources on the world wide web. Here they expect a whole range of negative comments and reviews that> 90% of brokers are ordinary scammers, and 5-7% of companies are constantly delaying payment time and looking for pretexts to refuse to fulfill their obligations on “legitimate” grounds. As the saying goes: money saved is money earned. On the other hand, if on one resource the trading platform is shown in the blackest colors, on the other, it can be described as an example of decency and reliability. In such situations, even experienced traders are starting to get lost (after all, opponents provide readers with quite convincing facts in favor of their version). A similar problem exists with the TradeStation trading platform. Having created a decent customer base and won many prestigious awards, she also acquired a huge number of envious people who are not lazy to leave negative reviews about this trading platform.


TradeStation broker review


But what to do in such situations, ordinary novice traders? After all, no one wants to lose their savings, especially if it was the last money. As the hero of the famous French writer said: there is always a way out of any situation. And you need to start with the division of all indicators and characteristics into those in which you can understand and into difficult categories in which “even experienced specialists are lost”. It is impossible to “embrace everything.” A person who understands well what factors influence the rate of national currencies may not see any relationship between the growth of the automotive industry in China and the demand for metal. But first of all, you need to understand what guarantees of security are provided by the broker with whom you plan to cooperate.


Considered the trading platform, despite the fact that their head office is in the US states, is a subsidiary of the Japanese company Monex Group, which became famous after the widespread online trading in 2001 (the first proof of the reliability of the broker).

The presence of applications and original platforms created for TradeStation (by the way, created by the best specialists of this service) ensures high speed of information processing, as well as the safety of personal data and personal funds of resource users.

In the registration process, the user must provide maximum information about themselves in order to prevent the infiltration of doubtful personalities (fraudsters, money launderers, creators of extraordinary “financial pyramids”, etc.).

Regulation of broker’s activity

But the most convincing evidence of the reliability and legality of the trading platform are the institutions that control its activities:

● UK Financial Supervision Authority (FCA).

● CFTC / NFA institutions controlling the activities of financial institutions in the United States.

Based on the information provided, it can be concluded that by registering a login on TradeStation, you can safely work without fear of exposure to adverse external factors.


With regard to learning the principles of trade in the global financial market. Again, back to the beginning of our review. Never try to cover all the information presented at the same time! Please note that useful lessons are on the American version of the site and are designed primarily for users from the United States. But this does not mean that residents of the post-Soviet republics are isolated from valuable recommendations. The only prerequisite for learning is fluency in English.

The presented service recommends attentively studying:

● theoretical basis;

● analytical articles;

● video lessons;

● examples of effective strategies, etc.

But! Do not waste time on things that you do not understand or cause a lot of additional questions. There are areas of commercial activity where there is almost open speculation on stocks and other securities. Some companies are developing ingenious schemes in order to inflate their financial performance and make good money on it.

Interesting observations

In none country in the world, except Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and some other post-Soviet republics, there was such that the secondary metal market reacted faster than the “primary”. That is, today there is a stable situation, and tomorrow at 8.00 in the morning some uncle Kolya receives rusty pipes, bolts, nuts, washing machines, etc. from their customers, already by 5-15% cheaper, although the world market will only raise prices in a few days.

For broker clients, there is no demo account on TradeStation, which provides the opportunity to receive all the skills to work on the service without additional financial costs. This nuance is the most important flaw in the administration of the website. At the very least, so say the reviews, comments and conclusions of the experts prepared about TradeStation.

Summing up the preliminary results, it can be said that this is an interesting area of ​​activity in which each participant should monitor their segment, controlling even the most insignificant and, at first glance, unimportant events.

Why traders like to trade on TradeStation

Compliance with its promises, consistent financial policy, individual approach to each client – this is only a small list of ways to attract the attention of new users against the background of the current tough competition. What conditions does the broker offer its customers?

Trading Terms

● The minimum deposit is $ 2000.

● Transaction volume – 0.1 lot.

● Trading leverage – 1:50.

● Web resource support service – works (via website, phone, e-mail).

● Russian version – no.

Deposit / withdrawal

Studying reviews about TradeStation, many users have a question: why is this feature so limited:

1. Standard checks.

2. Transfers through financial institutions.

Of course, for Western users, this is quite a common picture, but our traders are often amazed: where there are a lot of e-wallets, Internet banking, cash, etc.

Financial assets

The question of what you can trade on the site, you know almost no boundaries. This includes stocks, stock indices, commodities, precious metals, etc.

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General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk