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Overview of innovative trading platforms: ZuluTrade

The modern market of financial services on the Internet offers a lot of ways to get a stable income, regardless of such factors as age, gender, social status, education or place of residence of a potential investor. If 20-25 years ago, trading on the Forex market was a rather labor-intensive process, today a trader can conclude a huge number of transactions every day, using hundreds of currency pairs for these purposes. On the one hand, the rapid development of online trading can be considered a positive phenomenon, but on the other hand, this trend has contributed to the emergence of a wide variety of fraudulent schemes that allow you to deceive not only beginners, but also fairly experienced specialists in this industry. Not surprisingly, the emergence on the market of such a participant as ZuluTrade caused an ambiguous reaction from brokers, traders, financial analysts, etc. But the most interesting thing is that the presented Internet platform has been operating for more than ten years, despite the unceasing around it controversy. It’s hard to imagine how to deceive your customers with impunity by continuing to provide financial services for a decade.


ZuluTrade Social Forex broker review


But, how impressive is the amount of negative reviews on specialized web resources, in which the creators of the service are not just called scammers, but provide sufficiently convincing evidence of their illegal activities? Before drawing any conclusions on this issue, it is necessary to study in detail the submitted player of the global financial market.

What attracts customers of online platform ZuluTrade

ZuluTrade company was founded in 2007, and its main activity can be called intermediary services, the purpose of which is to bring together the most talented and professional traders of our planet with investors who want to make money on the financial markets. That is, the “experts” who call this site a forex broker make a big mistake. In their functions and methods of work, they are very different. But this does not interfere with the analysis of the activities of ZuluTrade, using the same indicators as for conventional brokers.

User security

The presented service provides its customers with access to the list of the best traders, which allows them to make a profit by copying transactions of the most successful traders in financial assets. After registering on the site, you get the opportunity to work: fully automatically (the provider’s choice is carried out by the program), combining the copying of transactions with independent trading, as well as controlling all the important points of this procedure (specify the criteria for choosing traders and personally conclude financial transactions). In this regard, the Internet site does not put any restrictions on its users, which is a significant advantage for its rating and ensuring the safety of your investments.

Applications and platforms created for ZuluTrade make it possible to conduct financial transactions from virtually any device, regardless of the location of the investor. In this case, users can not be afraid that someone will get access to their personal information, transactions or deposits.

In order not to become a victim of the provider (relevant, first of all, for the participants working in automatic mode), who for some reason decided to change tactics abruptly, the Zuluguard service is provided. This function closes all risky transactions that can cause serious losses for the company’s client. Another important assistant ZuluTrade Alchemy allows you to determine the level of success of users of the resource.

 Activity regulators

The fact that the platform is operating in the United States, and its activities are regulated by the National Futures Organization (NFA) and the Commission for Exchange Trading (CFTC), automatically cast doubt on the veracity of all negative reviews about the company. These institutions are justifiably considered as a guarantee of the reliability of financial companies, therefore, having registered a login with ZuluTrade, you can always count on protecting the interests of users of the Internet platform.


Despite the fact that the company’s website contains much less training materials than well-known forex brokers offer their users, this is quite enough to get the necessary understanding of the functioning of the Internet platform. On the website of the company you will find:

● trading guides;

● description of provided forex tools and services ;

● a question and answer rubric;

● Contacts to get in touch with support representatives.

The demo account available on ZuluTrade allows the new participant to undergo practical training without spending a single penny of personal savings for this purpose.

Trading conditions on the ZuluTrade Internet platform

Each representative of the global financial market, despite loyalty to his clients, always establishes certain rules for working on his website. The study of the established parameters and restrictions is a must for anyone who plans to register an account on the web resource that interests them. In many reviews compiled about ZuluTrade, very little attention is paid to this issue, which is most likely due to the specifics of the service’s activities.

Terms of cooperation

● The minimum deposit is $ 300.

● Minimum transaction amount – depends on the site on which the provider operates.

● Currency accounts – American and Australian dollars, euros, Japanese yen, British pound.

● Affiliate program – provided.

● Competitions – available.

Deposit and available assets

The question of crediting the account depends on the selected trader and broker who is a direct participant in the financial transaction. As for the available assets, if several years ago the key instruments were currency pairs, today, more and more attention is paid to cryptocurrencies (the latest information on this issue is posted on the official website of the company).

Reviews of the resource, experience of the resource, as well as organizations that control its activities, prepared about ZuluTrade, are convincing evidence that this company is not a fraudulent scheme. But it is possible that any mistake of users on this website is immediately used by the administration in its favor. As a result, inattentive clients lose money, which is what causes the creation of negative comments.

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General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk