Catecoin (CATE), World’s First Utility Meme Coin

Catecoin (CATE), World’s First Utility Meme Coin

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It’s been eight years since the creation of the first meme coin.

Dogecoin was released on December 6, 2013, and it’s been up more than 1500% since then.

It is the first meme coin but not the last—the concept of meme coin rose in popularity after the 2021 bullish market and Dogecoin hit +230%.

Thanks to Dogecoin and Elon Musk, Dogecoin’s most prominent ambassador, many developers and investors got into meme coins.

Meme coin

Millions of meme coins hit the market hoping to reach the moon like their mother, Dogecoin.

The very difference between Doge and other meme coins is that Dogecoin is a blockchain with its network written in C++ programming language that mimics bitcoin’s protocols and algorithms with slight differences, but other meme coins are not coins, they are tokens because they mainly build on top of Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain.

Meme coins don’t usually have a specific utility, and their extensive community drives them.

It makes meme coins impractical, weakening if the token doesn’t rise in value.

Having no utility and usage makes meme coins be a short-term hype instead of a long-term growth like dogecoin, which has been 80% down since its all-time high.

Catecoin aims to end the uselessness of meme coins.

It is a new meme coin hitting the market after the 2021 bull run that aims to be a meme coin with a real-world utility.

A meme coin with utility.

Want to know more about Catecoin and its future?

So let’s go.

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What is Catecoin?

What is Catecoin?

What is Catecoin

Catecoin, with the code CATE, is the first meme coin with a real-world utility.

They have developed a platform like social media that content creators can join and start publishing memes and jokes.

You can call Catecoin a Defi meme coin because content creators can earn CATE for their memes.

You can also make CATE from your likes and comments.

It is the first Defi meme platform that combines memes with economic incentives.

Overall, you can start creating content or like and comment on memes and earn money, stake CATE and get annual profit, turn your memes into NFTs, and even buy other’s memes as NFTs.

It’s a new form of social media where people can tip each other on their excellent content and memes.

It is also a community-driven token powered by cat lovers and meme enthusiasts in the crypto space.

Catecoin has developed a new form of meme coin combined with Defi protocols and real-world usage.

Let’s take a look at Catecoin in detail.

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Meme platform and content farming

Meme platform and content farming

Catecoin is the first meme coin with a real meme platform where people can share their memes.

Its meme platform comes with several advantages and economic incentives.

Its Defi protocol and meme-based nature allow many users to join the platform, enjoy memes, and earn CATE.

It doesn’t require any KYC or registration; you only need to connect your Metamask wallet or any wallet via Walletconncet.

You need to buy a certain amount of CATE tokens, and then you can monetize by publishing memes and jokes or liking and commenting on them.

Meme platform and content farming

How does it work?

If you publish a meme on the Catecoin platform, users can see your meme and like it, and you get 0.1 CATE with every as you get.

Interestingly, even users who like and comment on memes get 0.1 CATE.

So no matter if you are a content creator or a user who likes and comments on others’ content, you can earn CATE by enjoying memes or creating them, But it comes with some rules.

You need to hold more than 5 million CATE tokens to share your memes on Catecoin.

And once you get 100k likes and ten comments, you can start earning money.

It is called content farming.

It’s a new way of farming tokens, and it’s the first time a meme coin comes with Defi incentives.

As a user, you need to hold ten thousand CATE to earn money from your likes and comments.

On Catecoin’s meme platform, you can turn memes and jokes into NFTs.

You only need to pay CATE to mint them.

It’s important to know that contents on the Catecoin platform are not already NFT, but everyone can turn them into NFT inside the platform.

You will be able to turn your or others’ memes into NFTs, and the original creators will have their cut.

Then you can sell your NFTs on Catecoin’s NFT marketplace, a big meme NFT marketplace where you can buy and sell memes and different cat pictures and enjoy the meme platform.

In Short:

  • Meme platform
  • You can publish memes as long as you hold 5 million CATE tokens.
  • You may earn CATE from your published memes if you get 100k likes and ten comments.
  • You can like and comment on others’ memes and earn CATE if you hold 10k tokens.
  • You can turn your or others’ memes into tradable NFTs, with the original creators having a profit share.
  • Earn 0.1 CATE for each like you get or each like you give to others.
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CATE Staking and Reflection

CATE Staking and Reflection

Catecoin is more than just a meme platform.

You can also stake your CATE in Catecoin’s liquidity pool in Catecoin decentralized app and earn a 15% annual Profit (APY) over your locked tokens.

If you stake $CATE in the catecoin decentralized app, you need to keep it for 31 days.

If you decide to take out your staked tokens before the 31 days, you will have to pay a 20% penalty on your tokens to get them out.

One of the good reasons that CATE is tempting to buy and hold is Catecoin’s reflection feature.

If you buy CATE and simply hold it without even staking it, you will earn more CATE.

Catecoin has a reflection ecosystem in which 1% of every transaction in the platform will be distributed to CATE holders with any amount of token.

Equally, 1% of every transaction will undergo burn protocol.

The Catecoin supply will decrease over time due to a limited supply.

So it makes an excellent economic incentive to buy CATE and simply HODL.

In short:

  • 15% annual profit for staking in Catecoin dapp
  • 20% penalty for taking out staked CATE under 31 days
  • 1% earn on simply holding CATE
  • 1% of all the transactions will burn
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Play-to-earn game, the Rise of Cats

Play-to-earn game, the Rise of Cats

Catecoin has developed an NFT-based play-to-earn game named the Rise of Cats.

There are 40 unique cats in the game with different skills and attributes; players can collect cats and build an army to protect the grand tower from mice and rats.

There are three game sections:

  1. Play arcade mode and protect the tower and defeat powerful bosses and earn CATE as you reach higher levels.
  2. Play fast-paced mode with other players online. It’s a game of protecting the realm and seeing who can hold on longer. The winner will earn CATE tokens.
  3. Co-op mode is still in progress. In co-op mode, players can gather in teams of two and play arcade mode or against each other and protect the realm of cats by killing rats, mice, and giant bosses. Co-op mode hasn’t been released yet.

Catecoin’s play-to-earn game also includes an NFT marketplace that allows you to buy cats with different skills and attributes that make them unique.

You can buy and sell cats at different levels and create your army of cats and play in the Rise of Cats.

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Catecoin has a total supply of 100 trillion tokens.

45% goes to the supply and burn system, and they will eventually get burned.

33% of the supply belongs to the ecosystem.

As users create memes, NFTs, and like and comment on memes, they earn CATE tokens.

In addition, regular token holders earn 1% of every transaction.

So as users make more transactions, token holders earn more off the supply until the 33% runs out.

7% of the whole supply will be locked as liquidity for staking.

And the rest of the supply is considered for marketing and development.


In short:

  • 45% supply for transactions and eventually undergo burn system
  • 33% ecosystem circulation and CATE earnings
  • 10% marketing and distributed to the team
  • 7% liquidity for staking and Defi incentives
  • 5% development of the platform plus more features and expansion
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What lies ahead of Catecoin?

What lies ahead of Catecoin?

Catecoin is the world’s first meme coin with real-world utility.

It has developed a meme platform with Defi incentives, an NFT marketplace, and play-to–earn gaming plus staking possibilities.

Catecoin has announced that it will continue developing and creating more stuff as it plans to launch the second version of its play-to-earn game known as the Rise of Cats.

Transaction fees are a fraction of a cent because it is built on top of the Binance Smart Chain.

Catecoin is listed on, pancakeswap, ZB.COM, Hotbit, and BKEX, but not on major exchanges with higher volumes.

CATE is now worth $0.000001839, according to Coinmarketcap.

It is down almost 84% since its all-time high of $0.00001159.

As the Catecoin community grows and more people start using the platform, there’s the possibility of big exchanges listing CATE as it calls for more demand along with real-world utilities.

Getting listed on big exchanges is a near-term goal for Catecoin as the community grows.

If listed, CATE may see massive price growth in the future.

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