Choose a plastic card for operations with cryptocurrency

Ted Capwell

What plastic card should I choose for operations with crypto currency?

If a few years ago, crypto-coins were perceived as another, well-designed fraudulent scheme, then after the rapid growth of the rate of the first digital currency, a huge number of people changed their minds about it. The number of BTC owners increased, Web resources began to develop actively, allowing operations with crypto-currencies, many companies allowed their customers to pay for goods and services using digital money.

The owners of alternative payment methods began to take an active interest in how to use crypto-coins and cash them, where (in what form) is it best to store bitcoins, etherium or lightcoins, are there legitimate ways of exchanging digital money for fiat? Virtually all holders of the military technical cooperation were interested in a plastic card for the withdrawal of Bitcoin (who is the issuer, where it can be issued, how much it will cost, etc.).

The relevance of this topic led to the fact that the Internet began to appear on the Web sites that gave a variety of advice to all those who wish to receive the cherished plastic. And although many web resources provided questionable information, they could not harm their users. But there was also a real threat to the financial condition of the owners of the bitcoins. The demand for exchange services has become a real “gold mine” for inventive scammers. The scale of their activities depended on the “creative abilities” of the authors of illegal schemes and the credulity of potential victims of intruders. To date, recorded a decent number of cases where the owners of digital money, almost voluntarily gave scammers all their cryptonyms, hoping to save on the exchange.

What plastic card should I choose for operations with crypto currency?

Methods of outputting crypto currency using a bank card

To date, a plastic card for the withdrawal of crypto currency can be of two types:

● a tool for crediting the financial money that the owner of the cryptonym receives from the second participant of the exchange transaction, in return for sending him bitcoins, lightcoins, etc.;

● debit card for digital currencies.

Standard bank card for operations with crypto-currencies

The presented method assumes obligatory attraction of the second subject, interested in carrying out of an exchange. It can be:

● Private person. Two parties to the deal agree on the exchange rate. The owner of the cryptonym sends them to the private person’s wallet, and the latter, transfers the agreed amount to the bank card of the second participant in the exchange transaction. The main drawback is that there is a risk of becoming a victim of a fraudster.

● The official exchanger. The operation is carried out according to a similar scheme. The main disadvantages – the presence of commissions, there are situations when the resource does not work with small amounts.

● Exchange crypto-currency. In this case, you need to register an account, conduct an exchange directly on the selected platform and only then withdraw money to a bank card (Visa, MasterCard) in dollars or euros. This procedure can be carried out for a long period of time, and you will have to pay both for the exchange itself and for withdrawing funds from the plastic card.

● Payment system WebMoney. Exchange is carried out according to the above algorithm: the crypto currency is sent to an electronic wallet, the system exchanges for the currency, which is displayed on the card. The presented method is available only for purse holders, at least with a formal certificate, while the operation is limited to a small amount of the system’s accepted crypto currency, and for its conduct it is necessary to pay two commissions. The main advantage – the absence of any risks associated with the operation.

  Analysis of debit plastic cards for crypto currency

Cards that are designed to store and conduct operations with digital money, practically do not differ from standard banking products. Therefore, their owners should be ready to pay commission fees for maintenance, conducting transactions, withdrawing cash, as well as for reporting on the state of the account and re-issue of plastic.

Well-known companies specializing in the manufacture of plastic cards

Each plastic card, the crypto currency and the issuer of which is not legally connected in any way, can cause loss of savings, both in case of a sharp drop in the rate of digital money, and as a result of bankruptcy of the plastic manufacturer. Every potential owner of the following cards should remember this:

● Wirex. It is integrated with Visa and MasterCard payment systems, the main currency is BTC, but also accepts a number of other cryptonyms. You can bind to PayPal and Skrillex. The owner pays for plastic production, delivery, cash withdrawal, operations abroad and for reports on the status of the account.

● Xapo. Supports: MTC, British pound, euro and dollar. To get the card, you need to go through full verification and pay for making $ 20. The owner pays a commission for withdrawing cash ($ 2.5-3.5), the first year of using $ 12 and for international transactions of 3% of the amount.

● BitPay. Of the currencies, only the dollar is supported, you need to pay $ 9.95 for making the card. Very convenient to use.

● TenX. A multi-currency card for which a virtual analog is provided. Cost of manufacturing and delivery is 15 dollars, inexpensive to maintain.

● Monaco. You do not have to pay for the release and delivery of plastic, there are no monthly commissions. In case of payment for the value of goods by digital money, the owner receives 2% to his account.

● SpectroCoin. The cost of making $ 9, paid for cash withdrawal, international transactions and an annual fixed amount of $ 12.

When you need a plastic card for crypto currency

The daily usage of submitted cards to pay current expenses is irrational. The owner will have to recalculate the real balance on the account all the time (and the exchange rate changes very often), pay a decent commission for withdrawing cash and monitor the situation on the stock exchanges crypto-currency. But plastic allows you to quickly use digital money and quickly translate them into the fiat ones. It is not only convenient, but also profitable: the cardholder can exchange in case of sudden changes in the rate of military technical cooperation or other crypto-monitors.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”