How to distinguish real complaints about trading platforms from purchased ones

Ted Capwell

Prehistory. Why do traders generally complain about trading platforms

If you look superficially, the answer to this question seems more than obvious. But, not everything is as obvious as it seems. After all, someone complains, and someone makes money on this trading platform at the same time. Very often the opinions of different traders, experts are divided into 2 sides. Ones criticises, and the second ones suits everything. Where to look for the truth? And again, it would seem, everything is obvious, a trading platform that has bad reviews is a scam. But, there is often a discrepancy. This platform is very popular with traders. But there are still negative reviews. What to do, whom to believe. This situation is very close to many traders. How to get out of it? We will analyse further in this article.


Complaints about trading platforms


Why there are more negative reviews than positive ones

The average person will not show his active position in the event that everything suits him and being good to him. Only a few will leave a positive review if they are satisfied with everything. If a person does not suit something, he is more likely to write somewhere about it and express his negative feedback about it. This is statistics. This is only one of the reasons why there are fewer positive reviews than negative reviews. Let’s go further. The history of binary options as a whole carries with it negative consequences since its inception. People are used to reacting to any problems on the part of brokers with negative reviews in their direction. After successfully resolving problems, they wouldn’t remove or edit negative reviews. Competitors are not sleeping either. One way to become better than a competitor is to bombard him with negative reviews. Which successfully remain online over the years. So we looked at a few basic ways where negative reviews come from.

How to distinguish real review from the purchased by someone

If you do not have experience, or you are just starting your path as a trader, then it will be difficult. Purchased reviews may vary in quality. The more a company earns, the better it can afford to purchase reviews. But, and such reviews can learn to find over time. All purchased reviews, positive or negative in 90% of cases, are written by people who have absolutely nothing to do with trading. Such a review will display something basic, which will not contain any specifics. The feedback of the real trader will have specifics, details, and the course of events. The real trader will paint everything in detail, justified, relying on the facts. Subject to technical terms and slang. With experience and time, you will be able to train yourself and distinguish such reviews on the go. Which will give you an edge? You will be able to objectively evaluate which trading platform you should work with and which not. Well, it will become much easier for you to distinguish a purchased review from a real one.

Where are the most real reviews?

We can safely consider the thematic forums where active discussion of the trading process to be the habitat of real reviews. Naturally, there you will find useful feedback from practicing traders. There are also traders who can collaborate with the trading platform and receive rewards for positive feedback about it. But, such reviews can also be tracked. A trader will not praise more than 1 time the broker on whom he is trading. If a trader writes a lot of positive things about the same company, it is worth considering whether he still has time to trade using this trading platform.

When you need to consider someone’s reviews

It’s good to read reviews from others. But, it is better to check everything one time by yourself. And you will see whether it suits you or not. The opinions of others always have a large amount of subjectivity. So the person is arranged. Someone used to see everything in white, another person in gray, and the third, all in black. There will be different reviews written by different people. So do not abuse the study of reviews. The emotions caused by these reviews can directly affect your trading result. So, approach reading reviews wisely and always rely on yourself first. Everything will come with experience.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”