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Overview of the famous crypto-exchange exchanges: Coinmama

The rapid growth in the popularity of web resources, which began to actively specialize in transactions with crypto-currencies in 2017-2018, has grown hundreds of times, which is quite natural phenomenon. We all know perfectly well that demand creates supply, this known axiom is familiar not only to professionals, students of economic universities, but also to ordinary residents of our country who have never been engaged in commerce. As a reliable trading platform, which has recently attracted interest from many digital money lovers, is considered Coinmama. Even the fact that the project was launched in 2013, although during this period no one could even assume that very soon for one (!) MTC will give 15-20 thousand US dollars, is a convincing proof of decency, reliability and ability to analyze the most diverse factors, to make accurate financial forecasts based on this information, testify to the outstanding abilities of the administrators of the presented trading platform.

Basic principles of Coinmama’s functioning

Quite a long time the main electronic coins of the exchange were the most popular digital money: BTC and Ethereum, but gradually the “assortment” of products expanded and, to date, the exchange offers its users a wide range of various tools:

● Fate money;

● MTC;


● Litecoin;

● WEU;

● ETC;

● BCP;

● ADA;

● DCH.

The point developed for the program, that this site is focused on making exchange transactions within the resource, suggests that the site is not interested in spending money and time of its clients, as well as its own resources for solving possible minor problems (for example, investing money in high-yield projects). Professional programmers have made for Coinmama an application that allows you to work with mobile devices (while providing high speed data processing).

Verification and security

To register at the site, the user must pass the verification and provide copies of their documents. In the process of registration, be prepared to answer many questions confirming the legitimacy of the origin of the capital of its customers. Additionally, the resource administration may ask you to provide other information or data.

In the event of any disruptions in the program or occurrence of unusual situations, be sure to tell your problems to qualified specialists who work 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day.

Regulator of the Exchange

Unfortunately, not so long ago the Israeli state institution refused to issue a license to the represented company, arguing that such organizations and other financial and credit institutions can not be controlled without an official “registration” in Israel. But the company, observing international financial legislation, and the national laws of the countries where they work, never tried to deceive or violate the terms of contracts, remembering the possible criminal prosecution of criminal associations.

How to work with Coinmama

One of the main drawbacks of the presented resource is the lack of a Russian-language version of the site, but anyone with experience in such trading platforms will quickly understand its functionality. If you have never worked on such online resources, but you have a fairly good command of the basic English language to understand this procedure, then be sure to register the login on Coinmama, check how the platform / exchanger performs its immediate tasks and arrangements. Be sure to pay attention to any flaws, flaws or inconsistencies in the activities of the exchange.

Deposit / withdrawal of money from the crypto-exchange area

 The most popular ways to deposit funds are the dollar, and the euro, and among the crypto currency, BTC and Ethereum are very popular. You do not need to be a professional analyst to guess about the future prospects of the currency exchange under consideration. It is enough for them to observe this pace of development and it is well to understand that for the success of the demo version they do not always reflect their “development limit”.

The main currencies of the account are the US dollar and the euro.

Pros and cons of the crypto exchange

Studying Coinmama reviews (well-known analysts), we can distinguish the following positive moments of the exchange crypto-currency:

● High level of preparation of novice clients of the trading platform.

● The resource works with bank cards (convenient, fast, effective method of combating money laundering).

● The administration of the resource monitors the security of its clients’ funds, accumulating reserves for various force majeure circumstances on separate sources.

● Despite the small amount posted on the training information website, each newcomer can always contact the company’s specialists who will certainly help him to solve the problems that have arisen.

Despite a lot of advantages, many experts on operations with crypto-currencies, focus on the following things:

● Administration resource takes for their services high commission (that is, to withdraw a small amount to your account is unprofitable).

● No one is in a hurry to get rid of small coins that, against the background of the value of crypto currency, will be very popular (as the management explains, there is a deficit, especially during the growth of the rate of popular digital currencies).

● Given the previous point, it can be said that the absence of such coins is a real loss of profit for a promising crypto exchange market.

The presented platform on all parameters has excellent chances for the decision of all listed problems and an exit on leading positions in the international cryptocurrency markets, and in the long term – and on the world financial market, naturally, at essential increase in offered trading tools.

General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk