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Overview of the famous cloud mining: IQmining

With the increasing popularity of crypto currency (especially after an unprecedented increase in the cost of military technical cooperation in 2017, as well as attempts by financiers to explain the mechanism for creating and developing alternative means of payment), most average users have reached a dead end. The new universal instrument of exchange does not work according to the traditional laws that existed before the Bretton Woods agreement (binding to the “gold standard”), but even less, it obeyed the modern rules of the world financial market. Created in this period, analytical articles, reviews of reputable economists, the conclusions of well-known journalists specializing in this subject can be conditionally divided into three categories:

●Crypto currency is quite a promising and convenient tool for exchange, but (according to experienced experts), unfortunately, it often becomes the object of a wide variety of fraudulent schemes;

● MTC and with them – saving the world economy, which will free the world from the “slavery” of the dollar (but it is immediately tried to “reject”);

● Bitcoin is a revolutionary new, universal mechanism for “resetting” international financial markets with a subsequent change in the world economy.

To give an accurate forecast of the development of the Crypto-currency for the next 1-2 decades, with direct / indirect influence on the world or even the main national economies, to date, no financier will risk. Therefore, we can only compare with the current situation, and in free time, amateurs can test theoretical assumptions empirically, giving a couple of hours to extract this unique electronic means of payment. Moreover, today, hundreds of proven web resources that have managed to win the reputation of respectable companies offer their services. For example, IQmining is a resource that provides its services for more than a year (registered in 2016), during this time gathered a group of real miners, its administration is quite “sober” looking at the current situation and does not promise its users “golden mountains”, for a short period of time. But what can a new user expect, who decided to start mining on this resource?


IQ mining - cryptocurrency cloud mining


Key Performance Indicators

Experienced miners are well aware that most of the Internet platforms of this specialization, advertising their activities, try to avoid direct answers to the question of which bodies control their activities. In this case, the official website mentions that the management company is registered in the Seychelles, it has offices in China, Russia, Algeria, Canada, Georgia and Iceland.

Legal nuances

No regulators, either on the company’s web resource, or on other advertising sites, could not be found. There is a sufficiently large user agreement, which must necessarily be studied by a potential client, who plans to invest a decent amount in this type of activity. But apart from a good command of English, you will need the help of a lawyer.

Technical issues

I do not need the resource user to download to the IQmining application or any other programs (especially for this you need to pay money). After a simple registration and verification of the account (the site administration strongly recommends doing this so that there are no force majors at the time of withdrawal), the user can proceed to “harvest” the cryptonym.

It should be noted that on IQmining login is registered quickly, the administration requests only the most necessary personal information, and also requests one of the available tariffs:

● Gold – minimum purchase of 3 GHz / s (1 MHz / s – $ 2.6);

● Silver – from 300 MHz / s (1 MHz / s – 2.8 dollars);

● Bronze – 1 MHz / s – 3 dollars *

* The cost depends on the situation on the crypto-currency market. Based on the above rates, the profit of the miner is calculated. But do not forget about the consumption of electricity, which is necessary for the continuous operation of equipment that allows you to earn a crypto currency.

Today, there is a huge amount of training information that allows us to understand the mechanism for creating alternative coins whose value can change drastically, influenced not only by standard economic levers of influence, but also by additional factors that often play a secondary role. Studying on any specialized resource, including the IQmining demo version of the jumps in the value of the crypto currency, you can easily see a fairly complicated graph of the change in the value of electric coins.

IQmining: an overview of the rules and conditions of work on the resource

On the considered web resource registered users can work with: BTC, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum or ZCash. The participants of the site can use a wide variety of strategies, the effectiveness of which depends not only on how much the potential investor is willing to contribute, but also on the huge number of the above factors. As the reviews of the miners prepared on the IQmining resource show, most clients get their money, that is, there are no grounds for accusing the site administration of fraud.

How to fund your account or withdraw money

Clients of the submitted resource can use the following methods for depositing funds or withdrawing earned money:

● plastic bank cards (Visa or Mastercard);

● Internet banking;

● a wide range of wallets, crypto currency;

● translation.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.001 PTS. Commission administration for the withdrawal of funds, the administration of the resource does not impose. You can withdraw money only to the purse that was used to replenish the balance.

Positive sides

Having studied all the reviews available on the IQmining resource, it can be concluded that users are attracted by the following indicators:

● A convenient site, which will be understood by any user of the PC;

● The availability of a calculator will help to easily identify promising areas of work;

● A large selection of both phiatic means and crypto currency will allow you to quickly convert funds into the desired currency without losing your own money on the exchange.

Among the shortcomings of the service in question it is necessary to single out: an insufficiently high level of trust in the resource, as well as high competition.

General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk