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Overview of promising services for the exchange of crypto-currency: Localbitcoins

A modern person is constantly interested in the most diverse ways of earning money. At the same time, many of them are trying to come up with something that is not just profitable financially, but also exciting for the overall development and implementation of their own plans. Quite often, even people without financial education, having a vague idea of ​​crypto-currencies, blocking technology, etc., try to increase their savings using digital money.

A unique exchange allows you to make transactions with the crypto currency, using direct transactions between the participants of the system. without intervention of administration of a web resource, favorably differs from competitors. Localbitcoins is registered in the Finnish capital Helsinki in 2012 (which already indicates a positive reputation of the exchanger).


LocalBitcoins.com: Fastest and easiest way to buy and sell bitcoins


General characteristics of the Localbitcoins exchange

The clients of the management company are residents from 224 countries from around the world, and the work of the web resource is supported in the seven most popular languages, including:

● Chinese.

● Russian.

● German.

● English.

● Portuguese.

● French.

● Italian.

Control of the activity of the resource

In parallel with the growing popularity of the exchange, the best programmers have created for Localbitcoins an application that significantly increases the processing speed of information and incoming data, which can have at least indirect relation to this work. Also for customers introduced mandatory verification, and the administration of the management company launched an active fight against the laundering of illegal proceeds.


By registering for a Localbitcoins login and opening a trading account, a new user of the resource can proceed to conclusion, interested in his transactions. On the official website of the Crypto Exchange, training materials are presented that will help even players with minimal experience to make the right steps aimed at obtaining the first profit:

● Quickly buy and sell bitcoins (the only crypto currency that is quoted on the exchange).

● To study guidelines for the prevention of dangerous situations related to the protection of personal information and own savings.

● Understand the tips for automating your own trading using the capabilities of the crypto exchange.

Based on the above recommendations, you will not only learn how to use digital and fiat money with maximum benefit, but also work with them in your own outlets, including online stores.

Another important point, which every participant of the prepared Localbitcoins demo should remember is a mass of advertising information, the quality of which is improving every year. It is these factors that indicate an increase in the professional training of developers of such products.

What you need to know about trading at Localbitcoins

Given the specifics of the crypto-exchange, the participants of this project should pay special attention to the rating of potential partners. Most analysts that make up the Localbitcoins reviews share all of the web resource’s customers by the color of their labels (it is this that indicates the speed of decision making by the user):

● green – no more than five minutes;

● yellow – up to half an hour;

● Red – more than 30 minutes.

Purchase of the required digital currency

When choosing a partner to conduct a potential transaction, you need to consider how much these methods of exchanging digital currencies are operating in your partner’s country of residence. You should pay tribute to this web resource. Clients of the site can use the following electronic purses, bank transfers, plastic cards, etc .:

● AdvCash;


● OKpay;

● Moneygram;

● Web Money;

● Bank transfers;

● Plastic cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc.).

Advantages and disadvantages of the crypto exchange

If you read about Localbitcoins reviews compiled by professionals and ordinary fans of digital currencies, the first thing that “catches your eye” is the company’s foundation year and significant advantages, which is quite a rare phenomenon in this field of activity.

This platform allows you to conclude deals with a huge number of cryptonyms, which, with a detailed analysis of this market, allows you to successfully work and earn a good income. Another plus is the high popularity of this site, which attracts the attention of the fans of crypto-currencies from all developed countries.

Presented by the exchange, despite the prospects for development and good business reputation, according to many financiers, lags far behind other crypto-exchange platforms, and above all, the unconventional pricing policy is to blame, despite the fact that it differs significantly from the legendary course, the end of 2017.

General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk