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Following the successful launch of the Bitcoin system in the light began to be born one after another, more and more new cryptocurrency. At the moment, the crypto-currency market has thousands. We deduce courses of actively developing crypto-currencies, which are also distinguished by high indicators for: market capitalization, cost and other parameters. Data updates take place every minute, and even the slightest fluctuations will be displayed.

In order to realistically assess its status, the above table contains the following information about Bitcoin and other altcoins:

Capitalization is the total value of all cryptocurrency in the world. Most often, this indicator is displayed in us dollars. Today it makes 353 billion dollars.

The price chart of the cryptocurrency demonstrates its dynamics over the last 7 days.

Price – the average value of the cryptocurrency between its purchase and sale rates on various cryptocurrency exchanges. To date, this price is calculated according to the 22 crypto exchange. Changes in the price of cryptocurrencies as a percentage of its value for the last 24 hours are also displayed in the table above.

Volume is the total number of transactions of a certain cryptocurrency according to 22 crypto-exchange data for the last 24 hours. Based on the volume and the price is formed.

Cryptocurrency rates online, capitalization, volume and dynamics of price changes allow the trader to discover the best and potential options at certain periods of time. Moreover, they help to make the right investment decisions, namely regarding the assessment of the cryptocurrency market and determining the optimal time to enter it.

What affects on the price of cryptocurrency?

Everyone knows that supply and demand are considered the key factors influencing the price of money and services. But in the case of the cryptocurrency market, it is difficult to determine how correctly the technical analysis works. Since strong volatile fluctuations in the rate of crypto-coins often occur on the information background. As a result, the demand for a particular digital currency will depend on the information source, as well as on the nature of the information (positive or negative).

At the same time, there is a specific directly proportional relationship between the altcoins rates and the Bitcoin rate. In other words, most often it is possible to observe the fall of almost all altcoins rates while reducing the Bitcoin rate in percentage terms. The only exceptions will be some cryptocurrencies that will display growth relative to Bitcoin, which is possible only if there are positive news on these specific cryptocurrencies in a given period of time. One of the main positive factors of price growth is the determination of the legal status of the cryptocurrency in the country.

In addition, a good reason for information, for example, for Bitcoin and some altcoins will be the appearance of crypto-ATMs, as well as the introduction of new digital coins on large crypto-exchanges and Association with payment systems. It will also suit the use of Blockchain technology by major global corporations, as well as the introduction of new technologies by developers and much more. In simple terms, the more the world uses cryptocurrencies, the more its value will increase.

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