The attention of millions is focused on the topic of earnings on cryptocurrency, which, apparently, is close to its “logical limit”. In any case, evidence of this are numerous complaints and facts of cryptocurrency fraud. The most popular methods of deception were: hacking electronic cryptocurrency wallets, investing over the phone, as well as buying coins with the help of brokerage companies.

Ponzi Scheme is an investment scheme allowing earlier investors to obtain an income from investments of funds from the later. Initially, all this may seem like a legitimate way to earn money, but it is being destroyed. This is usually due to the weak arrival of new investors. In other words, the amount received is not enough to cover the costs of payments to old investors. Often a Ponzi Scheme scammers use to capitalize on hype over a popular financial topics. This is easily explained by the fact that its organizers almost do not have to put much effort, because the subsequent investor pulls a new one, and so in a circle, as long as the network does not collapse from a lack of money.

All this, in fact, is a pyramid scheme. Scammers will play on your desire to get rich and feed you promises of great profits on Deposit rates. Initially, as we have already said, this whole thing will really give the promised result. But alas not for long. Cards are opened already at the first shortage of new investors. The pyramid begins to lose the necessary inflow of money, after which the fraud can not be ignored. Therefore, if you jumped on the train at the beginning of its journey, then you were lucky enough, but if it’s the last wagon, then, most likely, you woudn’t see the promised gold mountains.

Cryptocurrency is a “gold mine” for scammers. To date, there are more than enough ways to buy a cryptocurrency, and for each such method there are a hundred-other Dodgers ready to cash in on trusting, inexperienced and inattentive people.

Phishing is sending owners of cryptocurrency for e-mail letters. Such letters contain a notification of the victory in any action and the need to click on the link attached to the letter to receive the gift. All the salt is that the link will lead to the wallet where the cryptocurrency is stored, passing on which the user automatically sends data to the scammers. After that, the scammers easily at any time can log in to the wallet and emptied it.

Fake mining implies no need of buying an expensive equipment for mining bitcoins, and take it for rent. In simple words, you are offered to mine on the equipment of other people, while you do not mine-trite deceive. Ask how so? After all, people make a profit! Yes, indeed, it may be that you get a exhaust on the first couple, but do not delude yourself, these money will transfer you fraudster personally to you invested more. And when you fell and once again was transferred a higher amount in anticipation of the expected profit, miraculously, it turns out that it was all a hoax. The fraudster will simply take the funds and disappear from the radar, and you will be left without money and equipment.

Cryptocurrency is a “HYIP”, thanks to this divorced so many scams and speculation on this topic.

Bitcoin wallets are anonymous, which is why scammers can easily offer to use the program to transfer bitcoins anonymously. At first everything will go well. It would seem that the wallet is working fine but after some time (a week, a month and sometimes even a year), your wallet becomes empty in a jiffy. Scammers can easily transfer all the coins into their own wallet and write missing. Therefore, carefully approach the choice of the location of storage of cryptocurrency, before using dubious offers.

Bitcoin exchanges with attractive very low commission. Dishonest cryptocurrency exchange offering a small fee for processing your credit card, you get access to it. As a result, bitcoins were not transferred, and the card balance is zero. Ask how to navigate then? The answer is obvious-if the Commission in the exchanger is below the market, then scammers work here. Another trap will be hacker attacks on Internet services and exchangers, in order to gain access to them, as well as to manage bitcoin wallets.

Do not forget about the importance of protecting your funds from scams. Even a cursory authentication and security of the service used, can prevent possible losses. Before you use the services of exchange offices, stock exchanges, brokers and take your time and find reviews and information podtverzhdayuschye their reliability. On the Internet, it is difficult to hide anything, so you will not be difficult to find true data. Additionally, for your own peace of mind, alternatively contact the owners of the service.

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