Cryptocurrency options. What is it? Will they be so popular?

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Throughout the entire history of mankind’s existence, not one of its fields of activity has developed at such a rapid pace as it did in the 20th and 21st centuries. The development of science, agriculture, engineering, computer technology, etc., led to a chain reaction that affected almost all areas of our business. People began to live better, more comfortable, they had more free time for raising children, recreation, education, as well as for additional ways to earn income. But even these positive changes did not suit many representatives of developed countries, and experienced economists began to argue that such a trend would inevitably lead to a global economic crisis.


Cryptocurrency options. Upgraded binary options?


And, no matter how today they treat K. Marx, he predicted all this in the 19th century, arguing that the cyclical nature of the development of the capitalist economy is an objective process that cannot be avoided (remember all the crises that have occurred over the past 30 years). 40 years). But that’s not the main purpose of this article. Even if you have never studied economics professionally, you could not help noticing that lately more and more often they are mentioned in the media, the Internet, discussions of experienced professors and doctors of economic sciences, thoughts of approximately the following:

● The global financial market is expecting very big changes in the near future.

● It is not excluded that soon fiat money, which is usual for us, will completely disappear, and several cryptocurrencies will replace them.

● World currencies today do not represent any real value, etc.

To cover all financial issues in a small overview, focusing on the reader who does not know all the nuances of the Forex market, the mechanism for shaping the exchange rate in the short and long term, and what binary options are, is quite difficult. Therefore, to uncover the main topic of the article, we “divide it” into several important component moments.

Binary options and cryptocurrencies are promising methods for making profit

To begin with, let’s look at what binary options are, without the use of complex economic terminology. The question we are interested in is inextricably linked with three categories: trading tools, time, and a specific event that should occur with these objects over a given period. The trader chooses a financial asset (in our case, a cryptocurrency, for example, the PTS), the price of the option and the period during which it will be valid. So the deal is done. If after the expiration of the option the trader has correctly determined the increase / decrease in value, he gets a fixed percentage of profit, otherwise he loses the agreed amount.

Another way to generate income using binary options is called “news trading”. For example, forecasts of GDP growth in any country automatically increase the value of its national currency. But only experienced traders, who know well when to stop and sell the purchased currency, can make money on it. After all, today it is growing, and tomorrow, the government, in order to protect domestic producers, “includes” the levers of regulating its currency.

Despite the fairly simple method, binary options have their disadvantages:

● you can lose your capital;

● there are often misunderstandings between the parties to the transaction about the time of the financial transaction;

● and, unfortunately, in this segment, there is very often no regulation by the competent institutions (many problems between the trader and the broker become intractable).

Well, what about cryptocurrency?

● Cryptocurrencies used as a financial instrument for binary options do not require the payment of commissions or other fees to the broker (and this, sometimes, is a decent amount).

● Cryptocurrencies allow you to increase your status by a factor of 2-3 within a few hours (remember 2017).

● Even a small “rise” in the amount of 2% makes it possible to earn, let a small, but quite tangible profit. No securities will cover transaction costs for similar transactions.

And of course a separate topic – the increase in the cost of popular cryptocurrencies. Many readers still remember the days when the cost of the PTS reached $ 20 thousand. At the same time, reputable economists present a lot of arguments in favor of the fact that this figure was not the “ceiling” of Bitcoin cost.

Why are many reputable politicians, millionaires, etc. afraid of cryptocurrency ?

A topic that rarely comes up in the media is the real value of a dollar. Even students of our economic universities (who came to receive knowledge, and not a “diploma”) are well aware that a dollar that “hypnotized” the whole world is worthless. But no one today has come up with a painless alternative for the global economy. Just imagine: tomorrow you wake up and find out that the dollar is worthless, more than one bank does not accept, etc. Of course, a fairy tale, but its whole paradox is that this statement is the real truth.

That is why the United States is afraid, like a fire, a cryptocurrency that cannot be controlled. But this does not mean that BTC, Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, and others, will not become the leading financial instruments on the world’s major trading platforms and will soon force out the usual Fiat money. As one well-known financier said: Forex will disappear, its alternative will appear, which will carry out all operations with cryptocurrency, and the New Era expects binary options. And the one who is the first to orient in this, will break a considerable sum.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”