Hodly – a crypto-currency wallet from the IQ Option

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Hodly – multicurrency crypto-currency wallet from the IQ Option

Just recently, the company IQ Option introduced a revolutionary crypto wallet called Hodly. We could not bypass not having made a review of this purse, designed to store different crypto currency. In this review, you will find out whether this crypto-currency wallet is really as good as its company IQ Option positions.

What is Hodly?

As we said earlier, Hodly is a new development in the field of storing crypto currency from already well-known in the company IQ Option. This cryptoscore is multicurrency. It supports basic crypto-currencies: bitcoins, ethereum, ripple, Bitcoin cash many others. Hodly has a clear and intuitive interface, applications available for Android and Ios. This makes this wallet convenient for everyday use.

Hodly - a crypto-currency wallet from the IQ Option

Who needs Hodly ?

All that is created by the team of developers aikyu opposition is thought through to the details. The Hodly purse was no exception. This wallet will suit everyone who wants to use the services of storing or purchasing crypto-currency assets. If you are a beginner, Hodly will be able to offer you one of the best experiences of storing, buying and selling crypto-currencies. An intuitive interface will save you time and make your actions effective. The opinion that hodly is the best way for a beginner will be erroneous. But, in fact, experienced traders also will be able to check out the beauty and convenience of this solution.

Features of the Hodly crypto-currency purse

The main feature of this crypto currency wallet is the method of storing the most crypto currency. To ensure the security of your assets, this wallet uses a very interesting method of storing the latter. You will be surprised, because in the courtyard of the XXI century, but 80% of the crypto currency is stored offline. Also, all servers are encrypted with a unique algorithm that will allow you to safely interact with online crypto. Interaction with the repository occurs in three steps:

– The data of user transactions is transferred to the storage, disconnected from the Internet.
– Further, paper and media using flash memory are used. After that, a backup takes place.
– All copies are distributed over several repositories scattered around the globe.

In addition to these methods, there are quite common: two-factor verification, a system of dynamic sms codes that will be sent to your mobile number.

Outstanding possibilities of Hodly’s crypto-currency purse

Everyone knows that for successful trading of the currency, traders devote a lot of time to analyzing the crypto currency market itself. But, in addition, they use a lot of news resources and independent sources, which allow obtaining reliable information. before making a deal, you are so extremely important. It depends on it whether the deal will be successful. At this stage Hodly offers the trader all the necessary resources for making forecasts in one place. Very convenient, is it? Now you do not have to search the Internet for hours and compare information from different sources. Now you have everything you need necessary at your fingertips. Recent market developments are crypto-currencies, world events that affect the value of crypto-currency assets. Capitalization of the market, historical prices of crypto-currency assets and many other interesting things.
All these possibilities will allow you to make the process of trading crypto currency even more successful, convenient and enjoyable.


The guys from IQ Option were able to create a really good crypto-currency purse. This tool is very in demand among all amateurs to trade in crypto currency. One of the great advantages is that the Hadley crypto-currency wallet is an independent solution. That is, you can use it with any cript currency you like. But, also you can always use it with time-tested and many positive feedback from the platform for trading crypto currency and other IQ Option assets.
We all wish successful bidding.

“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”