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Trade cryptocurrencies with Iq Option Trading cryptocurrency. Where to begin?

Crypto currency for a short period of time managed to conquer the minds of millions of Internet users. Ultra-fast distribution of advertising, as well as coverage of this phenomenon for all news resources, did not leave any chance of being crypto-currency unknown. The history of the origin of the crypto currency, namely the very first Bitcoin (BTC) crypto currency is dated back to 2008. In order not to deviate from the issue of interest to us in history, let’s move on to where it is worth starting a trader with crypto-currencies.

»The basics of trading crypto currency

First you need to learn the basics that are available at the very beginning of this page

»Choose a trading asset

Further, we need to decide on the specific type of crypto currency that we will trade. At this stage, it is advisable to study the information about it well before proceeding with practice.

»Choose a wallet for storing crypto currency

After you have already decided on the crypto currency and the crypto currency that you want to trade, you should consider where you store it. At this stage, it is worthwhile to scroll this page up and click on the link to the article where wallets will be described for storing crypto currency. In principle, you can store your crypto currency and on the exchange account. But, at large volumes we advise to get a purse for storing crypto currency.

»Choosing a trading platform

After you know which currency you will trade and where you store it, you can think about the choice of a trading platform. On the Internet you can find a lot of useful information on the trading platforms. On our resource, in time, we also plan to publish reviews of the most popular sites for trading crypto-currencies. With one of them you will be able to view and register a demo account to check how it works. Click on the picture and test one of the tested platforms.

Buy cryptocurrency with bank card

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General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk

»Diversification, simplification and expansion of the view on trade in crypto-currencies

At the next stage, we will approach the trading of crypto-currencies a bit on the other side. We all know that we must always insure ourselves, since the Crypto-currency, as a trading asset, has great volatility. Based on this, it should be understood that hedging is mandatory to achieve the best results. How to do it? In the First use platforms on which trade not only cryptocurrencies, but also other assets is accessible. To do this, we are perfectly suited to the trading platform, which you can click on the picture above. Insure yourself against risks in this case will be much easier, because the assets available for hedging abound. Convenient is also the moment of fast purchase of a credit card by a bank card. You can also sell the crypto currency without effort. You can withdraw the earned money to your purse for crypto currency or another more traditional method (to a bank account in your card’s currency or to an electronic wallet).

Another way to bargain on the crypto currency is to allow the Crypto-Currency Index. This index (CRYPTO IDX and its other names) allows you to open a deal for raising or lowering the rate of a certain crypto currency, imitating its purchase. In this case, you do not have to worry about wallets, and other difficulties experienced by traders on traditional exchanges. All you need is to focus on the trading process. The main thing is to study the trading platform first on the fact of good faith.

Secret knowledge and paid courses on trade in crypto currency. Is it worth it?

Quite an interesting topic for discussion, which is repeatedly present at thematic forums. Rational solution of this issue, alas, no one can offer you. Since 99% will not willingly share their knowledge and create their own competitors. For less money, at best, you will be able to find simply well-organized information. But whether it will be relevant, it will become known only after the purchase. Do not risk, find all the information you can on the Internet absolutely for free. Moreover, the crypto currency market is growing so dynamically that the information is updated almost every day. Fly to our blog. There will also be a lot of interesting material on cryptocurrency trading. Regarding strategies, you should also be extremely careful. Try to gain experience and create your own trading strategies for crypto currency. Perhaps it will be longer, but more reliable. One of the last and, perhaps, one of the most important tips will be — don’t hurry. We do not encourage you to artificially slow down your pace of trade. The main thing that you need is to learn how to think and weigh your decisions.

Every person is different. If you realize this, learn to trade on the crypto currency and other assets will become much easier. And not only trading, life begins to smile in return.

So, all of you want to wish successful and safe trade. Remember, you never lose money. You simply acquire experience and knowledge at a price that you are willing to pay at the moment.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”