There are more than 170 currencies in the world, which raises the logical question: which currency is better to choose for trading? Let us try to deal with this issue together.

For currency speculation in the Forex market, will not fit all. So let’s consider the five major currencies with the highest liquidity and no problems with their purchase/sale.


United States Dollar (USD) is an international currency, managed to replace gold and cemented a major role in global trade and investment after world war II. Quite often, the us Dollar acts as a secondary legitimate means of payment, playing the role of a secondary currency. It is a reserve currency, making oil, gold and 80% of securities sold for dollars. In addition to all the fact that in the global financial system the exchange of different currencies occurs through the dollar.



Euro (EUR) is a young and promising European currency that saw the world in 1999 and became the national currency for the 19 countries of the European Union. At the moment, this currency continues to maintain the position of the second currency of the world, since it is in this currency that about 40% of world trade transactions are carried out. The Euro is also a reliable currency, as about 1/4 of all foreign reserves are held in euros.



Pound Sterling (GBP) is one of the most expensive currencies in the world. It serves as a reserve currency and is ranked third in the world by its provision. It differs in stability of growth of the rate in relation to other currencies. As a result, currency pairs with the GBP are of particular interest to Forex traders.



Swiss Franc (CHF) is a currency with the status of “safe heaven” from the most reliable Bank in the world. It is little involved in the system of international settlements, but is among the most stable currencies in the world. Together with other currencies from our five, it is unofficially recognized as the world’s key reserve currency.



Japanese Yen (JPY) is the national currency of Japan and one of the most popular currencies in Asia. It has high liquidity and a rather unstable rate. Although frequently can be adjusted from the state of the Issuer, it takes a well-deserved place in some other currency, exposed foreign exchange reserves of the Central Banks of many countries. Its share in foreign exchange reserves equal to at least 4%. The yen is one of the cheapest freely convertible currencies.

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