These issues are very important in any professional activity of the trader. Trading Plan – is the main trader document to reflect its detailed strategy for action in the short and in the long run. Without it, and without strict adherence to it to achieve the desired result in the asset trading is quite impossible. Your entire process will resemble a “lottery”, where your result will depend only on luck and coincidence. What is considered to be absolutely unprofessional and irresponsible approach in this area.

Such a plan is drawn up exclusively by the trader, because the strategy and approach of each trader are absolutely individual, because they depend on personal qualities, experience and strengths of the individual trader. The complexity and detail of the trading plan is also determined by each individual. If the plan is too easy, then the trader will not be able to do self-examination, and will see over important details. If the plan is too complicated, then the trader will be difficult to follow him and he will throw his execution. The main one is that the trading plan was clear and helped to monitor the impact of changes in trader.

Learning how to make a trading plan


One of the main tasks of a trading plan is that his writing and getting ready to start trading gives the trader an extraordinary confidence in professional decision-making for profit. According to the trading plan should be carried out analysis of the market at the beginning of the trading day, which clearly indicates the trader on the exact steps that he needs to do. This in turn helps to use common sense, be cool and focus on results. Newcomers also in this aspect, without a trading plan will use only the absolutely reckless, impulsive emotions.

You draw up a trading plan should be designed for dynamics. Detailing with the expectation of continued growth dynamics of your trading plan should match your professional and personal development. Items that will be recorded in the plan should reflect your shopping experience and the resulting ability to respond to unpredictable changes in the market. The structure of this document will encourage you to be a big help in the right decisions in unexpected moments, when everything can go according to plan. This aspect will help to keep your emotions under control and not to succumb to rash actions. You will learn to completely control your outcome and understand that success – a consequence of the correctly received, consistent decisions in a given period.

Sketch of a trading plan:

  • What I started trading?
  • What is the approach I use in stock trading?
  • What are the goals I pursue in trade?
  • What are my short-term goals (week, month);
  • What are my long-term goals (a year for three years);
  • My trade will be on public markets?
  • What are the timeframes will prevail in my trade?
  • What are my rules for setting a stop-loss?
  • What are my rules for choosing the trading stop and / or take profit?
  • My comments on the integrated trade;
  • Premarket;
  • Postamarket;
  • What are the tools I use in my trading business?
  • What is the strategy for the development of their trade and self-development I choose?
  • How will I keep my notes about their trading and market experience?
  • My rigorous principles and golden rules.

Example of a trading plan

The example might look like a trading plan is one of the traders:

  1. Why I started trading?

I chose the trading, realizing that this is one of the most promising branches of trade that develops. I realize that in order to achieve the desired result, as in any other industry, I need to be urgently and with all dedication to approach the case. My attitude will determine my performance. I accept the challenges that will arise on the way to my success! I give myself to constantly improve themselves, to learn more and more new tools every day to analyze its performance, never to deviate from the planned target, follow the trading plan. This and many more aspects of who I know and who have yet to learn will help me to achieve the greatest success and achieve financial independence. I will learn to manage their lives despite anyone. My result – is the financial well-being.

  1. What is the approach I use in stock trading?

My approach to stock trading, is determined by the fact that before the trade I should analyze weekly and daily charts. To identify the main trends and trends. I’ll try to find a logical sequence of the development of the market situation. Once I do this, then immediately proceed to find an entry point into the market daily using internal graphics.

  1. What are the goals I pursue in trade?

Become a professional in this field. To develop their own approaches and trends and learn every day and continually follow. Achieve great success. Purposefully go to the organization for at least 51% of successful and profitable trades.

  1. My short-term goals (week, month).

In Week. Always try to be consistent. Learning to go to the end, do not pay a planned trading plan. Never lose lucrative deals.

For a month. Planned within a month to analyze your results, learn how to improve their professionalism by the daily search for new information relating to the activity that will make me even closer to my success. Come to a dramatic reduction of losses and raise profits. Asset achieve an increase in percentage compared to the bottoming at least 51% to 49%.

  1. My long-term goals.

In year. Make trading my main form of income. Turn pro and take first place in the region of the impact of the conclusion of profitable deals.

For three years. Open multiple accounts. Assemble a team of young traders and give them their knowledge. Organize a passive income of the income from which will be deposited into my “retirement account”.

  1. My trade will take place on public markets?

My main market is trading the stock market. But with my professional and personal growth I will increase the number of tools that will trade.

  1. What are the timeframes will prevail in my trade?

First, in most cases I will use daily charts.

  1. What are my rules for setting a stop-loss?

Price to be determined by me, will be determined prior to the entry into the market and will be logically consistent with the price in relation to the entry point.

  1. What are my rules for choosing the trading stop and / or take profit?

Exactly half of the income will be recorded me as soon as it will be closer to the price of a given point of support / resistance. Ratio of profit to risk should also be recorded 2: 1. If the desired goal is achieved – the final profit will be fixed after the confirmation of the end of the existing trend.

  1. My comments on the integrated trade.

I organize the culture and habits to view all notes and notes of all the agreements over the last 7-14 days after the closing and when all my emotions will no longer affect me. I will write down all his observations and thoughts in your trader’s trade magazine. Once a week to check their records in a trading journal. Learn to analyze and calculate the dynamics of its growth. Apply record in improving their trading activities. To make adjustments to your trading plan on the analysis carried out by re-reading the entries in the journal.

  1. Premarket.
  1. Open Terminal.
  2. I will use the graphics tools that will trade.
  3. I will begin to monitor the basic information that will help me keep track of possible abrupt changes in the market.
  4. Find interesting trading ideas and start to use them.
  5. I will consider several points of entry to the market and choose the most optimal.
  6. Organize the notification sound to always be aware of all the events.

12. Postamarket.

  1. Be sure to record the results of all trades made per day in the shopping magazine also sign all the screenshots for a better analysis.
  2. Analyze all open transactions and will make a decision of their actions on the following trading day.
  3. Sign all of my closed an agreement to track all my points with a trading plan have been met.
  4. Be sure to write down their observations and thoughts to the next trading day was even more effective.
  5. Close the terminal.
  1. What are the tools I use in my trading business?

– A laptop;

– Choose the best in my opinion the trading platform;

– Authoritative information portals to track fresh, accurate information;

– Best Trade correspondence and magazines;

– Charts and tables.

  1. What is the strategy for the development of their trade and their self-development I choose?

Always be aware of everything that is happening in the market at the moment for a rapid response to unplanned and abrupt changes in the market. Read a few books related to trade and markets. Attend courses and seminars reputable traders. Finding and using the experience of the most successful in this field.

  1. How will I keep my notes about their trading and market experience?

I will choose a few fundamental principles of one of the most successful authors of the books in the industry that will be read and strictly follow them.

  1. My rigorous principles and golden rules.
  1. I promise myself that I will adhere to the discipline every day of the conclusion of each transaction.
  2. I will make your own personal trading plan and will clearly follow it.
  3. I will constantly improve and grow professionally in this activity.
  4. I will learn will not give my emotions to my decisions were logical and balanced.
  5. To enter the market, I’ll just have to use their skills and knowledge or experience of an experienced and reputable professionals, and not someone else’s tips.
  6. Each his next deal, I will consider as the first.
  7. I promise to properly accompany the entries in your trading journal.
  8. I promise to follow its pre-established rules of money management.
  9. My trade will always occur only on the trend.
  10. I was brought up a patient and tomorrow will be another opportunity to achieve results.
  11. All my actions will focus on achieving success by me.


Trading Plan for Trader – is an essential, fundamental document of any trader. During your work, he will be subject to constant change. This will be the cause of your professional growth and the accumulation of the necessary experience and knowledge. Without this plan, all your work will be like a game of chance, which in turn will contribute to a loss of money. Build your business seriously and with due regard and you will surely achieve the maximum result. Just do it right!



“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”

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