Digital options became available for everyone at the IQ option platform

Ted Capwell Updated:

We are glad to inform you that Digital Option is now available on one of the best trading platforms of binary options – IQ Option. Digital Options have both similarities and differences from binary options. The entry point to the market of digital options is called strike. Strike in Digital Options will be called the price level, which will be the most profitable for opening a trading position. In binary options strike price is a price that displays a certain position of the asset price chart at the time of the deal.

Digital options iq Option.

Increased efficiency of trading

Broker IQ Option allows you to use 22 different types of strikes. The number of strikes available to you will depend on the scale of the assets schedule and the state of the market of the asset you are trading. Another good news, digital options have higher yields compared to binary ones. The maximum profit in this instrument, according to the IQ Option, will be increased to 900%

Additional risk management with digital options

Digital options have additional opportunities to manage trading risks. You will have the opportunity to purchase several options at the same time. Combine this feature with a large number of possible strikes and you get maximum efficiency from trading digital options. One of the most interesting advantages of digital options is that you can open trading positions in advance. This is a small plus that will allow you to enter the market already with a profitable position. But, in this case, the percentage of profit will be significantly lower, due to lower risks compared to binary options.

Features of Digital Options

Digital options have features that give the trader new opportunities to implement complex trading strategies in the options market. Earlier we already talked about the fact that a trader has the opportunity to close his position until expiration (not later than 20 seconds before the end of the transaction). It is also possible to fix your profit, taking into account the current price of the option. Also you have an opportunity to return a part of the invested funds.

Digital Options and IQ Option

IQ Option is rapidly moving forward and sets the pace for all brokers of binary options and not only. The company really cares about the trader. Since the number of financial instruments available for trading is growing rapidly. We recommend trading with the IQ Option broker not only with digital options, but with other tools that are available within the trading platform. Binary options gave a good impetus for the development and popularization of trading. The positive trend is being monitored to this day. IQ Option will also soon launch Forex, CFD and ETF. Follow the news on our website and you will find out about this one of the first.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”