What is the earnings calendar

The earnings calendar is an effective tool for technical analysis, which provides data on the profitability of companies for a certain period of time. This tool is very useful for option traders, as it allows you to predict the movement of prices, gives information on the release of press releases, view the time of conferences, the percentage of market movements, the volume of options and the market capitalization indicator. Also, the earnings calendar provides data on the necessary time intervals that can make your forecast even more effective. In the earnings calendar, you can get the necessary information on the expectations of the price movement from the options traders themselves.

For trading binary options, this is one of the important tools that will allow you to make a forecast for the desired trading asset. With this tool, you can always view the necessary data on options trading in the context of this company. You can view the expiration dates of transactions, their volatility, history of rates, strike prices, as well as the volume of concluded deals and the interval of their opening. In addition, you will be able to view the historical data of options trading and changes in the company’s share capital. In turn, the earnings calendar will be useful in both binary options trading and digital option trading.


How to use the earnings calendar

To begin with, you should take time to learn basic concepts and understand the notation on the earnings calendar. To start tracking the required information, you should select the company, the data segment you need, the date and select the filters you need. The earnings calendar is best used based on the trading system that you use. The data range of the earnings calendar is really large, so that everything will be superfluous at once. In order for this tool to begin to benefit you, you need to learn how to work with it. For this, you will need to learn how to use its data for your needs. The earnings calendar operates with technical analysis data. These data are calculated for your convenience by mathematical means. Use this tool for technical analysis can be paired with other similar tools.


Where to use the earnings calendar

This tool has no restrictions on use. The earnings calendar can be used in trading binary options, digital options and classic options. It can also be used for technical analysis on forex or CFD, as the tool has data that can help to make a forecast for the price difference.

In most cases this tool is used in pairs with a few more. It all depends on the situation, the trading scheme used and your imagination. The best solution is to use this tool when trading options. Since the data provided by the earnings calendar are offered by the professional option traders themselves.


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