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Greetings to all guests and regular readers of our blog. Today we will tell you about one of the wonderful ways of the online money making, that we managed to test recently. And he managed to show good results at a small time. What will be discussed? And it’s will be about the rather routine actions of most people who are doing something online. Many of us are already familiar with the many url shorteners that millions of people use every minute. We will not talk about the benefits and functions of the url of the shorterners, especially Let’s go straight to the point.

What is the essence of earnings?

The scheme of earning for the shorten of url has been known for quite a long time. Many of us have already managed to make good money on this topic. But, we found one of the services –, that brings this topic of earnings to a new level. This type of earnings is absolutely legal in all countries of the world. The mechanism of operation is simple, does not require special knowledge. You can earn on it first in the active and then in the passive, or in passive mode. This type of online earnings, as we can say, is available for everyone.

How it works ?

Let’s say you have a link through which people go. it can be any link, people can go over it to you or from you a point of special significance It does not. Does the number of unique referrals count by the link? When clicking on a shortened link using the service, people will see advertisements. The more people click on advertisements, the more money you will have. earnings are calculated using the cost per mile (CPM) system. In simple words, well, this is the amount of profit from 1000 conversions. The minimum cost of 1000 conversions in this affiliate program is 3-4 dollars. The average price of 1000 conversions varies in the range of 20-50 dollars. The maximum that can be achieved is $ 100 per 1000 transfers. In general, comma Now we can easily assess the potential of this type of online earnings. Profitable, is it? Now you know how it works.

How to make money on shortening links?

Ideal formula or some strategy for earnings for shortening the URL will not be described here. All you need to earn is to shorten urls with There are many referral sources that you can use to get the necessary amount of traffic and earnings from it.

For example, here are the sources, such as:

– shortening the links that you leave in the social network
– short for download links
– placement of links with various goods
– affiliate links
– links for draining traffic
– outbound links from your sites or blogs

This is an example list where you can leave such a link. In fact, everything is limited only by your imagination and desire to earn.

What is the beauty of this type of earnings?

The main advantage of online earnings to shorten URLs with is the ability to combine this type of earnings with any other. The ability to combine this affiliate program with any other affiliate program. As a result, you get a double profit. Very good for arbitrage traffic. Although, in fact, this method is so universal that you can earn money on it wherever there are referrals.

Another attraction is the tool for mass reduction of links, the possibility of integration by API where you need it, and many other useful features that you will find by registering on the link that will be at the end of this article.

And, finally, the most important bonus is the possibility of lifetime earnings from your referrals in the amount of 50% of the money they earned.

Withdrawing earned money

Withdrawal of money from is available PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, PayPal, Web Money, Payeer, SWIFT, Bank transfer.


Here comes the end of the review of a really wonderful service, that will help you earn without any investment. All you need is a tenacity of fantasy and a desire to work. Your earnings are limited only by your desire to work.
We wish to all successful earnings !!!

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