Free economic calendar in real time for trading binary options, Forex, digital options and other financial markets

Economic calendar in real-time is one of the most important tools in the hands of each trader. It helps to make your forecast accordingly raising or falling prices for a certain asset. The economic calendar includes important events and news at the global level in the sphere of economy, finance and politics. The purpose of the economic calendar is to inform you about an event and analyze its impact on the behavior of the price of an asset or a currency pair.

The economic calendar has become a popular tool for analysis with the proliferation of interest of traders in forex trading. But this tool can and should be used for trading binary options, digital options, CFDs, and other financial instruments.

How to use the economic calendar

Use an economic calendar is recommended to use in cases of trading on news. In addition, you need to use this tool in everyday trading, since its data can be one of the reasons why your forecast will be successful. To use an economic calendar, you should understand how to work with it.

In most economic calendars you will have access to the following options:

  • Expected volatility
  • Conventions
  • Actual indicator
  • Forecast indicator
  • Prior indicator

Expected Volatility

This is one of the most important indicators. It displays the level of influence of news or events in the world of economy on the price movement of quotations of your asset. This indicator has in most cases a display in the form of a colored element near the title of the news. The green and transparent color of the indicator will indicate low volatility. Yellow or red to medium and high volatility. This will mean that certain events or news will have a different level of influence on the asset or currency pair.

Conventional notation

These are usually icons and pictograms that classify economic events. On different economic calendars they can have different forms. The most common of these are:

  • Pre-release
  • Updated release
  • Speech
  • Report

Actual indicator

The actual indicator provides data on the effect of the event or news on the price dynamics of the asset and the currency pair. This indicator gives us that meaning, which is usually considered a fact. In other words – this indicator reflects the impact of the news or events on the asset or currency pair of interest.

Forecast indicator

The forecast indicator is an assumption, a forecast, what can be expected from the release of a certain news or event in the world economy. The forecast may be inaccurate, may be justified, or may not be justified. The forecast indicator is considered to be an indicator, which can serve you as an additional clue for actions.

Prior indicator

The prior indicator reflects how this type of event was displayed on quotations in the past. For you it will be useful in that you can already see the result of previous influences on quotes of the same event.

Where to use the economic calendar

There are no restrictions on the use of the economic calendar. You can use it when you think it’s right. In order to hedge, we recommend using this tool in all cases when making a forecast.

Do not limit the use of the economic calendar in forex trading and binary options. Use it for CFD, ETF, digital options and other financial instruments. Use this tool can be in conjunction with any of your arsenal. Do not forget to check the time zone in which you track news. To do this, hover over the time of publication of the news. You should always consider the time difference.

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