ESMA did not extend the ban on binary options trading in the European Union

Ted Capwell Updated:

July 1, it became known that ESMA ceases its temporary ban on marketing, advertising and the sale of “binary options” for retail customers from the European Union. Definitely, this is a mutual reason for joy for both unprofessional traders and trading platforms from the European Union. Advertising, like the most binary options, was inaccessible to ordinary traders with the EU for a long time. Professional traders had access to the binary options of the EU. But, especially from the latter, they did not hear anything whether there were difficulties and who fell under the classification of professional traders. Many of the platforms, according to the bad tradition that took place in the field of binary options, refused to follow the decree of the regulator. And they were left without a license. Many chased at all. In general, this was not news for the industry, but innocent traders and options have suffered. But, traders who remember the “Israeli stage” of binary options were not very surprised by this turn of events.

ESMA lifts ban on binary options in the EU


What has changed during this time in the binary options industry

Analyzing many other sources of information, we can highlight a positive trend in the field of binary options. Old projects were chipped, not so many new players appeared on the market. Most of them have become more conscientious about their customers (traders). Trading has now become much more relaxed even outside the European Union. The market was redistributed among large companies that occupy leading positions in this industry. It should be noted the growing interest in binary options from Latin America, Indonesia, Thailand, China and other countries of the world. Earlier, the popularity of options was concentrated to a greater extent in the countries of the European Union and the CIS. Now, in the light of recent events, we see a good upward trend in the options market around the world. Many analysts fear deja vu amid past events. But, such a scale as before will not be. Traders have become more vigilant and more careful about choosing a trading platform.

The real situation after the lifting of the ban on binary options in the European Union

First of all, it should be noted that none of the major brokers is in a hurry to return binary options for the EU countries. They were successfully replaced by FX options, which became an alternative for many traders. They did not manage to get wide distribution. Affordable forex options are still available at several major brokers. Some time later, after the ban was officially lifted, we did not notice that trading platforms began again to offer binary options trading to traders from EU countries. We will keep track of this moment in the future. Nevertheless, we hope that after a long pause, binary options will begin to return to the European Union in small steps. In the meantime, there are many other trading tools that have managed to replace options for many traders during their absence. The long return of binary options to the European Union is also evidenced by the low interest of potential traders in search engines. All these factors influence the return of many beloved trading instruments to Europe by many.


ESMA is watching you

The official lifting of the ban on binary options has not caused much excitement, as many expected. Everyone knows the cool temper of this regulator. First, hold the toy in your hands, and then pick it up. In its official publication, ESMA made it clear that it will continue to monitor this trading instrument and tighten control over it. Such a trial period, which is not defined by the time frame. What will happen from this – directly depends on binary options brokers. To be honest, from the good faith of the latter. If everything goes well, then binary options have a very good chance to return with new forces to the European market. Will it be? It all depends on brokers to a greater extent and the awareness of most traders. With their increased vigilance to brokers, fraudsters will find it very difficult. Their life cycle will become very short. With the assistance of ESMA, we will get a good bunch to limit the influence of such companies on the authority of a trading instrument.



I would like to note a positive trend in all of the above. After all, we will witness a new stage in the development of binary options as a trading tool. If everything goes smoothly and in the EU, trading platforms will return binary options for trading to ordinary traders. And, this will not cause negative consequences, the growth and popularity of this trading instrument will increase significantly. And, as it really will be, time will tell. Follow binary options with us. We have a lot of useful information on the site. See you in new publications.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”